sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Back in Harness

The Situation

A driver was stuck in a traffic jam on the beltway outside of Washington DC.

Nothing moved.

Suddenly, a man knocked on the car window.

When the driver rolled down the window, he asked, "What's going on?"

"Terrorists have kidnapped the entire US Congress, and they're asking for a $100 million dollar ransom. If they don't get it, they're going to douse them all in gasoline and set them on fire. We're going from car to car, asking for donations."

"How much is everyone giving, on average," the driver asks?

The man replied, "Roughly a gallon."

The Baby

Ok, he's my grandson, but he's cute. My daughter ended up spending six days in the hospital because of some health concerns, but everyone is home, and life is cycling back to normal.

During the time that I was out of action with grandson and daughter issues, a friend was killed in a head-on collision, and I heard of an acquaintance who died of a heart attack. Sic Transit Glori Mundi. Life begins and life ends, and on day the time will run out for all of us. I have funerals to attend at the end of the week.

People seem amazed that I left 'civilization' to move up to the White Wolf Mine. But let me assure you now that I'm home again, that civilization as presently constituted, is highly over rated.


The situation in Hong Kong and the trade war is a daily conversation among people on the mainland. The communists can't take the hit for bad decisions that led to an insurrection in Hong Kong and a declining economy, so the USA is blamed. However, Chinese investment in manufacturing plants in the US and Mexico continues as they react to a changing landscape on the Mainland. For those pundits who claim that there is an imminent kinetic war between the US and China, I suggest that they take a step back.

If/when the People's Republic of China marches the People's Liberation Army into Hong Kong, the international reaction is likely to make their economic situation worse. China is able to endure severe hardship. We've all seen that. But that was old China...and the expectations of people living in New China (Modern China) are quite different. The weapons that they will face from the World is simply a place that won't buy their wares. Embargo and quarantine are often a more effective weapon than armies and navies. 

This past weekend, 1.7 million people in Hong Kong marched peacefully (about 20% of the residents). That sort of people power is simply difficult to ignore. Is the cause and effect limited to that particular movement? No.

Many Chinese companies are reacting by expanding into Mexico and to a lesser extent, the US, to avoid the coming crisis' impact on them. My company has been asked to assist Chinese companies wishing to do this with risk assessment and other services. We've done it in the past but the present scope is much larger.

And what does the man on the street in Shanghai think? To some extent, they swallow the propaganda. To some extent they think that removing the yoke of the Central Government  in Beijing makes sense. And those are dangerous thoughts.

Friday, August 16, 2019

Friday Wrap Up

Hong Kong

I can't add much to the news, that is now being circulated about the current situation. I'm meeting with a shot caller from the PRC on Sunday to talk about a few issues and HK might come up. If so, it might be enlightening. If it is, and if I can share it, I will, without attribution.

The PRC has pulled some people out of retirement to advise them on handling the police situation and while it may help in the short term, it's not even a bandaid on the underlying problem. I know some of those pensioners myself and they're competent. The current problem has nothing to do with the USA and allegations of meddling. 

It's unusual for the PRC to have to deal with a groundswell of profound discontent in Big China. Usually the police can nip that in the bud and send the discontent to Western China to become farmers in stony soil... But this is something else and it's been allowed to go too far. You know all that.

The Blue Dress

From Fox News reporting, the painting of Bill Clinton wearing a blue dress, hanging in Michael Epstein's living room, came as a total shock to the Clintons. When asked whether or not it was a legitimate reaction, the Clintons replied, "Ask Mike."

The Big Swap

h/t Babylon Bee - every bit as credible and 'real' as CNN
WASHINGTON, D.C.—The American state department has come up with an ingenious plan to solve China's democratic protest problems and make our nation great again in one fell swoop. 
Through some great negotiating on the part of Donald Trump, we've struck a deal to trade all of our country's Communists for Hong Kong's democratic protesters. 
After the deal was made, the military began rounding up the Communists---who didn't complain, as they're all for an authoritarian state---and putting them in cargo planes...
It would be a useful swap for the ChiComs. They'd get a bunch of deadbeat communists who want everything free - promise of the worker's paradise - and America would get a bunch of hard working, freedom loving people in exchange. Our fellow blogger, Mike_C made this suggestion the other day, and now maybe it could be a reality. 

Imagine Bernie Sanders replacing Carrie Lam as Governor of Hong Kong, implementing his socialist vision and cheering with the crowds as the PLA goose-stepped down the street in front of his reviewing stand. Maybe Elizabeth Warren could run a re-education camp for those Hong Kong citizens who didn't make the flight out? Beto O'Rorque could serve as the brain trust for New Hong Kong! 

For those of you who don't think that Sanders, Warren and O'Rorque couldn't find productive labor, and who can blame you, this is the final solution. I'm sure that President Xi would be thrilled to have these die-hard communists in China.

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Passing Comments

Do you know this couple?

No, I'm not writing about myself, but yes, I do know them...or their clones.

Now the Mail: Mid-Week Round Up

Lonestar Parson - And I don't see how the China thing ends well, but perhaps I'm missing something?
The Hong Kong situation won't work out well for the locals, however, it does unmask the communist oligarchs in China and their agendas in terms of their feelings toward freedom. Recall with me if you will, that the British obtained control over portions of Hong Kong's territory through three treaties with Qing China. The 1842 Treaty of Nanking: Hong Kong Island ceded in perpetuity. The other territory of modern Hong Kong was under crown rule for 156 years. In 1997, the British gave it to the Communists. And the communists have decided that it's time to bring the people in the Special Administrative District into line. The people in Hong Kong don't want to be communists. And millions of them are speaking.
WSF - One hopes we have a President smart enough to keep us from getting sucked into the mess. Sucks to be Chinese but it is their world and their problem. US investments there? You pays your money and you take your chances.

Do the Communist mandarins have enough resources to invade Formosa and crush Hong Kong at the same time? If they try, do you see the other parts of China taking advantage of the situation to break away? Interesting times!
The People's Liberation Army and the People's Liberation Army's Navy (PRC Navy title) have enough to handle both situations at the same time if we're speaking of situations where the US does not become involved. Given sufficient notice, US submarines can deny the Straits of Formosa to a Chinese fleet, and Taiwan's Nationalist Chinese Air Force can restrain a PRC air fleet/paratroops. Ultimately, the Red Chinese can reduce Taiwan and Hong Kong to cinders, no matter what the US does. And they become a pariah state, burning their ambitions to the ground. It's a sticky wicket.
Old AF Sarge - As to China, without the PLA, the oligarchs in Beijing would have been swinging from a lamppost a long time ago...
Yes indeed.  
The balance of power requires the loyalty and approval of the People's Liberation Army, and upon it's willingness to drive tanks over the Chinese people wherever and whenever required. 
Raven - Congratulations! You are a truly wealthy man!

