sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Sunday Sermonette

Father's Day Poll

Did you follow in your father's footsteps in terms of occupation?


Happy Father's Day

My father died a long time ago, but thoughts of him often attend me and of course, in a way he continues to live though me.

Here's a photo from 2000 with my wife, and my four girls, taken at San Francisco, before the place went to hell. Nineteen years later, there are also nine grandkids, and I've arranged for all of them to be at a pool party & BBQ in two weeks! It's like herding cats.

The Clock is Ticking

The US is behind Great Britain where free speech has been suppressed in favor if Islam.

Everyone has a Favorite

Either one makes a really nice Father's Day gift.

White Wolf Mine Update

There are still workmen here every day and they're bringing a 66' bucket lift to paint the higher parts of the hovel on the mountain side rather than the ridge side of the building. I had a grease fire in the kitchen and a different painter is coming in on Monday to paint the ceiling, which received some soot. The A/C people are also coming over because the new A/C doesn't work. I did all of the diagnostic work that I could and can't figure out why it didn't work. I didn't turn it on until -- yesterday. We've had the Forest Service going insane with proscribed burns and it's been very smoky here in the high country. They announced that their goals for burning and back burning and what they do have ended. After this, a fire is a regular wildfire, and not the government making everyone who lives or camps on the Mogollon Rim miserable.

The new motto for the White Wolf Mine:

Friday, June 14, 2019

Iranian Mischief

Ever since the Gulf of Tonkin Incident (fake news) dragged us into war in Viet Nam, I have looked at these predicates for war with a very jaundiced eye. You see, there is a tendency among Americans to trust their government, their leaders, and to follow somewhat blindly. So I always urge caution.

You've read about it in the news and I don't have much to offer beyond what is circulating. Two tankers were attacked in the Gulf of Oman by Iran and the crews have been evacuated. .

Imagery showed one ship, the Front Altair, on fire, drifting and in danger of sinking. The other ship is the Kokuka Courageous, which is reported to be drifting.

The US released a video that the US says shows an Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) boat alongside the Kokuka Courageous, removing an unexploded limpet mine before the tanker was attacked. 

The US Secretary of State said US intelligence pointed to Iran as being responsible for the attacks. 
"This assessment is based on intelligence, the weapons used, the level of expertise needed to execute the operation, recent similar Iranian attacks on shipping and the fact that no proxy group operating in the area has the resources and proficiency to act with such a high degree of sophistication," Pompeo said.
Assuming the identification of the boat in the video is accurate, this attack was the work of an element of the IRGC.

What should the US do?

Is it 'our fight'? No American ships, citizens or territory was involved and the oil was headed for Asia. National Security Advisor John Bolton is pushing for war with Iran. But the aggrieved nations are Norway (who leased the ship to a Taiwan firm) and Japan. Japanese Prime Minister was in Teheran holding talks with the Iranian Supreme Leader. Message sent and received.

If Japan wants oil, let them buy it from the USA. The same for Taiwan. We are now exporting energy, you know, and with Canada have by far the largest proven reserves on the planet.

And that applies to all nations that would rather not have their ships damaged/sunk by Iran. Just boycott Iranian oil. Buy from the USA. That will solve the problem and the US doesn't need to worry about a crazy, costly war.

Modern China

Social Credit Scoring

It's already in place in much of China and based upon discussions that I've had with people in major cities in China, the coercion is in place and it depending on where you stand, it works. The system ranks everyone based on their social credit. If you marry somebody that is not Han Chinese, your ranking drops. If you criticize the local or national government, that all-important ranking drops. And so forth.

As with private credit scores, a person's social score can move up and down depending on their behavior. The exact methodology is a secret. However playing games on the Internet too long, buying luxury items in excess (unless you're elite), a bad driving record, posting on social media, etc. will spike your score. And everyone knows that if you're part of the party elite, the rules do not apply.

Naturally. A bad social credit score can keep you from traveling on a train, restricting your travel outside of China, reducing your internet speed, banning you and your family from attending good schools, 17 people who refused to carry out military service last year were barred from enrolling in higher education, applying for high school, or continuing their studies, Beijing News. You can't register to stay in a nice hotel, can't get better paying jobs, and being black listed publicly/socially shamed. There are also incidents reported where the government will take your dog from you because of your low score. Want a credit card, so sorry. Orwellian tactics are alive and well. Yet, it's the Red China blues for those who are not elite, and are subject to the often subjective social score.

Intentional Ramming

On June 9, a Chinese fishing boat struck and sank a Philippine fishing boat in the Spratly Islands. The Philippine boat sank off Reed Bank in the Spratly Islands, and the Chinese boat left the area without attempting to rescue 22 fishermen in the water. Typical behavior of the Navy of the People's Republic of China (all "civilian" Chinese fishing boats are part of the Chinese Navy).

A Vietnamese ship operating nearby rescued the Philippine crew.

The action most annoying to the Manila government is the Chinese abandonment of the Filipino fisherman in the sea. That establishes a preliminary basis for culpability, if not deliberation.

This year Chinese boats, coast guard ships and navy ships have become more aggressive in the Spratly Islands as US and allied ships have increased their freedom of navigation and other operations.

The Chinese fishing boats backed by coast guard or naval ships have driven Philippine fishing boats from Scarborough Shoal and other fishing grounds. A deliberate ramming is certainly not unprecedented. 

The Philippines are learning the disconnect between Chinese diplomatic entreaties and maritime practices. It's all part of the Long March, to make the world China.

Hong Kong

The Chief Executive closed Hong Kong government offices for the rest of the week. The Legislative Council has not yet announced when it will next attempt to convene a session to debate the extradition amendments.

