sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

A Ghandi Moment

Mahatma Ghandi laid out seven points - seven blunders, as he called them, that led to (avoidable) suffering. They are worth repeating here:

1. Wealth without work/labor.
2. Pleasure without conscience.
3. Knowledge without character.
4. Commerce without morality.
5. Science without humanity.
6. Worship without sacrifice.
7. Politics without principle.

The Butt Guy

Mr. & Mr. Buttigieg
Pete Buttigieg (pronounced boot-jeg-jeg), candidate for the presidency, has taken started quoting the Bible (random quotes, that leads me to suspect that he never actually read the book) to make campaign statements. I thought to myself, 'that's rich, a self-proclaimed sodomite quoting from the Bible in an effort to shame Christians, most of whom wouldn't vote for him if he was the only candidate on the ballot. 

I don't know which one of the happy couple (left) identifies as female, but then again, maybe neither? He's out there running around with Beto (Irish Bob) O'Rorque, who is also running for President. They're neck-in-neck last I heard, but I don't follow this foolishness that closely.

The Butt Guy favors a $15/hr minimum wage. We saw that work on the Sanders campaign. Bernie was shamed into paying his people more, so he cut their hours. And that, my friends, is how that story ends. Butt Guy says that God wants a $15 minimum wage and quotes some obscure passage in the Bible to demonstrate the All Mighty's intent. 

Butt Guy could stand some education in the teachings of Ghandi. He comes from a wealthy family, silver spoon in his mouth (or somewhere) and I'm not saying that he's stupid. He isn't. But wealth without labor and pleasure without conscience, politics without principle, etc. applies to this mountebank.

Mid-Week Considerations

The Summer Doldrums

It's officially almost August and while we have a lot of summer left, we can see the end. When I lived in Southern California, the summer extended year round, but up in the Arizona Highlands, there are four definite seasons. And August reminds me that I need to get things going in preparation for winter. Lots more wood needs to be cut, split and put on the racks to dry. Sometimes work gets in the way. And the stork should be delivering my new grandson sometime this month. Maybe that means that we'll just burn more propane than wood? 

I have cedar and oak in addition to Ponderosa and Douglas fir here on the property and enough of that has been felled to see me though this coming winter. I may have to go farther afield in 2020, or just buy cut and split wood. 

Age brings wisdom (?) and it teaches me that things I felt were urgent, are not necessarily so urgent. I have also learned that poor planning on the part of others does not constitute an emergency for me. Those lessons were hard learned.

Old NFO inspires me to begin another book. So I'm chipping away on it. 

I just finished Stephen Hunter's new novel, Game of Snipers. It was good, but not his very best. I also finished Peter Hamilton's sci-fi novel, Salvation. Hamilton and Hunter are both gifted writers, and I recommend their work to you.

Iranian Piracy

Piracy is not the oldest profession but it's right up there. A maritime security coalition is forming slowly. The US has formally asked Germany to join France and Britain in a mission to secure the Strait of Hormuz and to combat Iranian aggression.

This week, the UK announced the arrival of the destroyer HMS Duncan (D37) in the Persian Gulf. HMS Duncan joins the frigate HMS Montrose (F236). The UK government said HMS Montrose has escorted 34 UK ships in the past week.

South Korea announced it is shifting its anti-piracy destroyer to the Gulf to escort South Korean shipping in cooperation with US Navy assets.

TASS reported on the 29th that Russia circulated at the UN a concept paper on collective security in the Gulf. Iran said that Russia and Iran have agreed to conduct joint naval drills in the northern Indian Ocean but did not specify a date.

The Iranian actions to harass and disrupt shipping in the Strait of Hormuz risk becoming a strategic blunder. Eventually, the maritime and naval powers always react strongly to shipping threats, usually for economic reasons. For example, the insurance rates for shipping in the Gulf have increased ten-fold since Iranian harassment began. 

Iran has no standing in admiralty law or the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea to declare that maritime security is Iran’s responsibility. Russia’s is playing the role of spoiler and has no naval assets that it can commit to a maritime security coalition.

The major naval powers do not yet agree on the need for an anti-Iranian piracy task force or a Strait of Hormuz maritime security task force. China, other European states and India have been major actors in the Somali anti-piracy task force. Thus far, they consider the incidents a US, UK and European problem, though the Indian Navy usually stations one frigate in the Persian Gulf. 

One more serious ship attack or seizure in the Strait involving Iran will likely cause the components of a coordinated security effort to coalesce. The maritime powers will not allow Iran to control shipping in the Strait of Hormuz. 

Breaking News from Area 51

Historical Documents

When Joe Biden was Vice President under Barack, he visited Area 51 to see the space aliens for himself. This is what the meeting look liked.

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

A New DNI, etc.

Document Classification 

It's not supposed to be a remedy for embarrassing and often illegal activities. But it's used that way all too often. Dan Coats, former Director of National Intelligence, and successor to the infinitely weak and corrupt General James Clapper used classification that way and stonewalled legitimate information requests dealing with the Russia Hoax and the coup to take down President Trump.

Coats' replacement has been announced as Rep. John Ratcliffe and the likes of former CIA Director John Brennan are not amused. He reflects on Hillary's projection that 'if Trump won, they'd all hang from nooses'. DNI Ratcliffe is unlikely to countenance what had become Coats' stock in trade.

DNI Ratcliffe believes that the Russia investigation was cooked up by Democrats who “committed crimes.” So we will see, won't we. 

The mainstream media and its shills are concerned as Deep State operatives are replaced by honest people. They're not at all amused by Ratcliffe as DNI. Grab the popcorn.

