sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Vote Called For!

Death Wish
It's time to take stock:

Whiskey in the Jar -- Thin Lizzy   or   Metalica  ???

Ok, I think that Metalica kills it, but that's just me.

Some of you may recall the War Tunes post from St. Patrick's Day. There was come contention. What do you haters think of Thin Lizzy playing The Emerald?

And for this historical record, the first time I heard "The Emerald" was at Plymouth, England in the barracks of 62 Commando circa 1976 and they LOVED IT. See, the War Tunes among people who were killing Irish for a living (or throwing them in prison hulks - which was the same thing), were popular. They were more popular when the lads were tipping the bottle a bit. And everyone loved Thin Lizzy (a pro-IRA band). Who doesn't love The Boys are Back? Disco was big and when anyone returned from leave, we had that played before we busted the club up - and the Bobbies were called - and we left out the back with the young birds and groupies who wanted to do it all night long.

LL Circa 1976
I realize that some of you may see it differently, but you may not have been at the point of the spear at that time.  

In those days Ford was president and you could DO SHIT under the rubric of counterterrorism and everyone back home thought that was cool including Democrats. The USGOV decided to second some officers and a few senior enlisted to go to the UK and watch what was going on first hand and report.

That evolved into other jobs with the Brits, and more exotic jobs ending America's enemies -- until they almost ended me. And I decided to become civilized rather than kill people for Uncle Sam.  If you're going to ask how all that worked out, the jury is still out. Civilization is over rated. Whatever you do, don't fear the reaper.

Go ahead and vote. Thin Lizzy or Metalica?

Sunday Sermonette

It's difficult to live life without picking up 'baggage' - and I don't necessarily mean that in a bad way. It depends on what the baggage is and on what we do about it. The worst is the baggage that we don't know about, because that's almost always problematic.

Our ethics, what we value (and by extension our metaphysics and epistemology) are revealed by our aesthetics. Think about what movies, TV shows, books, stories, blogs, or news articles you like to consume. The kinds of entertainment we like, or the fictional characters we identify with, act as a litmus test for our ethics.

What art is hanging on your wall? Is it realistic, like photographs, or hyper realistic paintings? Or is it abstract? What is the subject matter? All these things can reveal how you fundamentally view the world, and how you think about knowing the universe.

Just as asking about how one views consciousness will reveal their metaphysics, what one surrounds themselves with, or their aesthetics, reveals their ethics, and ethics is codependent on their metaphysics and epistemology.

We surround ourselves with what we find comfortable, reassuring, and by being invited into the home of a stranger and looking at those things, we can come closer to being brought up to speed than in any other way.

I visited a friend the other day who is in early stage alzheimer's. He knows what will kill him unless he wanders under a moving bus first. The walls were bare, the furniture minimalist. Nothing remained of what had been since he and his wife sold everything and moved into a small, but clean and neat apartment. The stark walls and the capacity to pick up and move everything within half an hour or less made me uncomfortable. They have six children (three natural, three adopted) who are now adults. No photos of the grandchildren, no hint of --- anything. The walls reflected his current state of mind. No baggage.

I don't want to end up without SOME baggage. Then again, there are no hearses with luggage racks.

End of sermonette.