Some demonstrators said they will return to the streeets to prevent that from taking place. The Civil Human Rights Front, one of the organizers, said it has applied for a demonstration permit for another mass rally on Sunday, the 16th.

China - Helping to Make Japan Great Again

A US and Japanese naval task group is operating in the South China Sea. The USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76) and the Japan Maritime Self Defense Force’s (JMSDF’s) aircraft-carrying destroyer, JS Izumo (DH-183), held a joint naval exercise in the South China Sea from 10 to 12 June. 

The USS Ronald Reagan, JS Izumo, JS Akebono (DD-108), and JS Murasame (DD-101) conducted communication checks, tactical maneuvering drills and liaison officer exchanges designed to address common maritime security priorities and enhance interoperability at sea.

An open source naval locator map placed the USS Ronald Reagan Carrier Strike Group in the South China Sea, south of the Paracels, east of central Vietnam. The Chinese have not yet commented on this show of force.

The JS Izumo, at 27,000 tons, is the largest naval combatant in the JMSDF for now. However, the Japanese government has approved the construction of two full-size aircraft carriers. 

For most of the post-World War II era, no Asians, including the Japanese, sought the reconstitution of Japanese naval power. Chinese leaders were in the forefront in denouncing any Japanese military activity outside Japan, regularly reminding Japanese leaders to review their recent history and its outcome.  But China is working hard now to convince the Japanese that they need to build a navy to halt China's imperialism.

For a time, North Korea seemed like a primary driver in Japanese military development, after it test launched a ballistic missile over Japan in 1998. Despite Kim Jong Un’s aggressive missile test program in 2016 and 2017, the Chinese naval threat emerged to eclipse the North Koreans.

China is a bad neighbor, unless you want to be folded into the worker's paradise and ship your money along the Belt Road to China. 

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Big Trouble in Little China

The anti-extradition rally turned violent today (it's after midnight in Hong Kong as I write this). The South China Morning Post (SCMP) published a running blog with imagery of events in Hong Kong on the 13th. 

The protest gathered slowly and peacefully in the morning. The apparent trigger for more aggressive action was the arrival around noon of legislators at the Legislative Council building to debate the amendments to the Fugitive Offenses Ordinance and a related ordinance. Then things got nasty and the Hong Kong Police fired more than 150 tear gas canisters to disburse the protesters.

It's not just anti-extradition that is at stake, and hauling Hong Kong Chinese to mainland China and the tender mercies of the PRC that are at stake. It's the 'one country, two systems' philosophy. The Red Chinese have been trying to woo Taiwan into their orbit using means fair and foul, but THIS shows how the Beijing government handles dissent in "another system". 

Clashes with the riot police went on for about three hours in earnest. Authorities said 21 police officers were injured. Medical officials reported 72 civilians treated for injuries, two people were seriously injured.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang strongly denounced rumors that the People's Liberation Army will be deployed to clear the streets of Hong Kong.
“I can assure you that it is a groundless rumor designed to mislead the public and incite panic. Such heinous intention must be condemned,” Geng said. 
Will Taiwan accept the blandishments of Beijing now? Will they follow Hong Kong into the dragon's mouth with promises?

International judgment that the principle of “one country, two systems” has failed is coming. And this on the heels of economic woes in the worker's paradise.

Hong Kong belongs to communist China and the public disorders in Hong Kong are China’s internal affair. The implications of that seem lost or deliberately played down. The central leadership has very limited tolerance for public expressions of dissent.  Millions of people in Hong Kong are expected to return to the streets tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

An Assault on Academia

How many "professions" require specific instruction and how many could be handled by apprenticeships until the candidate reaches "journeyman" status. The law and medicine are two such areas which would streamline the pipeline to get qualified people in place. A test (bar exam, etc) could be administered to insure that standardized education is achieved. But do we need uber expensive schools? 

Kim Kardashian is going the apprentice route in California, which allows for that prior to a bar exam. Many licenses such as a private investigator license requires apprentice hours or on-the-job experience (such as police officer). 

Oh, but how academia would HOWL if that became the gold standard.

A Review of International News

Brief commentary on news tidbits that you might have missed.

Adventures in Norkland

The North Koreans are ruled by a God. Just ask the fat kid with the bad haircut. He will reassure you that he is at the very least 'a god'. At the same time, he is a prisoner of that near worship that drips like honey from the mouths of the people, his subjects, within the Hermit Kingdom. He cannot be seen to make the mistakes that lesser national leaders routinely make. Kim cannot be blamed for policy failures. (see The Man Who Would be King - Kipling)

Chairman Kim and his strategists have made preparations for a major change in strategy in 2020. North Korean statements indicate Kim personally is responsible for maintaining the outreach and conciliatory policy. The recent exchange of personal correspondence between Kim and the US President reinforces that judgment. President Trump recently reported that he received a "beautiful letter" from the fat little dictator.

North Koreans need relief from the UN Security Council sanctions and they can have that if they dismantle their nuclear weapons in a transparent and verifiable way. They also need to demobilize much of their land army and turn swords into plowshares. The problem with doing that is that they can't conquer South Korea if they do... And that's a key part of their national agenda (Long March)

Big Trouble in Little China (continued)

On 9 June, more than a million Hong Kong people rallied to protest amendments to the Fugitive Offenders Ordinance, according to the organizers. The Civil Human Rights Front said the number of protestors totaled 1.03 million, doubling the number who protested in 2003 against Article 23 national security laws.

On 12 June, a second day of protests occurred in Hong Kong to accompany the start of the legislative debate over the bill. Many businesses were reported closed. Police used tear gas and water cannons to maintain order.