Mail Bag

From Various Topics:

LSP: Yes, the Arab identifies as a woman and tried to make up afterwards. Is there a moral in that?
I think that there is clearly a moral in that, and your future days of jumping on the back of a wild Arab woman will be fraught with circumspection. I don't think that an EU army with 100 masters and 80 troops will frighten anyone. But that's just me. Armies are more than boutique gatherings of rough people. Likely the Europeans would put some of their million Mohammedans into their new army... and that means we'd end up fighting THEM in the end.
Woodsterman: Good thing you had the 10 and 6 year olds to watch over the 2 year old. You can't keep up with the little ones anymore.
You definitely broke the code, Odie. Yes, the 2 year old needs to come with built-in babysitters.
WSF: Soon the grand daughters will be redecorating the hovel.
No doubt. For now, they eat junk food, ice cream and play. Part of the duty of a grandparent. They're here for a couple more days.

Old NFO: No the PRC has NO problem stacking bodies... Enjoy the time with the grands, and hope the meeting isn't a MAJOR cluster.
The PRC is getting ready to make its move. The Empire Strikes Back. Even if they kill a million HK residents, they will only solidify their resolve for freedom and self-determination. That's how it works.
Jim: Just returned from a visit to two of my granddaughters. My endurance ain't what it used to be.
I know what you mean.
We took a ride up on the Mogollon Rim today. It's not far from the house and there is a lot of exploring that can be done. We saw elk, a horned toad, deer, and had ice cream at Clint's Well (a small gas station/store) on the way back to the White Wolf Mine.

Monday, July 29, 2019

Various Topics

A European Army?

There is talk in European capitals about how Europe needs “strategic autonomy.” And the solution seems to be a species of vanity project without substance. The British have said "no" and passed on the suggestion while they are now planning to spend 2% GDP on defense as specified by NATO.

The only external threats to Europe's peace, prosperity and stability: Russian mischief and the Middle Eastern rot, dancing across European borders in the form of millions of military age Mohammedan males. It's an external threat, but Europe (not Eastern Europe) has welcomed the invaders/refugees with open arms and gave them free stuff in the hopes that it would all work out.

There is also the problem of Iran and Europe's energy needs. The Europeans don't seem to be able to work out the metrics on that one. Buying oil and energy from Russia (a threat of sorts) on one hand and the Middle East, on the other, to keep the ball rolling, doesn't portend well. Norway is oil independent, but that doesn't translate to other European nations. France runs on 80% nuclear energy, but they get their uranium from Africa, and while they've kept the supply, it's Africa.

The best hope for European security into the future is a transatlantic solution that works for everyone.

Bilateral trade between the US and Britain will soon become a reality as the old allies renew their special relationship on an even deeper level. There is a lesson for Europe in this - if they're willing to listen.

Will Hillary and Barack form a Dream Team?

I know that Barack served two terms but the donkeys would like to change the law.

Naturally it would backfire and usher in the Trump Dynasty. When The Donald dies, it would likely be Ivanka Trump and so forth.

Mail Call - The Hong Kong Dilemma:

Fredd Said: Once you get a little bit of freedom, you want lots more of it. Things will not get easier for Beijing in trying to sprinkle a little freedom here and there. Freedom is like crack cocaine: once you try a little, Katy bar the door...
And occasionally, if one looks at history, they fire the shot, heard round the world and the ungrateful oligarchs need to start killing people and creating martyrs. Civil wars are messy, expensive and the other colonies who didn't trust you, REALLY don't trust you.
Hong Kong was free for 97 years, and the place is a cash cow for the PRC. They should just suck up the taxes and leave everyone alone. But governments don't like to do that, and that goes double for communists.
LSP Responds: Good advice -- fix the PRC. I'd imagine the mandarins have their hands full on that score.
You know, they actually are trying, LSP, but they like to fiddle with the switches like a monkey, looking for the one that will dispense the banana. Power is like that, you often do it because you can. You jumped on that half wild Arab woman because you could  (at least I hope that it was a woman) and she threw you like a judo master ---- because she could.
WSF Suggests: There is always the invasion of Formosa to distract the population.
They have the plans all fleshed out. But I think that they want to complete the Belt Road Initiative first. The Chinese are bad neighbors, and since they are celestials, every idea they have, no matter how outrageous, is correct. It's great being a Mandarin until it all falls apart.
Old NFO postulatesTheir 'probable' response is going to be 'quietly' stacking bodies. If that doesn't work, they will do so loudly
They aren't afraid to break a few eggs to make an omelet.
LindaG states: God's will be done in Hong Kong.
As always. However the human suffering done along the way is best minimized.
Pajama Party at the White Wolf Mine

My granddaughters, 10, 6 and 2 are visiting the mine this week. Tomorrow, we're going to the Mogollon Rim in the Toyota FJ, and then I have a Commission meeting at the Blue Ridge Fire Department in the afternoon to deal with a minor crisis. But tonight, the girls are in the living room, having roasted marshmallows and constructed 'smores', and they're watching Disney films on the TV. Yes, that's how it is. Family - family - family.

The Hong Kong Dilemma

Three consecutive days of rallies, marches and clashes represent another escalation of the unrest. Many of the protesters carried American flags. Many of the protesters are said to be demanding a Bill of Rights, modeled on the American Bill of Rights, which is even more freedom than the people of Hong Kong enjoyed under British Crown rule. And that's really not what the Central Communist Party (CCP) on Mainland China wants. As a result, some in the PRC/Worker's Paradise blame the United States for the protests and for putting these notions of fair laws and freedom into their heads.

Let's break down the protests: On 26 July, demonstrators occupied the entrance hall of Hong Kong International Airport. They said that their task was to inform tourists about the situation in Hong Kong.

Demonstrations were held at Yuen Long on the 27th. The police denied permission for a public rally at Yuen Long, but activists held one in defiance of the police order. They said their purpose was to exact revenge for the white shirt attack on 21 July. Riot police fired tear gas at the demonstrators at Yuen Long after they began throwing bricks, umbrellas and bottles at the police.