The PLA crushing Hong Kong militarily has so many potential unexpected consequences- no matter how much propaganda they emit,this action will confirm in some Chinese that the gov. is the enemy, and to prepare accordingly. Your description sounds like Tito's Yugoslavia - disparate cultures and countries held together by commie-glue, aka military force and fear.

Wonder if the Taiwanese are screwing devices together. Along with the Japanese. Wouldn't that be an odd alliance! 
Not as odd of an alliance as one might think. They've cooperated for a very long time despite the "rape of Formosa" when the Japanese Army invaded during WW2. Intelligence agencies often find strange bedfellows - and not just in a Bond Film.
Modern China is very much like Yugoslavia, but the competing interests are not ethnic, so much as they are regional economic empires.  
Family is wealth, love is wealth, and much of what people value in our modern world is not.
Beans - If Hong Kong falls quickly to the PLA, after the PAP do the Harkonnen under the Beast Rabban thing of screwing things up majorly, and the PLA comes in to 'make things better' then expect them to jump at Taiwan very soon.

Now, if Vietnam was smart, they'd be aiding in any HK resistance, along with Singapore, Taiwan and Japan.
That is a bigger problem for China than the US is. They currently blame the US, but the nations that want to vex China are not limited to the US. Not by a long shot. 
Hong Kong is a vertical city. Armor and soft skinned vehicles have to navigate streets in what is substantially the bottoms of valleys. That's a military situation that no military commander wants to find himself in. Particularly if the people of Hong Kong receive (maybe have received) anti-tank weapons....and pre-positioned them. The tops of tanks have thinner armor than frontal and side armor...
There will be no way to 'limit' casualties, and I don't think the ChiComs will want to.
It will definitely let the world know that they must to oppose the PRC/PLA - and end their international ambitions.
Mike_C - @raven: Taiwan and Japan working together would not be as weird as it sounds. The people calling themselves ("native") Taiwanese (but whose ancestors migrated from Fujian some 400 years ago; the actual aboriginal inhabitants are <3 1945="" a="" and="" anti-japanese.="" aped="" are="" as="" auslander.="" before="" born="" called="" came="" chiang="" chinese="" communists.="" customs="" derogation.="" descendants="" dislike="" div="" escape="" generally="" generation="" in="" it="" japanese="" kai-shek="" lived="" many="" meaning="" not="" occupation="" of="" older="" out="" over="" people="" post-1945="" ren="" shen="" spoke="" state="" strongly="" taiwanese="" term="" the="" their="" they="" to="" translates="" under="" wai="" well.="" who="" with="" word-for-word="" wwii="">
Right on
On the Hong Kong thing, I've said elsewhere, only semi-facetiously, that we should state clearly that it's an internal matter for China. BUT, offer immigration to any HK resident who wants to settle in the US, so long as they agree to go to Detroit, Baltimore, [list of other failed shitholes goes here], or Los Angeles county, and live there for 10 years.

While I'm quite anti-immigration in general these days, two can play at the replacement game. And if we're going to import people who don't fit in all that great, let's at least import high-IQ, entrepreneural people (who admittedly also tend to be grasping and rude). Our current policy of favoring low-IQ, low impulse control, uneducated and anti-Christian people is clearly not working well for us.

1. Torques off China. We will be scrupulous about letting them handle their territory. But we will remove the bulk of their human capital. Or rather let it remove itself.
2. Torques off the progs. Especially after the first mass atrocity happens in HK. "Look! We're importing non-white people! Non-whites with seriously credible threats against their lives. Go ahead and go on the record as being against that, you race baiting, victimhood pushing assholes."
3. Detroit, Baltimore, etc can only be improved by dilution of their present populations. Was that racist? Sorry, but you must be mistaken. These are persons of color!

Will the Chicoms slip in their own agents and provocateurs into the tide of Hong Kong exodus? Of course they will. But the US is *already* chock full of those people. And maybe Senator Feinstein can finally find a replacement driver, or whatever that Chicom spy of hers supposedly did for her.
Well said. I can't add anything. 
LA - I too will be a grandpa to a VERY young lady already named Claire.

I'm excited for you. Great moments, wonderful experiences - and love just grows.

Mid-Week Round Up

Stork News: My daughter, Emilie, delivered a healthy baby boy, Michael Bryan, yesterday. It is a miracle, it's wonderful, and all of those things. The big worry is always that the baby and mom are healthy, and that's the case. It's usually the case - but things can go horribly wrong and that's a worry. So I'm on vacation of sorts in SoCal, hanging with buddies, hanging with kids and grandkids and so forth. 

The guy looks like a little boxer who's taken a few hits. I may call him "Rocky"?

The Situation in Hong Kong

Chinese authorities have denied requests by two US Navy ships to call at Hong Kong. The amphibious dock landing ship USS Green Bay was to arrive on the 17th. The guided missile cruiser USS Lake Erie was scheduled to visit in September.

Given that the protesters are carrying US flags and are singing The Star Spangled Banner, the Chinese view the incendiary nature of US warships at Hong Kong as problematic. I can't help but agree. 

Hong Kong enjoyed freedom under the British Crown and it's challenging for the Red Chinese to stuff that genie back into the bottle. I've been speaking with people in China by telephone. Officials assert that it's all the fault of the Americans. And that's absurd. Somewhere along the lines of 5 million people in Hong Kong identify with the protesters, leaving 2 million or so who are on the fence or side with the communist overlords. I wish that the CIA was that good, but they're not. It's an organic movement (much like the original or more recent Tea Party was in the US) and while freedom, such as that which is available in the USA is an aspiration, it's not the result of US propaganda. 

The Chinese move to snuff out incoming bank wires through HSBC, didn't change anything. Neither did the other moves that they've made. Flights into and out of the airport are spotty and capital is being wired out of Hong Kong at a frantic pace. There are about 1,000 US owned companies that have their headquarters in Hong Kong and many of those are reconsidering their presence. 

The Beijing government is preparing to move large elements of the People's Armed Police into Hong Kong. Essentially, they guard government buildings in China and serve as a type of "SWAT Team" when needed. They are a separate police force that is not part of the Public Security Bureau or the People's Liberation Army. Unofficially, they're in place in the event that the Public Security Bureau (the Police) get out of line. 

And lest you think this will solve the problem, it won't. The People's Armed police are an oafish group of poorly trained troops who will either over react or they'll get their asses kicked...or both. They will likely make the situation worse. And then the People's Liberation Army will move in. 