Hong Kong is semi-autonomous under the “one country, two systems” principle and has no extradition arrangement with China. The trigger is the extradition amendments, but the issue is Chinese erosion of Hong Kong’s limited sovereignty, including citizen rights not available elsewhere in China

The protestors want extradition amendments withdrawn or limited to countries in which the suspect would be tried under a criminal justice system that respects civil rights comparable to Hong Kong’s system. That would rule out mainland China. 

However, Chief Executive Lam is committed to enacting the amendments. She is under orders

PRC Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang responded to questions from the press, assuring them that the amendments will be enacted and will be law by 20 June. Hong Kong is under the iron boot of the communists in Beijing, and they don't care how displeased the public is. 

Under the new rules, political protestors in Hong Kong might be arrested and extradited to mainland China where criminal justice serves the ends of the Communist Party and the punishments for dissent are more draconian. 

For Hong Kong, the defenders of civil rights are waging a rear-guard action that they cannot win unless the communist government collapses. Trust in the city’s leadership to withstand political pressure from Beijing has declined again, but the communist mandarins in Beijing are moved by instability, not by distrust.

Greece and Turkey

Tension is rising offshore in Cyprus. Turkey's foreign ministry vowed a strong response to the issuance by Greek Cyprus of arrest warrants against the 25-member crew of a Turkish oil drilling ship off western Cyprus.

The Greek Cypriots claim the Turkish drillship is exploring in continental shelf areas that are in the Greek Cypriot Exclusive Economic Zone. The Greek Cypriot administration is the Republic of Cyprus and is a member of the European Union.

Turkish officials and the government of the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus (TRNC) claim that they also have rights to the resources. Turkey is the only state that recognized the TRNC. A thousand UN peacekeepers in UNFICYP maintain the buffer zone between the two halves of Cyprus. 

In February, ExxonMobil announced the discovery of a commercially exploitable gas field. The size of the field would make the Republic of Cyprus energy self-sufficient but would require it to construct a processing and distribution infrastructure, which Turkey already possesses. Turkey protested ExxonMobil’s license, which was issued by the Republic of Cyprus. Tension has been building ever since. In May, Turkey announced its intention to send a drillship to the new gas field.

Expect Turkey to resort to gunboat diplomacy.

Monday, June 10, 2019

A Discovery - so send "The Discovery"


Headline: Mysterious large mass discovered on Moon bewilders scientists: 'Whatever it is, wherever it came from'. (more here)
A large mass of unknown material has been discovered on the largest crater on the Moon,  and scientists aren't sure what it is. 
According to an April 2019 study published in Geophysical Research Letters, the researchers believe the mass could contain metal from an asteroid that crashed into the Moon, which resulted in the aforementioned crater, known as the Lunar South Pole-Aitken basin.
"Imagine taking a pile of metal five times larger than the Big Island of Hawaii and burying it underground. That's roughly how much unexpected mass we detected," lead author Dr. Peter James, said in a statement.
Ancient Alien theorists would disagree. So would Arthur C. Clark, famed science fiction author (RIP), were he still alive. Those who are a bit more enlightened would challenge Dr. Peter James and would ask him to re-read 2001: A Space Odyssey

There is a monolith under the surface of the moon and as soon as it is unearthed and sees sunlight, it blasts a message to the stars, and aliens will know that human's have arrived. Where it goes from there is anyone's guess. 

We will need to send a ship out there to investigate and because the crew is unreliable, we can create a computer and name it HAL. What could possibly go wrong?

We're a few years behind the curve because we should have a lunar base set up by now to deal with the coming discovery and shuttles back and forth should have been routine. But as disturbing as our tardy discovery is, art and science are still in sync.

Fact and Fiction

Does Sasquatch Live on the Mogollon Rim

(link) You've seen allegedly authentic alien skulls, found up in the Arizona highlands, but what about Bigfoot?
Isaac Bailey found the cave below the lip of the 8000 foot plateau, near where a retired Phoenix police officer and his wife reported seeing a sasquatch walking down a mountainside in July 2005. That incident was reported to local rangers immediately after it happened. The rangers investigated the area on the following day, and found, and cast, 20" sasquatch tracks, which they showed to some of the expedition guides.
The article was found on the Internet, therefore it must be fact.  And it was reported on the BRFO website, YOUR unimpeachable source for Bigfoot sightings.

The Colorado plateau ends with the Mogollon Rim. It's a limestone formation, which means that the place is full of caves, mostly unexplored.

I am not a cave explorer since mountain lions often make their homes in caves as do bears. Encountering a bear or a lion in its lair may be intriguing to some people, but not to me. Sure, I could clear caves with hand grenades, but they'd likely come down around me, and what fun is that?

The Army built a road along the Mogollon Rim during the Apache wars (General Crook Trail). There were not published reports of Bigfoot sightings back in the 1800's and the Army but there is the Mogollon Monster... (trail info here) ok, it's not a real monster, it's a foot race down the trail that's held annually.

Then there is Fact

Big Trouble in "Little China"

So much for "one country, two systems". Hong Kong citizens would rather deal with the system developed under the British Crown rather than the tender mercies of the Communist government in Beijing. One in seven citizens of Hong Kong took to the streets today.
(Wall Street Journal) HONG KONG, this morning—Demonstrators staged the biggest rally challenging China’s authority over the city since Britain ceded control in 1997, marching through streets for hours to protest a proposed law that would let Beijing take people across the border to stand trial in the mainland.
A US State Department spokesperson said Washington is "concerned by the Hong Kong government's proposed amendments to its Fugitive Offenders Ordinance, which would allow for individuals to be transferred to mainland China at the request of Communist Party authorities, and is closely monitoring the situation."

And the Plot Thickens

Sunday's protest comes days after the 30th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre, a pivotal moment that dashed hopes China would democratize before it took control of Hong Kong in 1997. 