The demonstrations on 28 July were a continuation of the day before’s protests. Once again, a peaceful rally morphed into an attack against civil order with multiple mobs of demonstrators marching down unapproved routes and clashing with police. Police fired tear gas and other crowd control devices. The protests continued all night into the morning of 29 July. 

Today, Monday, The Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office (HKMAO) under the State Council, China’s cabinet, held a press conference in Beijing to give “its stance and views on Hong Kong’s current situation”, according to a central government notice. This will be the first time the HKMAO has held a press briefing on Hong Kong city since the UK transferred sovereignty back to China in 1997.

Leaders of the protests seem to believe that provoking authorities will result in an overreaction that will cause international pressure on the Beijing government to accept protestor demands. The People's Republic won't be swayed by international pressure. They can't give in. No communist government can give in and still survive.

Editorials in the Global Times indicate Chinese leaders already have concluded that the US and others are using the protests to weaken China. 

The editorials are wrong. The US is weakening China by not giving them trillions in unfair trade as we now see under President Trump. The US is also not allowing China a free reign globally in other trade and tech theft that they enjoyed for so long. The problems in Hong Kong are the result of free people wanting to retain freedoms and rights. British King George could commiserate with the Beijing Mandarins were he still alive.

The Core Problem 

There is more travel from the People's Republic of China (PRC) to Hong Kong now. Chinese see in Hong Kong, a system set up by the British with fair laws that work and a culture that also works in ways that don't seem to work on the mainland. That sort of thing infects the PRC with dissatisfaction. As a result, the Beijing government is trying to make Hong Kong more like the PRC, rather than the other way around.

Don't get me wrong. China has made HUGE STRIDES to curb what was rampant corruption and to modernize China. The goal is to make China a modern society by 2047. Anyone who knows China now and then can see that it's a serious goal and the oligarchy that runs China under the communist rubric is trying. But the divide between China and Hong Kong is still significant and it strains the one country-two systems situation.

When 20% of any population actually hits the streets to protest, one may reasonably infer that the other 80% have many of the same feelings, so the protests in Hong Kong are not a small thing. Neither is Hong Kong, Tiananmen Square, where you can roll the tanks in and start killing people for shits and giggles (The June Fourth Incident). 

I was on the phone to friends in the area last night and the locals are seeing other things that the oligarchs in Beijing see on the television. The Hong Police don't really have their hearts in breaking heads of demonstrators. They all live in Hong Kong...their families live in Hong Kong, and Beijing feels as if there may be members of the police who sympathize with the demonstrators. (you think?) 

What to Do?

My advice to Chinese oligarchs is to back off and leave Hong Kong alone. Reassess the situation in 2047 and try and fix the PRC in the mean time so that it will be more like Hong Kong.

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Live well, laugh often, love much. You never know but the Valkeries are just around the corner to haul you to the corpse hall, where you'll drink and wench until the end of time.

Friday, July 26, 2019

Weekend Wars

On the Road

The perversity of nature is nowhere better demonstrated than by the fact that, when exposed to the same atmosphere, bread becomes hard while crackers become soft.

I had a 2019 experience today. On the order of a deadhead sticker on a Cadillac, but different, One for this generation. I saw an immaculately detailed black Toyota sedan driven by a millennial with an Uber sticker on it - and a "Bernie" sticker. I guess that they guy was offering free rides, but I didn't have the opportunity to enquire further.

I'm just hanging out trying to earn a few pennies and to be available for my youngest daughter's baby shower. The in-laws have invited over 100 people, so it will be interesting. It's their show. I was just one of those invited. The stork should arrive this coming month with a baby boy. And I'll be available for that as well.

Work is work. Cash is preferred. Results are never a foregone conclusion. And yet they still come. That's a good thing, I guess.

Mail Bag:


Raven: So modern war in the American way- no women, no booze, no souvenirs, no pictures, ,no hurt enemy feelings, gee, sounds like what every red blooded young man wants... We can kill the raping torturing murderous bastards but God forbid we should hurt their feelings.
There is a line in Apocalypse Now: "They train young men to drop fire on people but won't let them write f^ck on the side of their airplanes -- because it's obscene."
Maybe we should just get pajama boy to do the dirty work.
And that's the problem that thy have when they envision taking firearms from law abiding American citizens, exercising their Constitutional rights. Where to the Democrats get enough trannies and other freaks who are willing to do that? Maybe a Muslim army would do it for them? Who knows what exists in their twisted minds? Failed presidential candidate, Rep. Swallwell (D-CA) joked that he'd authorize the use of nuclear weapons against enclaves of Americans who refused to bend the knee. But we all know that's what HE had in mind. Such is the nature of tyrants.