Armies only do one thing well. Putting ordnance on target. And once the People's Liberation Army moves in, the resistance, currently being organized primarily by actors from Taiwan, will kick into full gear. Smuggled anti-tank weapons and sniper rifles will go into play and the People's Liberation Army will turn the financial center of Asia into a smoldering hulk, ripping the mask from the image of a kinder and gentler Red China. Hong Kong people will flee as best they can or they'll be placed into a new gulag system, constructed for their re-education.

China's Problem

The reality is that if there was no People's Liberation Army, China would balkanize TOMORROW. Meaning, literally, tomorrow. Shanghai would go it alone as would Guangzhou, and so forth. Nobody feels as if they either need or want the mandarin oligarchs in Beijing. There is no outside force that has any interest in invading China. We've seen what's happening in Hong Kong and from an aspirational sense, the same thing could/would happen elsewhere if the central government didn't have the army backing its play.

Thus, they will destroy Hong Kong to make a point. 

Monday, August 12, 2019


Stork Update: No Stork yet.

Emilie has been in labor over 50 hours now and it all continues. She started Saturday at 8 am and it's now Monday at 2 pm. She's about 3 cm/water long since broken. Emilie has ObamaCare and the insurance company doesn't want to pay for a C-Section, so they want to keep the process running. It may not be until Tuesday. I can't say and neither, apparently, can anyone else.

Mail Bag: Inheriting Life in the Modern

Kle - That self-driving car/truck thing... 10 years is dreaming.
Quite possibly 50, though.
I can only speculate when, but it will happen and on that day, the world will change in ways that are catastrophic to many people. Others, of course, are cool with it. Automation is an interesting servant and master and the holy grail is the self-driving car/truck at the moment.
Jonathan H. August - The Army has been trying to get self driving gear to work for 30 years, to the tune of billions of dollars - and they haven't succeeded; a group of self important internet millionaires who constantly get distracted by the next shiny thing won't do any better. 
It's apples and oranges to a great degree. The Army wants an all terrain robot. The civilian market wants a vehicle that will traverse the hardball roads that your Google Street Map delineates. And the Army has been working on it for more than 30 years. I can recall a DOD project of that sort at least 40 years ago. Which is indicative of my age.
LSP - When everything's automated who'll buy the things the robots make? Our elite rulers, obviously.
Once a robot slave army can make more robots, elites will have no need of feisty, deplorable, humans and they may need to "think the ranks". I think that they may start in Texas. Of course, they'll spare Beto (Irish Bob), because he's more progressive than you are.
LindaG - Complete automation will allow the elite to control who gets what, completely.
I'm afraid that you're right on. And the Stork drama continues.

Inheriting Life in the Modern

The Top 1% - Who wants it?

By Dr. Jordan Peterson - worth a few minutes of your time. What is the relationship between money and well-being? 
"The more female doctors that you have, the more female doctors that you need to have" 
Occupational Redundancy Planning

Within the next ten years, one of the aggressively inventive AI companies will build a reliable self-driving and navigating system for private and commercial vehicles. That will put somewhere in the order of 4.5 million Americans out of work. (3.5 million truck drivers and another million misc. drivers who make their living that way) It's something to think about, worth a pause. There are a lot of jobs like barrel maker, cable splicer, ice cutter, pin setter, switchboard operator, etc. that no longer exist and won't be coming back. 'Driver' will be one of those. Twenty years from now, the young won't really grasp that you have to drive the automobile. Just state the destination and play games, or sleep until you arrive. 

Taking people out of the mix (overhead) and replacing them with robots will create an increasingly disassociated group of people who won't be able to find the sort of work that they're accustomed to doing. I've blogged about this before, but I see it getting worse.

Propaganda and Political Correctness

I have no idea how long the present propaganda machine will grind on. As our fellow blogger, Mike C points out, the big news now is that criticizing Jeffrey Epstein, late famous exploiter of children is being put out as 'anti Semitic'. Thus, if you're bothered by his conduct (or that of his friends) while he lived, you're a Jew hater. I realize that one doesn't conflate with the other, but the media machine spins continually. Maybe there will be a tipping point, but maybe not? Orwellian studies indicate that the Ministry of Truth scenario grinds on and on and on. Face it. You're all racists. Embrace it and move on.

There are more American flags on the surface of the Moon than were present at the Democrat Party's debates. They seem to be ashamed of being Americans. Curious, isn't it? Why would they want to be commander-in-chief if not to damage things? 

Stork Biz

My grandson will be born on Monday, whether naturally or by C-Section. As of 11 pm on the Pacific Coast, labor continues, and I wanted to put a box around this blog for the night. Hospitals are hospitals. I'm not particularly fond of hanging out in them.

Whenever another grandchild is delivered, I wonder what sort of world they will inherit. No matter what, the world around them will be different than the world that I (and we) inherited half a century ago.

Sunday, August 11, 2019

The Curious Case of the Epstein Suicide

First, a Brief Update on the Stork

It's still circling the hospital as my youngest daughter is in labor to deliver a baby boy. Progressives would be calling for the mother's right to murder this full term baby. I can only be grateful that the people in my family and the medical community doesn't see it that way.

Mothers pass through the 'shadow of the Valley of Death' to deliver new life. It's a precious, scary, painful, wonderful thing that they gave to us and that they give to all who live. It's a family event, ideally, with the women joining with the mother as they are invited, to give comfort in this moment of pain that only other 'mothers' can truly understand. I expect that we'll see white smoke, etc. sometime today when little Michael Bryan comes into the world.

What sort of world will he inherit? Now, that's always a question for the ages, isn't it?

Second, the Mail:

Ed: I wonder if he saw it coming.
They may have sedated him through his food? But difficult to say. Conspiracy theories abound and since the CCTV that covered that area of the detention facility was apparently out of service, we may never know.
Many/most of us knew that the Clintons or friends of the Clintons would work diligently to have Epstein eliminated, so it was hardly a shock to find that he hung himself.
Linda: Not surprised that Killary wins again. Their time will come.
They'll be spending a lot of time with Epstein on 'the other side'. 
Odie: It's really getting dangerous to be "Friends of the Clintons"
I think that it's always been like that, for them. I don't know what the body count is up to, but people who track those things put it at least into the 30's and maybe more when you consider enemies whose airplanes have malfunctioned in flight, taking everybody down, augering into the ground, 20,000 ft. below.

Beans: Well, in his defense, they removed him from suicide watch days ago.