Hong Kong has commemorated the massacre with a candlelit vigil ever since, the only place on Chinese soil where mass remembrances are held. Organizers said more than 180,000 people joined a vigil in the city's Victoria Park on Tuesday, the largest such event since the 25th anniversary in 2014.

The linkage between the Tiananmen Square Massacre and present protests are creating a head-ache for the Communist Oligarchy that runs China.

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Sunday Sermonette


Some say that pride itself is a sin. It goes before destruction. Make of that what you will, but June is pride month. What does that mean to you individually? From a practical standpoint, you're only allowed to be proud of politically correct things. That being the case, I don't think that I have much to celebrate. The joke going around is that Pride is the Queen of Vices; and apparently Vice is the Pride of Queens.

It is a clever marketing ploy by progressives to tell gullible people to be proud rather than ashamed of their various and sundry sexual malfunctions, mental disorders, perversions, and abominations; and presumably one is to be ashamed only of decency, modesty, chastity, temperance and moderation. The cleverness consists not merely in gulling the victim into rejecting any criticism of his/her/its objectively disordered sexual aptitudes as hate-speech born of bigotry and ignorance, but also in robbing the victim of any motive to resist his own degradation.

Or it's thinly disguised as a celebration of diversity, based on which sexual perversion appeals most to the individual.


There is a lot to Cambodia. A friend drifted by the other day. He served with Bird Air in Cambodia, a CIA subcontractor (now declassified) that flew into Laos, Viet Nam, and of course, Cambodia. We discussed Ankor Wat, the American involvement in Indochina and then the slaughter of the educated people once the US left the stage and Pol Pot's government established communism as the state religion. Sitting at roadside cafes and watching the young men riding on Coca Cola trucks out of town to fight the communists...all that. History now. Cambodia is bouncing back.

Lessons abound where good people of conscience handed in their firearms in the hope that their government would treat them honorably. Cambodia went through that too. It cost 1 million lives. I wonder if they teach that in schools today? Of course they don't. It's not politically correct. 

If German Jews had been armed, the round up and extermination wouldn't have gone so smoothly, would it? Taking a few of the bastards with you ends up counting when people decide to strip you of all that you have - and all that you're ever going to have and then tossing you into an oven.

You have to decide what is worth fighting for. And whether it is worth living free or not. You could ask any of a million Cambodians what they think... if they were around to ask.

D-Day and Allies

We remembered D-Day on June 6 this past week, not the end of the war in Europe, but the end of the beginning of that war. Back then, as opposed to now, Nazis were real and "toxic masculinity" was called upon to rid the world of unspeakable horror and evil. 75 years ago today the allies were pushing off the beaches and enlarging the beachhead. There was a lot of fighting and killing ahead, but the conclusion of the war was at least in sight.

Today, the corrupt, lying, filthy mainstream media speaks of American allies and includes Mexico in that number. Where were the Mexican troops on D-Day? Does anyone recall the Zimmerman Telegram during World War One that helped bring us into that war? For those who may have forgotten, the Zimmerman Telegram was a secret diplomatic communication issued from the German Foreign Office in January 1917 that proposed a military alliance between Germany and Mexico. Can any of you recall a situation when Mexican acted like an American ally? EVER? (build the wall, lock Her up, MAGA)

And, on the Lighter Side of the Sunday Sermonette...

Saturday, June 8, 2019

Saturday's Siren


There are a lot of disabilities that are 100% legitimate. Some people are messed up and are considered disabled. Some receive benefits from the government to assist them to live despite that disability. 

The World Health Organization, a component of the United Nations, is on sort of a rampage, designating who is and is not disabled. I didn't think that I was disabled, but apparently I am because I'm over 55 years of age and I may not be able to do what I could do as well as I could when I was 25. Well, that's a shocker. According to the WHO, if you're disabled, you deserve compensation from the rest of the people who are not. 

The World Health Organisation has recently included "people who can't get laid" as being disabled. (read more here). So if you're too hideous or too socially inept to find a suitable sexual partner, you're disabled. The word "suitable" to some of us could be taken to mean that there is no super model (most are lesbians) who are interested in us, means that we should receive distributions from the people who can get laid.

There's a caveat above since if you can't have children, you deserve compensation too. No sodomite relationship produces children. Thus all LGBTQ people deserve distributions from heterosexuals. Isn't socialism grand?

Of course all of this foolishness dilutes the validity of those people who are genuinely disabled.

I think that it's time that they move the UN from New York City to Venezuela or someplace equally enlightened and we remove ourselves from that band of freaks, misfits and communists.

The Magic Kingdom - At War

The US is no longer dependent on oil sheikdoms for energy, and we're now exporting oil. Which the Democrat Party is trying to stop with their 'Green New Deal'. None of what they say makes the least bit of sense. But my point here is that the US has entered a new era where Middle Eastern oil and gas has far less to do with us than it used to. It's a great day in America. (unless you listen to the corrupt, wicked, nasty, filthy, lying mainstream media)

Saudi Arabia is one somewhat typical of the rotten, corrupt nations of the Muslim Middle East. And I find it interesting to follow their war to protect their southern border from invading Houthis (backed by Iran). On June 5, the Houthi army seized 20 military positions inside Saudi Arabia. Houthi officials promised to release video footage of the daring attack.
Houthi spokesman Yahya Sarei said on 5 June that the positions in Najran province were captured in a "surprise" offensive carried out over the past three days.
Sarei claimed that 200 Saudi troops were killed in the offensives and that military equipment was seized. The Houthi news service said the Saudi-led coalition flew 75 air attacks against the Houthi force.

Despite overwhelming military technology and forces from multiple Arab states, the Saudi-led coalition remains unable to defend Saudi borders from Houthi incursions. That condition has not improved since March 2015 when Saudi intervention began.