Ed: I don't care what a spec op guy does within the law, but don't tuck off your team and get caught taking trophy pix.
There are a lot of laws. They change ALL of the time within the rubric of 'rules of engagement'. Many of them are politically correct, including no rough handling of terrorists, no enhanced interrogation, no putting one coil of det cord around their neck and lighting it off (Large bang, breaks the skin, causes one hell of a migraine but that's it. If it's tight, it pops their heads off - can't do that either.) No taking five of them into a helicopter and pushing them out the door from 10 grand one at a time until somebody talks. None of that. No dumping a barrel of liver over the side and then pushing them off the fan tail of an LHA, one at a time 10+ miles at sea until one of them talks either. How times have changed.
I find it hard to believe his team turned on him because he hurt their feelings. If so, the SEALs have gone wrong in their recruiting.
I can't say. I don't know those particular guys and I've been out of that racket for some time now. I will say that as times have changed, there is a different pool of young people to pick from.
LT Mike Murphy of Lone Survivor fame screwed up big time when he didn't kill an Afghan prisoner, who went back to his village and brought lots of friends to the fight. Murph got himself and two of his guys wasted. Marcus Luttrell made it back to tell the story but he was seriously screwed up. Rules of engagement say that you can't summarily kill people. Murphy should have. If he had, would he have ended up like SWC Eddie Gallagher? Instead, he's dead so we can't ask him.
SIGRAYBEARD: Could it be the number of guys in the teams has been doubled by including guys who would have washed out before? The other alternative is guys were found who wouldn't have tried before?
The physical training is still punishing, but there is an attitude that underpins the generation. I could offer stories from personal experience, but you know them yourself. It doesn't mean that they aren't tough, but they don't go into the job thinking that they're supposed to kill people for a living.  
I can't explain how it works today, but twenty - thirty years ago, most frogmen came from broken homes, and a lot of them had street tough. Today you get Naval Academy officers and a lot of kids who think differently. I know that I can be criticized for writing this, and it's not as if there aren't tough SEALs. It's just that what Gallagher did was something pretty mild based on the behavior of prior generations who were praised and received medals for their actions.
WSF - Letting my cynical self run free, I wonder how much of our current problems are accidental, or directed malice. Just a few come to mind, the F-35, the Ford catapults and elevators, Army artillery, Littoral Combat slugs, and procuring a new sidearm for the Army. All drain off resources, and all weaken us.
General officers, promoted during the eight years of Obamanation all had to kiss the 1/2 black man's ring. Stars were impossible to come buy unless you did. The eight years of Trump! should see most of them retired, or pigeon holed.
Old NFO - Too many operational requirements, not enough bodies, too quick turnarounds, and lowered standards... Sigh...
The operational tempo is difficult, and the frogmen don't do much amphibious warfare anymore. The job has changed. 
LSP - Regardless, the Gallagher story had a bad smell to it. Glad he got off.
I feel the same way.

Expecting the world to treat you fairly because you're a good person is like expecting a lion not to attack and eat you because you're a vegetarian... because that's what lions eat -- helpless herbivores. 

Thursday, July 25, 2019


In the News

(San Diego Union/TribuneSpecial Operations commander in Iraq, Air Force Maj. Gen. Eric Hill said he has lost confidence in the team’s ability to accomplish its mission to defeat ISIS. It should be 'platoon', not 'team', but never the less, the Air Force is not amused.
A San Diego-based Navy SEAL platoon deployed to Iraq is being sent home early due to a “deterioration of good order and discipline,” according to a U.S. Special Operations Command statement Wednesday. 
The platoon is part of SEAL Team 7, the same team that gained notoriety after one of its members, Chief Eddie Gallagher, was acquitted of war crimes charges earlier this month. 
The misconduct, which was not described, occurred in the team during “non-operational periods,” the statement says, and “the commander lost confidence in the team’s ability to accomplish the mission.” 
The platoon was deployed to Iraq in support of Operation Inherent Resolve against the Islamic State. 
What the article didn't state, and what the newsie who wrote it may not have known is that platoon members are broken up after every tour, and those members are reconstituted in other platoons that are training for another mission. So they're spread out every year (or so) and new people come in on rotation. 

I'm not surprised at this. The platoon watched Chief Eddie Gallagher charged with the crime of getting photographed next to a dead jihadi. He's not the first person who did this nor will he be the last.

There have been a number of SEALs drug through the politically correct ringer for doing precisely what they have been trained to do and for doing what the American public expects them to do. They kill people for a living. I realize that it requires a different sort of person to do these things, sometimes a twisted personality arises, but even in that, it's what most of America expects. America demands the equivalent of ninjas, Mongol warriors and Vikings of the SEALs. And I suspect that ST7-A ptn just decided to go on strike and do the minimum.

There was no Team Seven when I was in the rackets. Naval Special Warfare has nearly double the operators that it had when I left the reserve component of Naval Special Warfare Group One. Even the demands of a reservist were too much for a young family. I made a decision. But things even then started to slip, and the schism between the mission and the politically correct approach that some took made is a challenge. That situation only got worse.

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Mid Week Report

First, the Mail:

LindaG - thank you for your support

WSF - All you need to do is go there and hang out. eventually, it becomes clear. When that happens, you've been in Asia too long. Seriously.

Jim - The Triad story is one that they hope that the chowder heads in the Western Media will believe. It's not for local consumption. Oh, yes, the locals do chat about it but it's sort of like Beto O'Rorque telling people that he will be the next president. An amusing tale from an idiot.

Old NFO - I'm not sure whether they were PRC public security bureau or people's liberation army, but it sent a message. And none of that is being carried by the government controlled press. They stick with the Triad (sort of like Russian Collusion) hoax.

Kle - Depending on which Triad gang we're talking about (which are different than tongs), they're ethnic gangs, usually speaking their own Chinese dialect (other than Mandarin or Cantonese). The Sun Yee On Triad controls Kowloon, the docks, and the entertainment industry. Jacky Chan is part of that group. They hail from Swantow and are the Techieu Chinese. But they aren't political in the respect of alienating their clients.

LSP - Yes, the Mueller testimony revealed that Mueller knew little if anything about his investigations. Your overlords put it all into the hands of ardent Clinton supporters, minions of the Deep State and even THEY couldn't find collusion and a conspiracy. Mueller's feeble nature speaks volumes.

Ed - I created "LL2" but have the same problem commenting because it was automatically indexed to the machine that I was using. 

Living on the Rim of the World

Last night the power went out and the generator automatically kicked on. It's the first time since I came to the White Wolf Mine that the system was tried in the crucible. There are so many subtle differences to living 50+ miles from the nearest town, from the nearest store, from the nearest hospital. I'd forgotten all of that. And now I recall it. And it's a good thing.

Photo, left, of the Mogollon Rim, looking toward Payson, AZ. Zane Grey wrote of life on the Rim, life below the Rim, etc. Whatever you may think of that famous Western writer, he was inspired by these views.