Just like in all the prison movies, where some guard accidentally leads an inmate into a section of the prison not covered by a camera. So, well, maybe his suicide is actually a suicide, maybe an assist, maybe a full-blown case of Arkancide.
That's the thing, isn't it? We don't know. One thing is certain. Many tens of millions of Americans thought that he'd never live to see a trial. And while in federal custody, having attempted suicide a couple of weeks prior, he 'committed suicide' successfully (finally). There is a lot of explaining to do. I laid out a few questions (below). Will you trust the findings of the FBI in this matter? How could you, given their recent track record? Who in the FBI has been bought by powerful DC interests in this matter? We know they sell their integrity cheaply. We know that they leak for the benefit of the Deep State and are not held to account. We know that they bungled a coup attempt against the presidency - but they did it and in some circles are celebrated (by the mainstream media) for their corruption. Big Jim Comey is said to be working on a sequel to his book with a tour to rake in another couple million to help fund his retirement.
WSF: Epstein. He is no longer in jail. A body was removed from the jail. Was it his body? If so, was he actually dead?
Questions worth asking.
Dan: While there is a tiny outside chance that Epstein's death was faked and he's on a beach somewhere sipping a MaiThai it's far more probable that he is now worm food. Alive he would ALWAYS pose a threat to powerful people...not just the Clintons....but a lot of others also. The best way to keep his trap shut was to close it for him....forever. And anyone who actually believes this was a suicide needs to come see some prime beachfront property I can sell you for a good's conveniently located EAST of Reno Nevada......
There isn't enough money on the planet for Epstein to bribe his way out of this one. As you suggest, it's not just the Clintons, but a lot of people who visited the island and 'raped' young girls (and boys?). Were many of the children used, snuffed afterward? That's the suggestion. Epstein's knowledge of the fate of the molested/raped children would be interesting reading. The Democrats can't let their chosen go down like that, and neither can Republicans or foreign leaders who were close to Epstein. 

1. Considering the nature of the charges against him and the danger he faced, why wasn’t Epstein in special protective custody (called 'the hole' in custody parlance) from the start with 24-hour cameras and security monitoring him in jail? Who makes such decisions?

2. Even if Epstein wasn’t carefully monitored initially, how could he have been returned to the same cell under “suicide watch,” yet end up dead?

3. What does the video that was monitoring Epstein’s jail cell show?

4. What did guards and other inmates see and hear?

5. What did Epstein supposedly use to commit suicide, since all items that could help an inmate accomplish that are supposed to be removed from the cell?

6. Who, specifically, was responsible for watching Epstein and ensuring he remained unharmed?

7. What, exactly, did Epstein tell his attorney and medical personnel after his reported suicide attempt last month? Was his interview recorded?

8. Is there any chance Epstein isn’t dead, but was put into witness protection?

9. Will there be an autopsy and will the results be released?

Part of the strange story surrounding Epstein’s death may be told in the coming days through the official response. Will we learn the names of those who surrounded Epstein in jail and those who were responsible for watching him? Will their testimony be released? Will they be held accountable? 

After Epstein’s July arrest, Democrat political strategist Christine Pelosi, daughter of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, tweeted a warning that it was “quite likely” that Epstein would implicate major political figures.
“This Epstein case is horrific and the young women deserve justice. It is quite likely that some of our faves are implicated but we must follow the facts and let the chips fall where they may—whether on Republicans or Democrats.”
I expect that the story will be spiked, the matter will remain 'under investigation' until people forget about it and the Clintons and their powerful friends will remain in business. Chelsea Clinton is said to be groomed for a run to capture a seat in the US Senate. The problem with that legacy move is that she apparently didn't inherit her mother's cunning or her father's charm. 

How stupid are New York voters? Oh, they're stupid enough to seat Chelsea, if enough grease is applied. Handlers can manage Chelsea no matter how stupid she is. Jeb! Bush was a governor, Al Franken was a senator, The Squad obtained seats in the House of Representatives. Senile old Slow Joe Biden is the Democrat front runner for 2020.

Add Epstein's name to the Clinton Dead Pool (here). 

Saturday, August 10, 2019

Of Passing Interest

Thanks to everyone for your concern. As of this writing, the stork has not yet arrived and it might be a day or so of induced labor before the big event. Everyone is safe and happy. I'm feeling better but am a bit weak from the medical issues.

"Suicide Watch" means someone will definitely 
be watching to make sure you die?

All of the conspiracy theorists were correct to theorize that Jeffrey Epstein would never make it to trial, where he would testify about former President Bill Clinton. As I've stated elsewhere, he could have choked on a piece of baloney or just had 'a stroke' in his cell. Taking a suicidal, high risk prisoner off suicide watch after a failed attempt and putting him in a regular cell where he had the 'means to do it successfully' and insuring that there was no CCTV coverage of the hallway or the cell only makes sense.... if you're a conspiracy theorist. Story over, everybody moves on.

Nobody lives to testify against the Clintons.

They're a lot slicker these days now that they learned from the Vince Foster 'suicide in the park' where no bullet and no firearm was ever found. They use military grade professionals these days. 

Forty or fifty years ago, whoever, would hire somebody like Jack Ruby to walk into the jail with a handgun and dispatch Lee Harvey Oswald...and then Ruby would die, and his family would find new, lucrative business opportunities.

The only reason that the Russia Conspiracy Hoax against President Trump took wings was because CNN and MSNBC blasted it as truth 24/7/365. It was a clumsy, oafish move that incorporated the FBI fools who e-mailed endlessly about the plot, but when you control the lying, filthy, smug, sly, media, you can clean that up. It could have been professionally done too, but the Clintons were cheap and involved the goofy FBI. Not so with Epstein. He went to that place where the dead go with the scene behind him clean as a whistle.

The Media

It's like the little girl at the zoo, leaning into the lion's cage. Suddenly the lion grabs her by the collar of her jacket and tries to pull her inside to slaughter her under the eyes of her screaming parents.

A bystander intervenes beating the lion back, and bringing the girl to her parents, who thank him endlessly. A reporter who witnessed the events remarks, "That was the bravest, most gallant thing that I've ever seen."

The reporter, wanting to tell the story of what he'd seen asks the man what he did for a living and what his political affiliation was.

The man says, "I'm a US Marine, a Republican and I voted for Trump."


Friday, August 9, 2019


I've been dealing with travel for the sake of the stork and my daughter, all the while suffering with kidney stones and a lot of blood left on puddles along Interstate 10. But the blog must go on.

This is the latest information coming out of Hong Kong: 

Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC) holdings recently replaced their CEO after he was charged with secretly conspiring with the United States to transfer funds from the US to the resistance in Hong Kong. 

The action was led by China Ping An (insurance company), a major shareholder. The Chinese believe that once the funds from HSBC are cut off, the rioting and unhappiness of millions of Hong Kong citizens will end. 