There is a move on the part of the Saudis to buy massive armaments from the US. It's income for the military industrial complex and many believe that no many how many weapons that the Saudis buy, their army won't be able to stand up to even the most feeble military push. (the Houthis from Yemen)

Saudi Incompetence in Sudan

The African Union (AU) suspended Sudan's membership. The AU's Peace and Security Department said in a post on Twitter on Thursday, 6 June, that Sudan's participation in all AU activities would be suspended with immediate effect - "until the effective establishment of a civilian-led transitional authority," which it described as the only way to "exit from the current crisis".
Saudi Arabia reportedly approved an attack on the demonstrators. Middle East Eye reported on 6 June that an anonymous, well-informed Sudanese military “expert” said he understood that plans to destroy the protest camp in Khartoum had been discussed during recent visits to Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Egypt by Lieutenant General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, the head of the Transitional Military Council (TMC). 
“The breaking up of the sit-in was one of the main points on the agenda that was discussed,” the expert said. “Unless he (i.e., al-Burhan) got the green light from his regional allies he would not have been able to commit such a crime.”
Supposedly the Saudis and Emiratis promised Sudanese junta $3 billion in aid, which bought them a lot of influence in Sudan. Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s strategic security decisions are invariably antithetical to democracy; seldom succeed in their primary purposes and leave trails of Arabs killed.

WWM (an update)

There is still work going on up at the White Wolf Mine. This is a brief update. I planned on one year of construction and it's turned into two. The exterior is being painted...finally.

It snowed as recently as ten days ago, but we have a warm patch that is necessary for the paint to adhere properly.

I took the cell phone and did a walk around for your edification, snapping a few pictures.

Building this custom home/hovel has been an ordeal and the general contractor is not the least bit honest. I can suggest to you that the work now going on is not a tribute to his integrity so much as it is a sign of his cowardice. He is concerned about what I might do. Those of you know me, understand that I NEVER threaten. 
The dog that barks seldom bites. 
And moving on, it's close to being completed and I'm looking forward to not having workmen around the house every day.

But I would never do this again (Fredd - I know you're in the planning phase). 

Life in rural Arizona is good. It's bucolic. I saw a bobcat running down the old logging road behind the house at breakfast the other day. Elk are common guests as are deer. I'm on the phone much of the day for work, but I can live with it.

And the scenery in the area is breathtaking. This (below) is the Clear Creek Gorge, which runs to the south of my house. We have big horn sheep climbing up and down those cliffs.

Thursday, June 6, 2019

The Longest Day

There is significant, warranted attention being paid to the 75th Anniversary of D-Day. As a blogger and as a veteran myself of both large and small wars, I find it difficult to do sufficient honor to those who fought on D-Day and during the Second World War in general. Huge sacrifices were made to rid the world of National Socialism and Imperial Japan. 

When it comes to issues like dropping the atomic bomb on Japan, I can only suggest that they deserved it. There were horrible things done by the Nazis in the name of National Socialism and the agenda that its leadership espoused. In my opinion, the Japanese rape of Korea and China was just as bad. They all got what was coming to them. We owe a debt that we can't repay to those who set things right, often at the cost of their own lives. All we can do is pay it forward and uphold the principles that they fought for. 

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Optimistic Analysis

The Mexican Government is admitting that 80% of its territory is controlled by drug cartels. The truth is that various and sundry cartels control 100% of Mexico. To include the Office of the President of Mexico.

A federal agency sent this fanciful map to Border Patrol in a daily intelligence briefing on May 9.

I'm not suggesting that it's a deliberate fabrication but whoever made the map has never been on the ground in Mexico. The map does not extend cartel coverage of bribes to public officials from the very top to the bottom. It doesn't include the many billions of dollars in loans from cartels to businesses at lower than market rates and the influence that generates nationwide. Far more loans are underwritten by cartels than banks in Mexico.

In short, the analysis is impossibly optimistic.

Happy Hump Day!

‘Either you think, or else others have to think for you and take power from you, pervert and discipline your natural tastes, civilize and sterilize you.’ --F. Scott Fitzgerald, Tender is the Night.  "Progressives" have a difficult time thinking for themselves. They'd rather have the government do it for them. And what follows is predictable.

And today, I'm trying to fork off onto another path, the road not taken. No need to sully the electrons with AOC or the communists trying to take power. Not today. We're half way to the weekend.

Mood Music... TUSK,  for the next piece.

Elephant, Mammoth, Mastodon: What's in a Name?

There is a difference between a mammoth and a mastodon, even though their appearance was similar. Both animals were herbivores, but mastodons had cone-shaped cusps on their molars designed to crush leaves, twigs and branches. Mammoths, however, had ridged molars that allowed them to cut through vegetation and graze like modern-day elephants.

Over the decades, the bones of around 30 mammoths and 300 mastodons have been pulled from the state’s farm fields and construction sites. These giants browsed on vast open grasslands and in wooded valleys south of the ice sheets that buried much of Canada and the northern U.S. at the height of the last Ice Age, some 25,000 years ago. Yes, there is another ice age coming. Nobody knows precisely when. Some say that it is underway now. I can't argue. I had snow at the White Wolf Mine in Arizona on Memorial Day. So stop burning fossil fuels and let's get this party started. Mother Nature will bring the ice.