Photo, right, of the trees and ferns on the Rim. The forest is particularly lush this year because of the unprecedented moisture that we've received this year by way of snow, and now monsoon.

Mormon Lake, located off County Road 3 (Mary's Lake Road) is a depression formed in an ancient caldera. It sits on a fault line and about a decade ago it was full of water. An earthquake, a shift of the fault, and the lake became a massive marsh, with much of the water draining into the earth through the rocks. Elk visit Mormon lake. They can see for a long way off and it's a safe place for cow elk to take their young, which play in the water.

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Asia Updates

North Korea

On 23 July, the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) published images of North Korean Chairman Kim Jong Un conducting an inspection of a newly built submarine. The article said Kim pointed out its tactical capabilities and weapons systems.

KCNA reported that the submarine was built under Chairman Kim's "special attention" and will operate in the East Sea, aka the Sea of Japan. KCNA did not describe the kind of weapons systems the submarine contained or when the inspection took place.

Kim may have been at the Sinpo shipyard, which built the only Sinpo class ballistic missile submarine. 

The Korean Central News Agency reported Kim expressed “great satisfaction” with the submarine after learning about its operational and tactical data and weapon systems.

Kim “stressed the need to steadily and reliably increase the national defense capability by directing big efforts to the development of the naval weapons and equipment such as the submarine,” according to KCNA. The article said the submarine’s operational deployment “is near at hand.”

Based on some speculation and what facts are available, the new boat appears to be a 'stretched' Sinpo class ballistic missile submarine.

The Sinpo carries a single Pukuksong -1 (Polaris knock-off) ballistic missile. That missile was launched successfully from the submarine in 2016. It presumably can carry a nuclear warhead because North Korea’s intercontinental ballistic missile is a land-version of this missile, called the Pukuksong-2. It was successfully launched in 2017.

The North Korean navy has 70 submarines, including 20 Romeo class and the rest are coastal or mini-submarines. Most of the boats are obsolete, noisy and only a few ever leave port. 

They have been involved mostly in special forces operations in and around South Korea. A mini-submarine armed with a torpedo sank the South Korean patrol ship, Cheonan, in 2010, killing 46 of 104 crew members. At the time, Kim Jong Un, still being groomed for leadership by Kim Chong-il, supposedly authorized the sinking.

If the submarine is a new ballistic missile submarine, North Korea may be expected to test the missile ejection mechanism reasonably soon. 

Hong Kong Demonstrations

After the peaceful part of the demonstration ended on 21 July, during the evening, some Hong Kong protestors, dressed in their signature black clothing, attacked the office building of the Chinese Mainland Affairs Office in Kowloon. Protestors defaced the building façade with graffiti and threw black ink on China’s national emblem.

Police managed to get control of that situation, and the next action occurred in the Yuen Long subway station.

During the night of 21 July, more than 100 men, believed to be police officers from the People's Republic of China out of uniform, attacked pro-democracy demonstrators in the Yuen Long subway station in the New Territories. Official outlets suggested that the white shirts were members of a local Triad (gang)...sure they were...

The attackers wore white shirts, distinguishing them from their targets, most of whom wore black. The protestors generally have adopted black as their signature color. They used sticks, pipes and rattan canes to beat anyone dressed in black. The attack lasted about 30 minutes.

At least 45 people were sent to the hospital, including one in critical condition and five others seriously injured.  No white shirts were arrested.

The official statements focused on the vandalism of the Mainland Affairs Office more than on the subway attack. The vandalism was a significant escalation of the protest. It was the first time that the demonstrators took physical action against the mainland’s official presence in Hong Kong. 

Monday, July 22, 2019


There are a lot of misconceptions floating around the political landscape. It may be time to define the differences between communism, socialism and 'democrat socialism' as espoused by Bernie Sanders.

Communism: Commissars and apparatchiks decide what you don't need and take it, distributing it to other people. If you resist, the government arrests you and puts you in a work camp where you can support others more effectively and become re-educated. After twenty or thirty years, if you're still alive, you are released.

Socialism: Bureaucrats decide what you don't need and take it, distributing it to other people. If you resist, the government arrests you and puts you in a work camp where you can support others more effectively and become re-educated. After twenty or thirty years, if you're still alive, you are released.

Democratic Socialism: 51% of the voters decide what you don't need and take it, distributing it to other people. If you resist, the government arrests you and puts you in a work camp where you can support others more effectively and become re-educated. After twenty or thirty years, if you're still alive, you are released.

The modern generation, bereft of an understanding of history, thanks to a worthless university system do not understand that the National Socialist Worker's Party (NAZI) took over Germany and applied this system to the wealthy Jews.

Professors will explain that the political scale runs from Communism on one side to Fascism on the other. So we have government tyranny on one side and government tyranny on the other? BS. It runs from Totalitarianism to Anarchy. The idea is to find the sweet spot in the middle, a Republic. Only there is the power vested in "the people" who can act for the common good.

Thankfully, AOC, and the Squad of misfits and freaks are working diligently around the clock to wake up America and insure the re-election of President Trump with majorities in the House and Senate.

International Update

North Korea

Disturbing revelations from FaceApp, the Russian designed software that is concerning some people, has taken an unpleasant twist. The disconcerting appearance of Dear Leader when the app is applied has the country in an uproar. 

Is Dear Leader a white, (identifies as female) bull lesbian? Or  is Dear Leader a Korean (identifies as male) of unknown sexual preferences, and peccadillos?

Both suffer from gout, both can devour a bowl of kimchi in mere seconds.

Both are avowed communists.

Neither have ever been seen at the same party together, and that's damning proof if it's proof that you're looking for.

Hong Kong

Yesterday, Sunday, 21 July, Hong Kong experienced another large street march, ending in clashes between marchers and riot police.

