sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Op Ed

The Liberal Quandry (and lament)

95% of the media is elite, corrupt and liberal and they can only focus on one or possibly two things at a time. At the moment they are transfixed by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, whose credibility continues to erode, and Stormy Daniels who is back in demand as a courtesan and porn star due to the coverage.

And while they focus on Stormy and her lawyer, the Trump Agenda marches forward without a lot of outrage directed toward it. The corrupt, progressive, smug, sly Environmental Protection Agency is being cleaned out as they go through a force reduction. The Department of the Interior is likewise being purged of social justice warriors. The Judiciary appointments of President Trump give renewed hope to constitutionalists. The State Department has likewise been purged by T-Rex Tillerson and now by Mike Pompeo. Now State is hiring again, but not the lesbian black activists that it once did. Imagine what MSNBC could cover if not for the 'fake' Muller investigation. Maybe we owe Robert Mueller a back-handed compliment for keeping everyone focused on corrupt FBI agents (friends of Mueller) who created a species of coup ('insurance policy') to deal with the then unlikely possibility that he'd defeat Hillary.
Hear their lament: (New York Times Op Ed) "The longer Mueller soldiers on, the more I worry, and the duration is part of the reason. There’s a Catch-22 to these special-counsel extravaganzas: In order to be credible, they must be thorough, but in order to be thorough, they risk becoming unwieldy, appearing indiscriminate and taxing the patience and trust of voters to the point where they numbly tune out."
That's right, NY Times, nobody cares about Stormy or Mueller. They are both news stories that have been trashed by the near constant coverage on the lying, elite, mainstream media news cycles.

AND the sad truth of the deep state efforts to spy on and undermine the Trump campaign through the use of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Department of Justice is coming out like puss oozing from a weeping wound. America will begin to focus on that rather than the climate change hoax that the media relentlessly covered pre-Mueller and pre-Stormy. A CBS News poll several weeks ago showed that fewer Americans believed Mueller’s investigation to be legitimate (44 percent) than to be politically driven (53 percent).

The progressive leftist media paints itself into corners with President Trump. Their hatred of him recently ended up putting them in league with and often supporting the murderous MS-13 gang, Hamas terrorists, Kim Jong Un, football players disrespecting the flag and the national anthem, and promising to raise taxes if elected. 

Meanwhile the Trump agenda moves forward and he works diligently to make America great again.

Three Warriors

Lower Half Creek Falls
(Near Escalante, Utah)

Somebody painted the wall of the canyon about 1,000 years ago. 

The artist may have been from the Anasazi or possibly a culture that we've never heard of. 

They're about ten feet tall, about a mile away from a 120 foot waterfall, which may or may not have been a waterfall of the same dimensions 1,000 years ago. 

Or they're pictures of ancient aliens?

The fact that they are holding hands may mean something profound, but humans hold hands for so many reasons, dealing with things specific to culture.

Walking the road less traveled offers the opportunity to speculate all on your own without noise from outside. Maybe it is precisely what you think that it is.

The falls and the pool of water below are an example of an oasis in an otherwise parched land. No trees, or bushes in this place.

Just rock and water, and the occasional deer or desert bighorn sheep drifting by for a cool drink. The canyon does have some vegetation but it's in the middle of a desert...ok, it's a recreation area now.

Is the land haunted by the presence of spirits from roaming, restless shamans who resent the careless foot prints of belching tourists? Or are their dry bones just rendered to dust?