The Bristle Mammoth
(More Here) Among dozens of finds, this recent discovery captivated the public's imagination. On October 1, 2015, scientists from the University of Michigan Museum of Paleontology had just one day to carry out the rescue excavation of a mammoth. Dramatic video captured the spectacle of a crane hoisting a massive, remarkably intact mammoth skull complete with tusks from a muddy pit in a farmer’s field near Chelsea, Michigan. The find was dubbed the Bristle mammoth after the name of the farmer, James Bristle.
Bristle Mammoth
Renowned mammoth expert Daniel Fisher of the University of Michigan has recently presented fresh evidence that Ice Age hunters were involved in the mammoth kill. Together with a preliminary radiocarbon date, that may put the find among the earliest convincing signs of humans in the Americas. 
If the age is confirmed by further tests, the Bristle mammoth could be as much as 15,000 years old. That would put it long before the appearance of the Clovis culture, so named after the distinctive spear point first found at Clovis, New Mexico, in the 1930s, and long considered to be the hallmark of the First Americans. The discovery would join a half-dozen or so other North American sites that add up to strong evidence of a shadowy pre-Clovis human presence, promising to rewrite the earliest chapter in the peopling of our continent.
So when precisely did human beings begin to live in North America. Nobody knows, but archeologists are sure that they have the answer now... Were they descendants of marooned space men, and were lasers used to finish off the giant mastodons? Is there a cover-up? Ancient Alien Theorists want to weigh in on the answer before you make up your mind.

And what is the tie in with the newly acknowledged UFO's - or whatever we're calling them now? Yeah, nothing. I know. 

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

At Home and Abroad

The Royal Family

By all accounts both President and Mrs. Trump and the Royal Family (with the exception of the newest American royal daughter-in-law) are enjoying the state visit. 

The elite media and the elite critics of President Trump (your betters) are all looking for a sign of discord so that they can continue their filthy rants, but there isn't much there, there. 

BREXIT and nationalism are very much on the mind of many people in the UK who are displeased with what globalism brought to Old Blighty. I can't disagree. The same thing was happening to us - and is happening to us along our Southern Border. But Congress fails to do anything.

The Norkland Purge and Kim

Kim Jong Un's gout may be acting up again, because he is not a happy man. Things in the Socialist Worker's Paradise are not going the way that he wants them to. Five of the people who put the Summit with President Trump together in Hanoi were executed (the polite word is 'purged'). The standard fallout on the immediate and extended families of those who found disfavor is to ship them to work camps where they are worked until they die. Females are often used as sex puppets for the guards until they die...they're raped to death.

Will he execute his barber next?
Annual mass games in the Hermit Kingdom take place from June to mid-October. Large numbers of artists and gymnasts rehearse these performances for months. The rehearsals and performances are hugely expensive. It is a large tourist attraction and thus earner of hard currency. The fat little tyrant showed up and watched the display. “After the performance he called creators of the performance and seriously criticized them for their wrong spirit of creation and irresponsible work attitude, pointing to the contents and forms of works.”  “Noting that the creators and artistes in the literature and art sector have a very important duty in socialist cultural construction, he set forth important tasks for correctly implementing the revolutionary policy of our Party on literature and art.” 

Concerning the purge, North Korean officials pay close attention to foreign press, especially South Korean press. The North Korean propagandists used the occasion of Kim’s attendance at the performance to refute South Korean press reports that Kim Yong Chol and his sister, Kim Yo Jong, had been purged. Kim Yo Jong had not appeared in public for 53 days. They did not, however, refute the report that Kim ordered the execution of five diplomats after the failed summit with the US President in Hanoi.

Kim’s criticism is devastating -- the creators missed the mark. The article does not explain the nature of the defects. However, Kim’s criticism resonates with last week’s Rodong Sinmun warning about disloyalty and indiscipline in the Party. UPI reported that Kim was not in a good mood over the weekend. On a guidance tour, Kim severely criticized a school for children and an industrial plant.

My sense is that there will be a lot of 'creative people who missed the mark' on the train to the work camp soon if they're not on it now.

The American Socialist Worker's Party

The Democrats need to change their name. (see caption above) In much the way that it is in Venezuela, in North Korea, or in Cuba. Pick your socialist nation, it's thinly veiled (or not so thinly veiled) totalitarianism.

If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot 
stamping on a human face - forever. - Orwell

The Brain Trust of the Revolution
I found the reaction of the crowd/mob to the Democrats who suggested that Socialism was not a winning platform to be instructive. Gov. Hickenlooper (D-CO) was boo'd from the stage as was one of the other 23 whose name escapes me and I don't want to look it up right now. They felt that TELLING VOTERS that they all planned to go full socialist/communist now was not the winning ticket in American politics. The mob would have none of it. The communists want a totalitarian state and they want it now, and one of the key steps toward making it a reality calls for disarming the heavily armed American public.

Even the vile, nasty, corrupt Hillary Clinton and her elitist friends didn't go as far as this current batch of leftists want to push things. It bodes well for the 2020 election.

Monday, June 3, 2019

Tank Man

Twenty-five years ago today, “Tank Man” made his immortal stand in Tiananmen Square. The Chinese Communist government panicked. They were sure that their tankers would grease their treads with the guts of ordinary people who might stand up to them. Training now attempts to thwart that sort of reaction to a man with courage.

Monday Mayhem

Big Jim

Will you send former Director Comey soap-on-a-rope when he goes to the big house?

Ok, before all of you skeptics attack me for being a Polyanna, it could happen. Yeah, I know that maybe pigs will fly.

I'm simply testing the depth of your compassion. Would you send him soap-on-a-rope or would you send him slick soap that he's sure to drop in the communal prison shower?