The demonstration began peacefully, staying within barriers erected by the police. By evening, hotheads decided to confront police and crash barriers. 

Organizers said 400,000 people participated. The police said the number was 138,000. News services did not report arrests but did report the use of tear gas and other non-lethal riot control measures.

Commentators said most of the demonstrators were youths. By any standard, the number of participants was large. Their issues are unchanged, including withdrawal of the extradition law, dropping riot charges against detainees, universal suffrage and the resignation of Chief Executive Officer, Carrie Lam. 

The government has made all the concessions it intends to make. It also is gradually tightening control of demonstrations. The People's Republic of China (worker's paradise) is no longer amused. I heard from friends in Hong Kong that the PRC is blaming the CIA for mass dissatisfaction on an unprecedented scale in Hong Kong. I'm sure that the CIA would love to claim that scalp, but it's not that good. China brought all this on themselves. It's sort of like the Democrats blaming Russia for Hillary's loss.

And speaking of Hillary, the photograph (right) is a FaceAPP of what Hillary would look like if she didn't drink the blood of living children for three days.


The Tehrik e-Taliban Pakistan– the Pakistani Taliban – attacked a police checkpoint and a hospital in Dera Ismail Khan in northwestern Pakistan. 

A team of gunmen on dirt bikes opened the action by attacking a police station, where they killed two policemen. When the additional police reinforcements arrived at the local government hospital, a female suicide bomber attacked it, killing herself and six more people and injuring more than 30.
“When their bodies were taken to the main hospital, a suicide bomber, believed to be a female, wearing a burqa, triggered an explosive-laden jacket and caused huge losses,” said Waqar Ahmad, a local police officer.
In claiming responsibility for the attack, the Pakistani Taliban said it was to avenge the recent killing of one of their commanders.

This is the first attack reported by this group in open sources since the Pakistani Taliban attack in Baluchistan in late June. That attack killed one policeman.

As reported, this attack is unusual in that the initial gunfight occurred outside the city, whereas the bombing occurred at some distance inside the city. The preparation and coordination were more complex than is characteristic of most Pakistani Taliban attacks.

Sustained counter-terror operations since 2009 have reduced the terror threat in the tribal agencies of northwestern Pakistan. This attack demonstrated the group retains some capability for lethal action. 

Terrorists groups that operate from Pakistan against Afghanistan or India receive lip service from Pakistani authorities because Pakistan retains support for terrorism in neighboring countries as an element of its national security strategy.


Iran retaliated against the UK for detaining an Iranian tanker MT Grace 1 at Gibraltar. The Iranian Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC) confirmed it seized the UK-flagged tanker Stena Impero on 19 July.

A leaked audio clip related the conversation between the “Iranian Navy”, the Stena Impero and the UK frigate, HMS Montrose (F326). 

Iranian forces also briefly stopped a second tanker, the Liberian-flagged tanker Mesdar, but allowed it to proceed.

The leaked audio clip proved that the IRNA report that the British ship was seized because it collided with an Iranian fishing boat is a fabrication. Maritime ship tracking sites showed the ship clearly was in Omani waters when the IRGC boarded it and forced it to sail to Bandar Abbas. This was an act of national piracy. 

The UK’s reaction. "These seizures are unacceptable," British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt said as he prepared to enter an emergency government meeting Friday night. "It is essential that freedom of navigation is maintained and that all ships can move safely and freely in the region."

"We're not looking at military options, we're looking at a diplomatic way to resolve the situation, but we are very clear that it must be resolved," Hunt later told Sky News, warning that if the situation is not resolved quickly "there will be serious consequences."

Iran’s behavior guarantees that insurance rates will increase to make sanctions against Iran bite more deeply. Threats to international shipping risk inviting strong responses from maritime powers.

Iran’s actions are turning sympathetic countries against it. China and Russia have made sympathetic noises, but neither shows any disposition to become more deeply and directly involved in Iran’s problems. The problems are simply too large and complex. 

In the past two years, Iran’s responses to US pressure, to sanctions and to Israeli attacks on Iranian targets in Syria have been surprisingly weak. Iran has not retaliated for Israeli attacks in Syria. Its attacks on shipping are provocative but have been limited, until now. 

The British need to be able to convoy their own ships with their own military vessels as they transit the Straits of Hormuz...or buy oil somewhere else. The problem that the UK has comes with a navy that has been allowed to shrink to pathetic proportions. Putting British Troops armed with defensive weapons and man-portable air defense systems on merchant ships would also work, but the British haven't shown that sort of their detriment. 

Sunday, July 21, 2019

Sunday Sermonette

About Blogging

As those of you who read this blog will understand that Google has made it impossible for me to comment on other blogs, though for now this site remains up. And because Google is Google, moving to Wordpress or GoDaddy still keeps me in the same box, and that is frustrating. If I had a cat blog, it wouldn't be a problem, but content remains critical of the progressive agenda and Google can do what it wants to. There is no First Amendment protection against a hundred billion dollar megalith with a staff of thousands who work to censure content.

Those who offered to help, promised big and delivered nothing. Which is a very common thing.

One solution would be to create a new identity for myself so that I'd re-emerge from blogging identification as a different personality. While that's within my capacity to do, it's not something that I want to do. I can still comment on a few blogs and I don't know why that is the case, but it is. I appreciate those of you who visit Virtual Mirage until the lights go out.

Terrorists can Meet God Now (Essence of this Sermonette)

I never claimed to be anything but a middle man. There to arrange the meeting.

50 Years Since the Eagle Landed

The landing took place yesterday, but Apollo 11 was still on the Moon 50 years ago. It was an event that seared a place in my mind as a young man. NASA is on track to return to the Moon in 2024, and my understanding is that they will land on the Lunar South Pole. I personally think that Mars is a 'bridge too far' at the moment. Many many billions need to be invested to build as many as three ships (redundancy) to take crews to Mars. The biggest problem is shielding.

