sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Monday, October 29, 2018

The Caravan

The first caravan arrived and then when the sun rose on the following day, this was left behind. Beware of Guatemalans and MS-13 bearing gifts. What should be done?

(1) Hit the pinada with artillery.

(2) Napalm.

(3) Haul the pinada through the fence as a triumph of Democrat policy?

(4) Hook it up to a Sikorsky Sky Crane and drop it twenty miles off-shore?

Vote early and often...


Where is Charles Martel? (ok, I know where he is, it's a metaphor)

If I were a Muslim student and wanted to use the prayer room provided for that purpose at a major American university, and found the floor was dirty, I would vacuum it. If that wasn't good enough, I'd rent a steam cleaner and would clean and shampoo it. But that's me. I don't lay on the floor to pray, but Muslims do. Apparently that's way too much work for the Muslims attending Columbia University. The referenced article says that female Muslim students want a much larger (and presumably fancier) prayer room. Possibly one with a nice view. They are naturally not ponying up the money to pay for it. 

Then again, I have a lot of respect for Charles Martel and for his accomplishments in life. He wasn't a big fan of the Islamic invasion of Europe.

The Shooting in Pennsylvania

Following the shooting in Pennsylvania, some Jews are saying that they will be attending synagog armed. My response to that is - why haven't you been doing that all along? Waiting for another bunch of Nation of Islam thugs or some other sort of freak to replay Krystalnacht? I'm not a Jew but I always carry a handgun when I'm attending church, going to the store, pulling money out of an ATM, etc.

A friend of mine was taking money out of an ATM in San Diego and three hispanic males beat him up and stabbed him. He's still recovering. Said friend was a naval officer who carried "the football" (nuclear launch codes) for President Reagan for two years during Reagan's term in office. I asked, "D, why didn't you shoot them?" He replied that he wasn't armed.


Better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6. Even in the People's Republik of Kalifornia, where they only want criminals to be armed.

Turks in Syria

The Turkish zone of control in Syria gets larger and larger. Interesting.

On 26 October, Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan issued what he said was a “final warning” to those who would endanger Turkey’s borders. He said Turkey was determined to focus its attention on Syrian Kurdish fighters east of the Euphrates.

Erdogan said the US turned the Manbij deal between Ankara and Washington into a tool to stall Turkey. The Manbij deal focuses on the withdrawal of the YPG from the city in Aleppo province in what Turkey says is a bid to stabilize the region.

The attack near Kobane is the first Turkish attack at Syrian Kurdish targets east of the Euphrates River. President Erdogan threatened at least six times to cleanse Syrian Kurdish fighters from northern Syria east of the Euphrates as he did to those west of the Euphrates. He finally backed up his threats with action.

Cooperation with the US and US-backed forces remains strained. Erdogan has accused the US of duplicity in protecting the YPG, whom the Turks consider a terrorist organization. Syrian Kurdish fighting groups remain in Manbij. They were supposed to have withdrawn to positions east of the Euphrates River months ago. Some 2,000 US soldiers and Marines are advising and assisting the Syrian Democratic Forces. Under the new US policy, they will remain until Iranian soldiers and Iranian-backed militias leave Syria.

The Middle East is a mess - and has been - since time began.