US Army to name new Attack Helicopter 
FORT RUCKER, Ala. — The U.S. Army will honor Elizabeth Warren and her Native American ancestry with the latest addition to its helicopter fleet, the AH-68 Warren, sources confirmed today. 
The Warren will join the Black Hawk, Kiowa, Apache, and Lakota in the Army’s impressive legacy of combat aircraft named after Native American tribes... more
Those Tricky Russians

I've often thought that the Russians were on the track by training svelte supermodels to trap GI's into giving up the nation's secrets. Sweathogs working as waitresses always made more sense to me.
MOSCOW – The Russian Federation intelligence “sparrow” school has launched a new program to train fat, tattooed women to seduce lower enlisted analysts, sources confirmed today. 
“For decades, we’ve trained elegant, sensual, intelligent women to lure high-level officers and diplomats into compromising ‘honeypot’ traps,” said Col. Vladimir Nutskoff. “As we tried to expand the program to send ballerinas and rocket scientists to seduce E-6 imagery analysts, we found that they couldn’t make eye contact with our agents. The system had to change.” 
SVR agent Natalia Korchova has been successfully working a source since she gained twenty-five pounds, had a dolphin tattooed on her ankle, and adopted a cover as part time nursing student at Cochise College who waitresses at Texas Roadhouse on Military Mondays, sources confirmed. 
In another successful recruitment, SVR agent Anya Egoranova, bought glasses and dyed a purple streak into her hair. She met her targets at The Android’s Dungeon Magic Lair, a Dungeons and Dragons meet-up and board games store near Fort Huachuca. At least four analysts are giving her classified documents, but none figured out how to kiss her.

Sunday, June 2, 2019

GOOGLE's Mischief

Multiple news outlets, and different reports plainly state that the Department of Justice is planning an antitrust investigation into the world’s most popular search engine: Google.

Google has been under scrutiny for allegedly skewing its results, often to favor liberal interests and to the detriment of conservative interests. Google has denied those claims.

Google is a subsidiary of the politically-active company Alphabet. 

Alphabet has given millions of dollars political contributions to Democrat Hillary Clinton through its employees and Political Action Committees, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. As such, Alphabet was a top donor to Hillary Clinton as U.S. Senator ($1.6 million) and also the top donor to Clinton’s failed 2016 presidential campaign ($1.6 million).

Alphabet was also the top donor to Democrat Bernie Sanders’ failed presidential bid in 2016 ($361,408). Alphabet, contributed more than $3.2 million to Hillary Clinton’s political campaign through its employees and PACs. As Bernie Sander’s top donor, Alphabet contributed $361,408 to that campaign in 2016. (Source: Center for Responsive Politics)
Alphabet is not listed as a donor of significance to presidential campaign of Donald Trump, a Republican, in 2016.
Alphabet reportedly raked in nearly $137 billion in revenue in 2018. Google reportedly controls more than 70% of the search engine market.

More below:

What's Happening in Antarctica?

Until now, scientists didn't have a sound understanding of Antarctica, and the processes underway that influence ice melt, etc. It turns out that there are two separate continental bodies under the ice. This article provides an overview of what the scientists found.

(LINK) In a study published today in Nature Geoscience a team of scientists, including glaciologists from Scripps Institution of Oceanography at the University of California San Diego, detail how they discovered an ancient geologic structure under Antarctica’s largest ice shelf and describe how the ice shelf’s stability in future climates depends on local processes occurring in summer near the ice front.

Ice shelves form around the edges of the Antarctic ice sheet where it flows into the ocean, and their presence slows down the flow of ice from the rest of the massive ice sheet behind them. With a multi-institution interdisciplinary team, the four-year ROSETTA-Ice project assembled an unprecedented view of Antarctica’s largest ice shelf, in the Ross Sea. Ross Ice Shelf, which is larger than California, helps slow the flow of about 20 percent of Antarctica’s grounded ice into the ocean — equivalent to 38 feet of global sea-level rise.

ROSETTA-Ice scientists found that ancient tectonic activity at the dividing line between East and West Antarctica has created a significant difference between the seafloor on each side of the line, with a much deeper ocean on the East Antarctic side. That shields much of the grounding line of Ross Ice Shelf from exposure to melt-inducing warm water.

“To understand Antarctica and how it works we need to consider the ice, ocean, atmosphere and geology, and how they interact across various distances and timescales,” said Helen Amanda Fricker, a glaciologist at Scripps Institution of Oceanography and co-author on the study. “ROSETTA-Ice is a great example of how an eclectic, interdisciplinary team can come together to look at a complex system and really shift our understanding of how it works."

The scientists approached the Ross Ice Shelf much like explorers visiting a planet for the first time. They faced the key challenge of how to gather data from a huge region, where ice that is frequently more than a thousand feet thick prevents traditional ship-based surveys of the seabed. The solution was IcePod, a system designed to collect high-resolution data across the polar regions. IcePod was developed at Columbia University’s Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory and mounted on a cargo plane. Its instruments measure ice shelf height, thickness and internal structure, and the magnetic and gravity signals of the underlying rock.

Each time the team flew across the ice shelf, the IcePod’s magnetometer (which measures Earth’s magnetic field) showed a flat and almost unchanging signal until, halfway across the ice shelf, the instrument came alive, displaying large variations much like the heartbeat on a cardiogram. When the team mapped their results, it became clear that this “heartbeat” always appeared in the middle of the ice shelf, identifying a previously unmapped segment of the geologic boundary between East and West Antarctica.

The team then used IcePod’s measurements of Earth’s gravity field to model the shape of the sea floor beneath the ice shelf.

“We could see that the geological boundary was making the seafloor on the East Antarctic side much deeper than the West, which affects the way the ocean water circulates under the ice shelf,” said Kirsty Tinto, the Lamont research scientist who led all three field expeditions and is lead author of the study.

Sunday Sermonette


We all need it every hour of every day, and a lack of that spirit in our lives leads to an empty despair that can't be compensated for with money, things, power or anything else.  I'm not preaching, just offering an opinion and this blog is opinion heavy.

Your thought of the Day

The perversity of nature is nowhere better demonstrated than by the fact that, when exposed to the same atmosphere, bread becomes hard while crackers become soft.