And while we're on that, there is no word how the invasion of Area 51 is progressing, but I'm confident that the Air Force with support, will keep the hoards out.

The White Wolf Mine

This picture is from Clear Creek, not far from the house, but in the bottom of a deep gorge. There aren't any space aliens there that I know of and I haven't seen any illegal aliens their either. Just a languid creek teaming with native and introduced trout species, lurking in the holes.

Democrat Presidential Hopefuls

It's difficult to predict who will make it through to the actually primary campaigns. Handicapping:

Robert Francis (Beto) O'Rorque has $80 million in his war chest from his run for the Senate against Sen. Ted Cruz and his wife is heiress to another $500+ million, so he's in it all the way if he wants to be. He's an embarrassment to America and anyone who would consider voting for the puerile, foolish, 'fake Mexican' needs to have their head examined. But he could make it through to the primary process because he has a lot of money. He's also very progressive...and very ashamed of himself. If elected president, he'd likely go on an apology tour just the same way that Barack did.

Peter (Butt Guy) Buttigieg, one of two homosexuals (the other being the closeted Corey [Spartacus ]Booker) who wants to be king, is raising money. As with Beto, above, he's a small, small minded guy with a good education and enough money to push his way through to the end of the primary process.

Joe (Slow Joe) Biden really looks tired, and unready for prime time. Watching the 78 year old Biden challenging President Trump to a fist fight or a push up contest looks lame. So does allowing Kamala Harris to beat him up on the debate stage. Barack won't endorse him and his masculine wife won't either and they know Slow Joe a lot better than any of us do. He has money, but does he have the energy to make it through the primary?

Bernie Sanders won't pay his staff minimum wage $15/hr but true to his communist roots, demands it of every business in America. While the hard core commies won't desert Bernie, who loves the memory of the good times in the USSR, I don't see him with legs. Financially, he can keep going through the primaries but he's old and white and offering everything free if only you vote for him may not be enough.

No, I'm not going through them all, but Elizabeth (Poke-a-haunt-us) Warren, Kamala Harris and possibly Spartacus Booker can push through the primary process. The rest will likely go home and lick their wounds.

Will Michelle Obama raise her ugly head on the campaign trail? She is allegedly the most admired woman in America. I'm sure that if you ran your polls in liberal enclaves, you could be persuaded that's the case. One thing that we know is that she hates white people even more than "the squad" in the House of Representatives does.

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Wednesday Follies

It's Not a New Deal

Slaves are NEVER Armed

Slow Joe Biden

You know the guy. Barack hid him away or had him out dedicating bridges or attending tranny conferences. Yesterday he said that he wanted to reinstitute Obama care, and "If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor; If you like your healthcare, you can keep your plan." How frigging stupid does he think we are. Most of us didn't believe the lie the first time. I'm waiting for him to say (with passion) "YOU DIDN'T BUILD THAT!"

Tuesday, July 16, 2019


The Climate Change Hoax

Our fellow blogger Larry (great name) reminded me that Prince Charles said that we have 18 months left to fix the climate or we're doomed. (more here) Charles likes to take up 'causes', and perhaps that's the role of a monarch these days when running the country is relegated to the great unwashed, as represented in Parliament. (If only King John hadn't signed the Magna Carta.) His favorite cause is climate changed and he doubled down on AOC and others in America who have given us 12 (now eleven because the pages fly off the calendar) years to live. 

Prince Charles has warned that the next 18 months are critical for humanity to survive the impact of climate change
Prince Charles (who many see as a rather dim bulb) has a net worth (along with his mother, Queen Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor) of 550 million pounds sterling. Has he donated the bulk of that to fighting for the lives of his loyal subjects - scheduled to die soon if he doesn't? 

No, surprisingly, he has not. 

The prince has said the future of our species – as well as the world’s wildlife could be decided by the UN (likely the most corrupt gaggle of freaks and misfits concentrated in one spot on the planet) would oversee the fund to save the planet.
  • I really don't see why the US is in the UN. Let Togo, Sweden and China vote whatever they want to. Who cares? I mean it - who cares? They can build a HQ in Cuba or anywhere else. The number of spies carrying UN diplomatic immunity is astonishing. Occasionally there is a vote to quarantine a rogue state like Iran or North Korea but we don't need a UN for that.
  • The climate does change. It always changes. There is no fact-based study that shows that humans significantly have an impact. 
  • Pollution is different than climate change. Look at the principal polluting nations: China, India, Pakistan and Indonesia first. Drain them of twenty or thirty trillion and then we'll talk.

Nothing Else Like it in the World

They left fifty years ago today to land on the Moon. We'd been around the Moon, but we hadn't ever landed. 

The spacecraft was crewed by three American heterosexual, non-Muslim, males. Can you imagine that selection process happening today?

Whether fair or unfair, it was, and America repeated that mission five more times. Twelve Americans walked on the surface of the Moon. Later missions included a rover so they rode around the surface of the Moon, conducting scientific experiments. They planted the AMERICAN flag. Not the UN flag or the Canadian flag, or the Russian flag, or the Chinese Flag, or the French flag.