This sort of delusion and misreading of the situation is what caused it in the first place and is ample evidence that the rioting and civil disobedience will continue. When fully 25% of the population actually hits the streets, it's indicative of a large problem. Water cannon, tear gas and riot batons won't fix the situation.

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Looking at Numbers

White Supremacy Homicides

There were 17 "white supremacy group homicides" in the United States last year. Do you want to guess what percentage of those homicides were committed by members of prison gangs? I'm waiting. Make up your mind. If you guessed 17, you'd be correct.

And for that, the whole gun control farce rages once again.

Who was the Biggest Mass Murderer in the United States Last Year?

If you guessed, "Planned Parenthood", you'd be correct. And they kill without regard to race, privilege, national origin, system of faith, etc. Is there a peep about that? No, crickets.

So we know that murder of the innocent, and murder of all groups isn't the issue, don't we? It's about power. Power, and any excuse to conflate one thing with another.

Progressive people like killing their and others' children for fun and big profit, so if you were to raise these inconvenient truths, you'd be branded as a racist.

Mail Call: "You'll Get a Charge out of This!"

Jules - I say about 5 minutes. 
Yeah, maybe five minutes.
EdClean energy.
When is Bubba gonna put the diesel on a trailer and pull it with his electric car?
What would the range be?
THAT is a very progressive notion and would catch on immediately in Appalachia.

LSP - I'm with Jules on this, about 5 minutes or maybe less. Speaking of energy, let's see some fusion AND an antimatter drive.
That would make energy essentially free and the byproduct would be pure water. Where is the profit in that? It's clearly not part of the Green New Deal.

Anonymous -Actually the most likely fate of this beast is to be stripped of all the copper wiring to be sold as scrap for beer and convenience store burrito money.
I'll pass your idea onto my neighbors and will demand that you get a royalty...and since you're Anonymous, I'll keep it for you.
Fredd Said - All you guys are missing the long range goal: only 'woke' Americans will have electric cars, and the rest of you will live in caves, and walk from point A to point B.

Only THAT will make these lefties happy. They get to rule over a population of knuckle dragging Neanderthals (which is what they think of us all already, BTW)
Will they let us own shoes, or would that deplete the environment?
WSF - Makes perfect sense to those who don't live in rural areas. Same people, when they make an annual trip to a rural area, ignore the "No Services Next 66 miles".
That ignorance helps keep the tow truck operators in business, and adds to the local economy.
Woodsterman - So, in other words, these are high tech targets?
I don't advocate theft and vandalism, I only read the tea leaves -- probability and outcome.
SiGraybeard - Considering how few people really understand where the electricity that charges the electric car comes from, this is progress. Maybe they'll, at least, understand their car still has a CO2 footprint, it's just not where they see it and smell the exhaust. 

I remember within the last year reading that a large group of greenies didn't understand that wind farms had to connect to the power grid through those yucky wires. They wanted the wind farm, but not the power lines to connect it and get power out of it.

You've probably seen talk about how people don't know where their food comes from. Same thing with how little they know about the technology that makes their life what it is. 
The ignorance of the left (and may of the intelligencia on the right) is deafening. Without a supermarket or a gas station, they'd just die.
Beans - I give it about 5 days before some redneck or survivalist absconds with his 'new' generator for the compound. Expensive high capacity generator, out in the back beyond. It's a tempting target, no?
Indeed it is. And you have to ask yourself how many more people (from a socialist perspective) would benefit from having the big, expensive, high capacity generator in the trailer park?

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

You'll Get a Charge out of This!

When I think about the progressive movement, about the green new deal weenies, etc., THIS comes to mind.

That's correct. It's a diesel generator powering a charging station in remote America for your electric car. As I understand it, they're (whoever 'they' are) going to put them here and there in rural America to promote the use of electric cars...

Take a moment.

There are a lot of road signs in rural America that have one or more bullet holes in them. I'm not sure why people shoot road signs, but there is a reason. 

Now, given that this happens to road signs, derelict automobiles and other objects, how long do you think that this progressive charging station will last? How long will this icon of donkey thought survive before it's shot up or it's 'salvaged' and ends up behind Bubba's mobile home, providing HIM with energy? 

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Life in the Arizona Highlands

Yearling elk are like puppies, kittens and grandchildren. They're just fun to watch. Up here at the White Wolf Mine on the Mogollon Rim, there are fewer city things to do, so sometimes, you take a cooler with lunch, a camera, a handgun (because who knows?) and plant yourself to watch. 

Sometimes you see things that are interesting and sometimes you don't. But just being 'there' is worth the effort.

Mormon Lake (big volcano caldera with water in it) attracts mama elk and their yearlings. There is food, it's cool on warm summer days, and they can see predators a long way off. 

There is a blue Herron lower left and there are three elk. You can see the picture better if you click on it and enlarge it.

A yearling elk has taken an interest in the blue Herron, who is fishing and minding his own business.

And he's "sneaking up on the Herron", hoping that the bird does not see him.

Eventually the Herron's fishing is ruined, the elk is getting too close, so it takes flight to fish again at another spot.

The Mail: Hong Kong

LSP - Just caught up on the HK thing. Does seem to be escalating.
I've been on the phone with friends in China and there is talk of forming a think tank to advise the Chinese Government (both PRC and HK), in China. The Chinese government is firmly of the opinion that the US is behind the trouble, except that it's not. There are some NGO's and a few neocons in DC who would like to be behind it, but they aren't. The PRC has caused this mess all on their own and if they aren't careful, they'll lose Hong Kong.
Jim - I've been wondering how long it would take. The Chinese don't seem to be the type to take this forever.
From what I've been told today, the Beijing Government has ruled out sending the People's Liberation Army in to blow the place up. That's a good sign and a move in the right direction. The PRC government doesn't really know whether to shit or go blind. Crushing HK like a bug would make them an international pariah. Letting HK go, sets a bad example to the Chinese people and especially the Nationalist Government on Taiwan. I have been chatting as stated above and gave examples of how it could go wrong. I also offered advise as a sort of teaser. The think tank project would far transcend HK. China devalued its currency (spit in America's eye) but we can keep raising tariffs and they can only devalue so far. It's not a good long term strategy for China.
Kle - I'm thinking it would be a phone call from the PRC leadership, saying 'make the request or have a tragic accident so the next guy can."
The protests are getting more violent and more focused, and the PRC oligarchs don't have many good options.
WSF - How important is Hong Kong to the overall Chinese economy? Some speculation by pundits their economy is fragile and could rapidly collapse. Cracking down on protesters would hurt the Hong Kong economy causing a ripple effect China wide.
The point-counterpoint between China and the US is playing havoc with the volatile US stock market, but I don't think that President Trump is worried. The US still holds the cards. Hong Kong is a thriving economic powerhouse, but Big China can do without it economically. The loss of respect and dignity that would result from either destroying Hong Kong or having it separate would be a deep wound. 
Anon - That is part of the problem. Under no circumstances can the Central Committee look weak or vulnerable. The protests may be attacked sooner and suppressed more ruthlessly precisely because other aspects of the system are unstable. This is something the leadership knows how to do and has confidence they can "Git'er Done".
I understand what you wrote, and my sense would be to agree with you, but at present, the mandarins on the mainland are reluctant to do that.
Old NFO - And the crux is, they take down Hong Kong, they face a significant loss of income and trade... Interesting... But I think the PRC is going to step in, and that will get ugly.
The development of the Belt Road Initiative hangs in the balance as do many of their overtures overseas. I don't think that they will overreact. But I could be wrong.
DRJIM - If Hong Kong had a "2nd Amendment" they'd be shooting by now.
April 19, 1775 - the shot heard round the world. A spark at this point will send Hong Kong into a death spiral for the Chinese, and it would never come back. There are moves that the PRC could make. They wouldn't like to do it, but their options are limited.