Virtue Signaling

Does polling Democrats lead to accurate information? No
"There is a preference (among leftists) to lie about their own views to virtue signal. In other words, they know it's wrong to not want black candidates or to dislike gay candidates. Even choosing women over men, while considered virtuous by many liberals, is still a prejudicial position that many will claim not to support even as they do." (Commenterama Politics) 
Some believe that the Democrat party is more 'normal' now than it will become. They contend that the Dems have not hit bottom as they become the party of angry white women (heavily weighted by lesbians). The thesis runs that Democrats, a party of angry white women, want white women in power by a large number. Blacks want blacks in power, but no one else does and angry white women don't  spend much time worrying about what anyone else thinks. True or false? You read the tea leaves and decide for yourselves.

A Nasty Princess?

Told of Dutchess Meghan’s Markle-Windsor's barbs by The Sun, Trump insisted it was the first time he’d heard them. He said: “I didn’t know that. What can I say? I didn’t know that she was nasty.”

Meghan didn't make good on her 2016 racist promise to move to Canada if President Trump won the presidency. Only a racist would threaten to move to white Canada instead of Mexico or to Africa. The fact that she 'married up' and left the US is apparently not enough to keep from slamming her president (she still holds joint citizenship).

While there are disagreements with the British Royals on issues such as the climate change hoax, the US still has a firm bond with the United Kingdom/Great Britain.


The theme runs this way: President Trump will declassify a lot of filthy little secrets about the Obama Administration and its efforts so spy on the Trump campaign (not artfully).

To distract from that the Democrat controlled house will try to impeach President Trump so that the disclosures about the actions of the deep state will be masked by endless hearings.

How will all that work out? I cast the runes the same as the rest of you do. 

But I will say that my sense is that General Clapper will go under the knife first and that he will blab all that he knows.

The Scope of D-Day (June 6)

The D-Day Anniversary is coming and you'll read a lot about it. I've been a part of large military operations but nothing close to D-Day. And I've been in an abattoir, but nothing like the scope of Omaha Beach. I don't know how you live through that and remain anything like normal. Men did, and men didn't. It's certainly something you'd live with, and men have. The Greatest Generation.

And how would it be as a German Volksgrenadier, standing in a trench protecting an emplacement there and watching what's coming? A sobering sight.

Is Reincarnation Happening?

Daily Timewaster (h/t) has a theory.

Saturday, June 1, 2019

Saturday Siren (I'm not tired of winning yet)

In India

Nearly 2,000 products, made in India, enter the US duty free every year. That happens because India was designated 'a developing nation'. At the same time, India has tariffs on US goods. Isn't that interesting? Well, it's about to change.
“I have determined that India has not assured the United States that India will provide equitable and reasonable access to its markets,” Trump said in a proclamation. “Accordingly, it is appropriate to terminate India’s designation as a beneficiary developing country effective June 5, 2019.”
What's wrong with putting India on a level playing field with everyone else? At least we don't have to worry about India competing by beginning Indian beef exports... (cows are sacred to Hindus, even though the Green New Deal calls for their extermination)

Mexico Caves

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (referred to as "AMLO" in Mexico), said he’s optimistic of achieving “good results” from a high-level meeting next week in Washington following President Trump’s threat to levy tariffs on his country. Well, it was more than a threat, wasn't it? It was a promise.
“We don’t want this confrontation with the U.S.,” AMLO said from the Mexican port city of Veracruz. “We are not going to get involved in trade wars or in struggles of hegemony or powers.”
It would be more useful if AMLO asked to address his pleas to Congress, which could solve the immigration crisis in a day with one vote. But Congress and the mainstream media hate President Trump all the more because he's polling at the top of his game with the American people. Trump supporters say that they're not tired of winning yet, and the donkeys are outraged. Disney is so angry that it left fly-over country, took its toys and went back to Hollywood. With all that turmoil, will AMLO get a chance to address Congress? Doubtful.

Trump has threatened in the past week to slap a 5% tariff on all goods from Mexico if the country doesn’t curb an unprecedented surge in migrants over the U.S. southern border. The problem can be solved by Mexico, but they don't want to. So pay the tax that will reach 25% by October and shut up. Or find other markets like the US, because they're everywhere, right?

Friday, May 31, 2019

Considerations for the Coming Weekend

What Will Mexico Do?

We all know that they are able to stop the flow of illegal aliens (pushing through Mexico to the US) if they want to. The question has always been one of will.
"On June 10th, the United States will impose a 5% Tariff on all goods coming into our Country from Mexico, until such time as illegal migrants coming through Mexico, and into our Country, STOP. The Tariff will gradually increase until the Illegal Immigration problem is remedied, at which time the Tariffs will be removed." - President Trump 
The Communist Party's victory in the presidential elections in Mexico means that many of my friends who were in power there are not anymore, but the victory of the communists didn't mean that Mexico's problems are solved. Four years ago the exchange rate was 12 pesos to the dollar. Today it's twenty pesos to the dollar, and some forecasters predict that it could be one hundred pesos to the dollar by the end of President Lopez-Obrador's term in about five years. At that rate, the US can afford to tariff/tax Mexican goods at a 25% rate without seeing much in the way of price increases here, as they continue their economic death spiral. In fact, as Mexico declines, there could be a reduction in cost of Mexican goods despite a 25% tax. If the tax continues long enough, we'd see the emergence of other markets to supply US demands, or Mexican producers (largely agricultural) would need to accept the 25% hit. Or they stop the flow of Central Americans and others into the US.

Sure, Congress could fix the problem tomorrow, but they are too busy trying to impeach President Trump to do anything.

The Circle of Diversity and Safe Spaces

Your Cowboy Thought of the Day