sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Hints from the WWM

I visited the hovel and while the basic structure is complete, there are elements that are not - mostly finishing elements which include the kitchen and pantry countertops (concrete) and the bathroom countertops (marble), the bulk of the finished plumbing, etc. 

The photos that I'm dropping on the blog are the master shower (right) which has multi-directional valves on the walls, a bedroom (below) ad the kitchen as taken from the front door area.

I have advice for anyone interested in building a custom home and it's the same advice that I've heard elsewhere. Budget for price +15-20% over what you expect to pay. All that will be cash. Budget for construction time plus 33%.

I know that Fredd is planning to construct a home closer to Aunt Sally's (so he can go there for dinner more frequently) in Texas. Things may be different in Texas, but maybe not THAT different.

SO, caveat emptor.

If you throw enough money at the new house, or shack/hovel, you might end up getting a nice place. I reminded the general contractor about the propane generator while I was up there. He'd 'forgotten' and now it's going in. Trust me, your contractor will have memory issues and you need to be able to remind them how the cow ate the cabbage.

The subcontractors on this project were really first rate as near as I can tell. What was done was done well. Ok, once I move in, I might have a different view of things, or maybe I'm just mesmerized by a 2000 square foot garage.