Monday, August 5, 2019

Hong Kong - Update

On 5 August, Hong Kong protesters partially shut down the city. Protestors disrupted service on eight subway and rail lines and airlines canceled more than 200 departing and 100 arriving flights.

In a press conference on Monday morning, Chief Executive Lam said the protests "challenge 'one country, two systems' and threaten Hong Kong's prosperity and stability".
"The government will be resolute in maintaining law and order of Hong Kong and restoring confidence."
This was a weekend of non-stop protests. After work on Friday, 2 August, government civil servants joined the protests, calling for investigations of the regulations restricting political activity by civil servants.

On Saturday and Sunday, protestors blocked subway tunnels and roadways and disrupted traffic in the city

On the night of the 4th, the government warned, that the demonstrations “have already gone far beyond the limits of peaceful and rational protests for which the government and general public will not condone under any circumstances.” 

The early reports indicate the general strike is a partial success. The protestors continue to escalate the amount of damage and disruption their demonstrations cause. They have now exceeded the patience of the Chinese government and stand to lose everything. 

There have been at least three separate sets of reports about Chinese preparations for a military/paramilitary intervention in Hong Kong. Two about preparations by forces outside Hong Kong and one set about the Hong Kong garrison. China is prepared to use military force in Hong Kong. 

The trigger would be a request by the Lam administration. What would trigger Lam to make that request is less clear. Identification of the protests as a challenge to Chinese sovereignty would seem to be enough.

If the People’s Liberation Army and paramilitary units intervene, they will impose martial law and suspend most of the freedoms the Hong Kongers now enjoy. China will sacrifice Hong Kong before it makes concessions to street protestors.

Sunday, August 4, 2019

Arizona History & more

There are a lot of colorful characters who took their place in history on or around Arizona's Superstition Mountains. Before Jacob Waltz (The Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine) discovered his motherload and he revealed the location to Julia Thomas in 1891, there was Elisha Reavis, the "Hermit of the Superstitions". 

This is the story of Elisha Reavis and the history of Reavis Ranch in the Superstition Mountains

Elisha Reavis
Reavis was the first Anglo-American to settle in what is now known as the Superstition Mountains. Reavis planted  a garden in what is still known today as Reavis Ranch. Reavis’s mountain abode sits in the middle of todays Superstition Mountain Wilderness. The clear flowing spring, located in this high mountain valley is the only reliable perennial water source in the entire mountain range.

Elisha Reavis attended college before going to California during the Gold Rush. He taught school briefly at El Monte, California and searched for gold along the San Gabriel River. He married Mary Y. Sexton at San Gabriel in 1867 and had one child the following year. Her name was Louisa Maria Reavis.

Reavis went with other gold seekers to the Bradshaw Mountains in Arizona in 1863 but had little success. He returned to California but his wife refused to move to the rugged country in Arizona and preferred to live in the big city and near her parents. After her mother's death, Reavis' daughter went to St. Louis to live with relatives.

Meanwhile Elisha became a teamster, working a US Army contract to move supplies over military trails/roads in the 1860's when the nation's focus was primarily on the Civil War, in the East. There is no record of why he quit work for the government, but it's likely because he found a valley high in the Superstitions with sufficient water to make it desirable. He built a cabin and made it defensible against the  Apache, who used that valley as a winter range.

At some point, the Apache decided to move Reavis off their land and they attacked his adobe stronghold. He killed three with his .38-40 Winchester and then decided that they could hold him at bay almost indefinitely. With his ammunition expended, Reavis took off all of his clothes, and charged the Apache camp armed with a butcher knife, howling and screaming. The Apache were rattled by this action, packed, left and never returned to the ranch. The Apache had a taboo against killing or molesting the insane.

Reavis planted a large garden/orchard and lived for years supplying area miners and the townsfolk of Florence, Mesa, and Phoenix with fresh vegetables and produce. It is said that in the twenty years he farmed this little slice of heaven he sold over $30,000 worth of much sought after produce. The two decades Reavis spent living alone in the Superstition Mountains made him a legend in his own time.

Reavis an educated man, and kept a personal library at his ranch as he was an avid reader. He was known to be charitable to strangers and courteous to all.

One fall day in 1896 Elisha Reavis became ill and decided to try to get to Globe, Arizona to see a doctor. He packed his mule with food and necessary items, loaded his rifle and called his trusty dog to accompany him. He made it only a few miles from his home when he became too sick to continue. He made a small camp in some trees near a water hole and tied his mule to a nearby tree. A week or so later a prospector was coming up the trail to visit with Reavis at his ranch. He found the old hermit dead in the makeshift camp. Reavis had died and fallen into the fire and was partially burned, His mule was dead, still tied to the nearby tree and his faithful dog was guarding his masters body.


Following Reavis death in 1896, Jack Fraser took over the Reavis ranch property by paying a six hundred-dollar claim against the estate but never homesteaded it because he was a Canadian and not a US citizen. William Knight was the foreman for Fraser and he and his wife Eunice resided at the Reavis ranch site.

Fraser later sold the ranch in 1909 to William Clemens, a cattleman, but Clemens was also not a citizen. Billy Martin Sr. was the foreman for Clemens for the next 37 years. The Reavis ranch was finally patented by Clemens' wife in 1919. She was from West Virginia and a US citizen.

In 1946 Walter Upton and Whoolie Bacon bought the old Reavis ranch from Clemens. They ran the ranch together until 1955 when Bacon’s son in law Floyd Stone bought the ranch with his partner Ken Lockwood.

