sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Love is in the Air!

It's Fat Tuesday (Mardi Gras) today and then comes the obligations to demonstrate your love - or not - at your peril the next day. There will be a lot of love and STD sharing at Mardi Gras (I'm not calling it an orgy) and I doubt that they'll store it up for St. Valentine's Day on Love Wednesday

Maybe it would be more efficient to simply take the week off work, ignore the Winter Olympics, and celebrate Mardi Gras, St. Valentine's Day, the Lunar New Year and the President's Day bank holiday in one long extravaganza. I'm sure that you take my point. Business can extend their President's Day sales. I don't shop on those holidays personally, but we can make it a win-win for those who do. Greeting cards can say, "Happy Love Festival Week". 

I have never understood St. Valentine's Day. Maybe this graphic (above) will shed some light on it for you. Maybe not. Candy is dandy but liquor works quicker. That's all the advice that I have for you.

And then we have the Year of the Dog, being ushered in two days later. Coincidence? I doubt it, but for you dog lovers, it's yet one more reason for a parade.

Are we going to do parades in America anymore or have they been proclaimed (by whomever) to be politically incorrect? Has anyone broken the news to the people in New Orleans?

Irrespective of America's new found hatred of parades, there will be celebrations in China and throughout Asia to usher in the Year of the Dog. They will have parades, burn "hell money" in the whole day-of-the-dead meets the dog year thing.

Those of you who who want to combine St. Valentine's Day and the Year of the Dog can do it doggy-style, in honor of both. What better way to combine the two? Maybe light off some fireworks while you're at it - if you don't have fireworks, create your own.

What will I be doing to celebrate? Nothing - just working, trying to earn another crust of bread to stave off the cold, the coyotes, the buzzards, the tax collectors (but I repeat myself), etc. With all the love and parties, nobody will have the strength remaining to enjoy President's Day.