sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Charlie's Ride

I heard that somebody snagged Charles Manson's Dodge Power Wagon out of Ballarat, CA and took it to parts unknown - possibly to restore it.


It's still there.

The Manson stayed at the Barker Ranch, in the mountains, southeast of Ballarat, sacrificing, etc. 

One of the girls, rather than be raped and sacrificed to Satan, ran down the mountain while the rest of the "family" was sleeping and made it to Ballarat. The sheriffs were called and Charlie's Power Wagon has been there ever since.

Now and Then

There are a lot of little "living ghost towns" in Arizona. They were mining communities at one time that drew people. Sometimes they survived long enough to have a post office and a school. All of them had saloons, honky tonk girls and served pop-skull, tanglefoot, red-eye, and oh-be-joyful. Jimjams (delirium tremens) were said to be a problem.
“Rattlesnake Valley, over yonder, ain't never been good for much exceptin' the finest breed of serpents an' horn-toads a man ever see outside a circus or the jimjams.”- Jackson Gregory.
One of them is in the spotlight on Virtual Mirage today -- Chloride, AZ. The place is far removed from the rush and crush of humanity, being but a fifteen mile or so drive north of Kingman.

Your sermonette for this Sunday is that you need to stop and take in some of the local color when you're rushing down the Interstate, because every place has its story, and it's likely more interesting than the Gulp-and-Guzzle, snooze and stop where you bolt down carbs and stretch your legs.

Chloride Today

Chloride about 80 years ago

Best guess, there are about 250 people living in Chloride today.

It was a more lively place 80 years ago. Yes there were gun fights (usually an ambush), claim jumping, run aways (soiled doves) working their way west to San Francisco, etc. But most of those took place more than 80 years ago.