In 1966 Stone and Lockwood sold the ranch to the Department of Agriculture, US Forest Service,  for 75,000 dollars and 20 acres of land bordering the Apache Trail.

There is no road to the Reavis Ranch, but there are backpack trails that lead in from the north and south.


Mail and Commentary

I encourage you to read Ed's comments in his blog NOT OF THIS WORLD, titled "Low Energy Politicians"
The Democratic Left (says that they) want to reduce the carbon footprint to "save the planet". 
What they really want is a return to the feudal system where tight pockets of workers are bound to the local employers who will be unionized and support the political leaders that empowered the system.
Socialists and Communists want a more dependent class to serve the apparatchiki, the favored overseers, and the Politburo types who sit on top of them - and the oligarchs who ride the top of the pyramid. A dependent class can't be armed, they can't be mobile, and they must remain poor, with whatever education allowed being that strictly controlled by the state. Animal Farm is always worth a re-read.
Under Common Core, there is no study of history. It's dangerous to study the past because if you understand that, you are better able to grasp the nature of the propaganda that the "Ministry of Truth" spews out. CNN, MSNBC and much of the print media follow Democrat Party talking points to the letter because they're part of the power grab. You can't have independent fact finders running around in the brave new world. Better to label them racists. I could go on with my rant, but won't. Read Ed's Blog.

CW, at the Daily Timewaster has your best interests at heart. Avoid wormholes, and let the space-time continuum be. 

Sunday Sermonette:

JimI too live in a rural area though not as rural as yours. One thing that's the same is that folks do help one another and we're known to wave to motorists going the other way. The gun discussion could resume in another location, preferably with something old and smooth to sip on.
In the eight months that I've lived in rural Arizona, I find that I have more time to chat with people up here about things that matter, like firearms, Constitutional issues, odious donkeys, and fishing. Country people seem to make time to do this more than city people who sit in their cars during long commutes.
LSPAnd what a great Samaritan patch, nice.
That patch and others part of my personal history, LSP. And I've been fortunate to have been able to let go of a lot of unpleasantness that I've witnessed personally. I sleep well, and focus on tasks at hand - and on my expanding family. Grandkids are cool. You have something to look forward to - all in good time.
Uchuck the Tuchuck - About waiting for good weather to mount your she-devil...I have to agree. When I was a younger man, I rode the T-Rex through anything, just as a matter of pride. I've ridden through a hail storm in Colorado, a tornado warning thunderstorm in Alabama, and what I later found out was officially a blizzard up in New York State. Now, older, smarter, and a lot stiffer, I ride on nice, warm, sunny days without much cross wind. I no longer feel the need to measure anything between my legs.
I ride the motorcycle for the pleasure of doing so. Which means that as with you, I pick and choose when and where I mount the SheDevil. I have a trailer and this winter, I will make some trips to the Arizona lowlands (great weather) for some jaunts. The trailer can take the bike into the general area where I want to ride on any given day and I can enjoy it better that way. I'm willing to take criticism for behaving like an old man. When I'm finished riding, I can haul the scooter back up to the mountains and park it in the garage until I'm ready to play again. 
WSF - Back in the 60's rode my Yamaha year around in Denver, being my only transportation. It was great for culling the weak girlfriend candidates. I think this one would have made the cut!
Nellie would have made you do anything that she wanted you to do, and could have roped and hog tied you if you failed to satisfy her completely.
Old NFO - As a ten year VFD member back in the day, yes they ARE the core of the community. Often forgotten, but always ready to go. And stopping IS the right thing, we were raised that way, because there wasn't any such thing as cell phones. If you broke down, you were at the mercy of passersby or the occasional law enforcement patrol. I've given and gotten many a ride over the years... sigh 
We grew up in a different age (The Age of the Dinosaurs), Old NFO. I've stopped at many accidents during my life and rendered first aid. I carry a full trauma bag in each vehicle, including C-Collars, and SAM casts. It's heartbreaking not to have what you need. These days if you don't do a good enough job, many states allow the people you stopped to help, to sue you. I still stop.
Ed - I've pulled a number of people off the water.
I've gotten to enjoy it.
Go the same guy two Saturday's in a row.
He owned a carpet store. Told me "if ever".
"If ever" came up quick.
He told me not to look at the prices and I got a top of the line Berber with free installation.
I've never had anyone offer anything. But the carpet would be nice. 

Sunday Sermonette

Log Items - Saturday

I wore my "3 Echo - Embrace the Hate" ball cap yesterday. A couple of people commented on it. Which is strange because it's an understated cap. The comments ran this way, "you look mean."

I'd been working in the garage most of the morning from sun-up, remodeling, putting up new industrial shelving, etc. I went out to go shooting and ended up helping a stranded motorist who rolled a side-by-side instead.

I may have looked a bit peeved not to have been able to shoot. Thus the comment that I looked mean. But I still helped. Mean and all. In the mountains, you stop and help people who are in trouble because that's likely all the help they'll get. Because they had trouble out of cell phone range, they have a walk if I hadn't stopped. Maybe it's about being a good Samaritan but I really didn't think of the good book when I stopped.

For those of you who have asked what happened to my Ducati Diavel, here (above) is a photo of the SheDevil, waiting to be ridden. With the monsoon in full swing, we have a lot of thunder showers, and wimp that I am, I ride the bike less. I don't like riding in hail and cloudbursts.

Then I went to the Fire Department to help prepare for the annual Blue Ridge Fire Dept. Appreciation Dinner. In the rural place where I live, the only government entity other than the county seat, 70 road miles away, is the Fire District. Since I'm on the governing board, I am expected to attend.

The dinner put on by the Red Hot Mamas (fire department boosters) and is the social event of the season. 

It's a fully staffed fire department in an area where there are no cities. Frankly, the presence of a professional fire department with paramedics 24/7/365 heavily influenced my purchase of the White Wolf Mine property. There are 8 bays and 8 pieces of fire apparatus. Later, when the shindig starts, they'll be pulled out onto the front and rear aprons and the party for those who live up here will go on inside. BBQ porterhouse steaks or chicken breasts are on the menu. While I do like a firm breast, I picked steak. If the Democrats win the election, they'll push to kill all cows on the planet. So I figured that I should enjoy it now. After all, we only have ten years to live before the polar bears die (again) and the polar cap melts (again). However even if the polar cap melts, at 7,500 ft altitude, it's not exactly going to be Water World.

This is the sermonette: Helping people is a matter of small moves and individual effort. It's easy to not reach out, but is it the right thing? The few people who live in the area where I do keep the fire department running. If you have need of medical aid in the Central Arizona Highlands, these guys are the only ones who will be rolling to help. If not for them, aid would be hours away. People who live here make a conscious effort (and carry the total cost) to look out for others. There are no grand parades, no accolades, no cheering crowds. Just people doing what is right - and a shindig once a year. These are the sort of people who Hillary tagged as 'deplorable'.

Mail Bag - The Weekend is Upon Us:

Jules wrote - Bloody Hell! I can’t even fold a fitted sheet when I’m sober!
I'll bake you a cake with a file in it to aid in your escape from custody.

DRJIM commented - Induce labor? This her first?
Indeed it is. And because she is my youngest, and "the baby" even though she's 27, there is a lot of concern for everyone's wellbeing. She has had some health issues with the pregnancy (not major) and the medical team feels that it's better if they induce now. 
"Car-B-Que" down in Golden put on by Hagerty, my old car insurer. I get to rub elbows with Ferrari owners!
I'm green with envy.
Jim confesses - My wife can fold a fitted sheet so she's fine, but it looks like I'm going to jail.
You'll be in the cell next to me. The time will pass. We can talk guns. Likely we'll object to being released because it will interrupt the discussion.

RHT447 recalls his time under the standard -

When I went through Army basic, we had a Puerto Rican Drill Sergeant who took great glee in hollering at us on laundry day "Chu peeples get chore cheets togeder!"
What happens when you goose a ghost? You get a hand full of sheet.
Joetote admits - Folding a fitted sheet is my idea of terror when my wife doesn't like the way it looks.
What married man has not felt those icy fingers of fear creeping up his yellow spine? And then there is the additional fear that she will say, "fine"...
WSF explains - Since I've never, not once, tried to fold a fitted sheet I would fail. Reminds me of an excuse the first Seahawk coach, Jack Pateria, gave when he failed a roadside sobriety check. "If you were wearing new cowboy boots, and had as many knee operations as me, you couldn't walk a straight line either".
The only good excuse is no excuse at all. Arrest them all, let the judge sort them out. 
LSP preaches - What a great bear story. Hypothetical of course because all the white bears have been killed by the weather. Hence the great replacement by BOC.
Al Gore predicted the end of white bears (who would have died of shame at being white) by 2014, the same year we'd see the end of Arctic ice. It's wonderful that we have oracles like Al Gore to listen to. AOC is another great oracle, who has her bartender credentials to fall back on if anyone questions her.
Brig wrote - That she doesn't fold the fitted sheet. Just stores it in a pillow case.
I'd agree, but it doesn't quite fit the 'ship shape and Bristol fashion standard. It also doesn't mean keel hauling, being flogged around the fleet, walking the plank, or kissing the gunner's daughter, though. What works, works.

Friday, August 2, 2019

The Weekend is Upon Us!

* The political season is heating up and the donkeys will lick their wounds and try to get enough interest spun up to make the stage for the September Debates. President Trump has a lot to be proud of: Full employment/great job numbers, a booming economy, building the wall, and soon, maybe, locking up some of the deep state actors who mounted the coup to try and remove him from office. I don't have a lot of insight in that regard, but my sense is that it's coming and the prosecution wants to be through.

* In about 10 days, the doctors are going to induce labor and there will be another LL grandchild delivered by the stork to the hospital. There will be the obligatory photographs here on the blog. Sort of like lifting a big bass to the camera, but that's what we do.

* Roadside sobriety check points are getting ridiculous. Last night I had to fold a fitted (bottom) sheet perfectly to demonstrate that I was not impaired...

* SAN DIEGO, CA—A polar bear at the San Diego Zoo has apologized to black bears, brown bears, and all other mammals of color for his "problematic whiteness."

The bear "got woke" after a leftist protesting the zoo for keeping animals in captivity bravely leaped into the bear's exhibit. After eating the protester, the polar bear picked up the book on critical race theory the woman had in her pocket and devoured it, first figuratively, then literally.

"Wow," he said. "I never realized how problematic my existence was before. I really need to think about this."

Shortly after reading the book, the polar bear, whose name is Chad, held a press conference in which he apologized for his many years of not being "woke" to the struggle of non-white animals.

"I am so sorry for everyone I've hurt," he said. "I am hereby canceling myself. Please listen to black and brown bear voices." He also announced that he was donating his remaining walruses to minority bears in need. "The overwhelming whiteness of the polar bear community should give us all paws."

The bear escaped the zoo, devoured several people, and cast himself into exile on an ice floe for his crimes. h/t Babylon Bee.

Mail Call: Another Empty Chair

LINDAG - So much catching up. Agree about the ladies. Thanks for the clarification. Now I need to read that post.
Just when you think that the progressives couldn't be any dumber, you're surprised because they are. It's not true of all of them. I got a kick when the future of the Democrat Party began to trash the Obama Legacy (such as it is). Now there's some push back from the mainstream media but the damage will continue. As much as I hate to admit it, Barack could have been farther left.
RHT447 - Point taken, although Willie Brown might beg to differ. (Sorry. It was a softball over the plate.
Willie Brown has NOT endorsed Harris and came out in opposition to her candidacy. He knows her better than any of us do (in a Biblical sense as well).
Mike_C - How can you say that Harris "self identifies" as a negro? She is clearly an underprivileged victim. I can hardly think of a more disadvantaged childhood than to be the daughter of a Jamaican-born Stanford University Economics professor and a PhD from Berkeley who spent her career at prestigious institutions ranging from Berkeley itself to McGill to the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Furthermore, Harris is married to a Jewish entertainment lawyer, from Brooklyn, yet! If that is not the typical life arc of a poor black victim in these racist United States then I don't know what is.

Mean people have snarked that the most American black that Harris has ever had in her was when she was, er, working under Willie Brown. But that would be hateful to say, so I'm not repeating that horrid claim.
Whatever you do, don't repeat the claim. 
Kamala was an underprivileged negro child who was bussed to school. It's her story and she's sticking to it. 
There are a lot of people in the Democrat field who identify as minorities. Robert Francis O'Rorque identifies as a Mexican, Elizabeth Warren identifies as a Cherokee female, The Butt Guy identifies as a woman. DiBlasio is married to a black woman and claims his status by virtue of that union.
LSP - Don't forget Tulsi, the infamous Russian Bot.
I liked Gabbard before she ran for the Presidency. She's feisty and smart.
Cube - Are we ready for another democrat leading-from-behind, affirmative action hire president? I don't think so. Well, at least I hope our electorate will follow. 
That comment is racist. Then again, EVERY comment, regardless of content is racist. One could argue that no comment at all could be racist. As some have noted, the Old Democrat Party had one issue: Better wages, working conditions and so forth for organized labor. Today, they could care less about anything but $100 trillion+ programs that redistribute wealth to their own personal political benefit.