Apollo 11
Niel Armstrong (Mission Commander)
Edwin Aldrin (LEM Pilot)
Michael Collins (CSM Pilot)

Apollo 12
Charles Conrad (Mission Commander)
Alan Bean (LEM Pilot)
Richard Gordon (CSM Pilot)

Apollo 13 (didn't land)
James Lovell (Mission Commander)
Fred Haise (LEM Pilot)
Jack Swigert (CSM Pilot)

Apollo 14
Alan Shepherd (Mission Commander)
Edgar Mitchell (LEM Pilot)
Stuart Roosa (CSM Pilot)

Apollo 15
David Scott (Mission Commander)
James Irwin (LEM Pilot)
Alfred Warden (CSM Pilot)

Apollo 16
John Young (Mission Commander)
Charles Duke (LEM Pilot)
Thomas Mattingly (CSM Pilot)

Apollo 17
Eugene Cernan (Mission Commander)
Harrison Schmitt (LEM Pilot/Scientist)
Ronald Evans (CSM Pilot)

While many in my generation venerated singers or sports stars, the  men of the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo flights were my heroes. They traveled to the Moon and did heroic things. Difficult things. Life threatening things.

No other nation on Earth has equalled this, though one day somebody might. We abandoned the Moon, but there is a push to return, possibly in 2025, with intentions to remain.

Two for Tuesday

Mail Call - "A Simple Solution" 

Dan - It's true that my solution worked in the past before the social justice warriors decided that "freeing" the institutionally insane was a great plan. And the Republicans went along with it because it saved money. Except that it didn't, and it caused a great deal of unnecessary suffering along the way.

Kle - The feature films "Escape from New York" and "Escape from L. A." were documentaries.

Dealing with the homeless problem will require institution to de-tox drug addicts and to try and re-integrate them into society and to deal with the mental illness problem (which often manifests itself in a portion of the drug-addicted homeless people). Releasing the insane onto the streets is not compassionate.

Trouble in Finland

As you may have read in the news, Finland's government collapsed last week, primarily due to the cost of universal healthcare. 
Prime Minister Juha Sipila and the rest of the cabinet resigned after the governing coalition failed to pass reforms in parliament to the country’s regional government and health services, the Wall Street Journal reports. Finland faces an aging population, with around 26 percent of its citizens expected to be over 65 by the year 2030, an increase of 5 percent from today.
Senator and Presidential aspirant, Bernie Sanders (I-VT), who has been hanging his Democrat socialism program  on the “success” of Finland’s socialist structure, was dealt a blow. However, like donkeys all over this great land, they won't let Finland's collapse get them down. They'll keep proposing "free" solutions to vexing problems without being able to pay for them.

Western Europe and the US have aging populations that are putting more pressure on healthcare to manage the needs of those populations. However, everyone needs to look to their own needs and poor planning on one person's part doesn't constitute an emergency for the rest of the nation. A compassionate safety net is a good thing - but it has to be far short of universal healthcare for Americans and illegal aliens. Or, find a way to pay for it without the 70% tax cap that the donkeys are bouncing around.

The Green New Deal

With the Green New Deal, the donkeys who promote the idea, want the Federal Reserve to loan them $10 trillion as a down payment on the $100 trillion or so that it will cost to implement. What a plan! You know that $100 trillion would creep to $900 trillion or more before they were finished. That's more wealth than exists on the entire planet, but that never stopped socialist visions of grandeur.

Is that what the American people want? Will the world end in 11 years as the AOC doomsday clock counts down?

Yes, I know that the Green New Deal died with the Senate brought it to the floor for a vote and not one single donkey voted for it.  But it's still touted by the "Squad" of misfits in the House of Representatives as the future. And since they are the face Democrat Party apparently is still in play.

Monday, July 15, 2019

A Simple Solution

Block off areas, herd the homeless people into the same busses used to transport prisoners, delouse them, evaluate them, house them, care for their basic needs. 

The homeless would be better off if they were concentrated away from urban settings. You can call it a concentration camp if you'd like. Tents, latrines, etc. The Army knows how to build these. Surround them with high banks of concertina wire. They'd still be camping, they'd be fed army chow, which is a lot like prison food, but it nourishes. Make appropriate medical care available. But the point is that they'd be camping, which is their choice of lifestyle. The only difference would be no alcohol or drugs or hypodermic syringes.

Once established, those in the camps can be screened for mental illness. I don't know how many by percentage are, but I can be persuaded that a number of them have mental problems that can be treated as best the nation can. Those of you who argue against this arrangement, need to also argue around the potential plagues and so forth that these hobo jungles can foster and then spread to the population.

They would be the ultimate safe spaces for at-risk US Citizens. Have the National Guard take responsible for guarding them and enforcing camp regulations. Who could argue that concentrating the homeless in such communities would be a bad thing? Triage short term care and long term care. Those with arrest warrants would be referred to the criminal justice system to answer for crimes. 
Throw away their junk, issue clothing and basic needs. Give each of them a stipend when/if they are released (having been de-toxed) to start them on their way to a productive life. Offer vocational training.
Distribute Bibles if they're in need of reading material. Definitely no televisions or other entertainment. 

Now, how difficult is that?

Liberal families can sign up to take homeless people into THEIR homes (see "Down and Out in Beverly Hills") as a form of halfway house. I think that all Democrats in the US Legislature should have half a dozen of these re-entering people live with them and their kids. It would help the homeless mainstream, right?

Rolling Foolishness

Riot Gear and Fixed Bayonets

They used to call them pig stickers. Even though Barack didn't see a need for bayonets in this century, they are still issued equipment and they still work. 

One million Facebook users have now responded that they would go to the Facebook  sponsored event, where in they would storm the US Air Force Base known as Area 51, scheduled for Sept. 20 at 3:00 a.m., with the creator writing "they can't stop all of us."
The organizers have boasted, "they can't shoot us all". My question to these AH's is how many of them you do they need to shoot in order to show that their intentions are serious?  I suspect that a few Darwin Awards may be handed out if these Facebook crazies decide to voluntarily remove themselves from the gene pool by attacking the military installation in the hopes of viewing alien corpses and spacecraft. 

There are always people in any given population who are FUBAB (f'ed up beyond all belief). Today they help populate the progressive political movement led by AOC, Bernie, Beto and that band of misfits in the US Congress. And they are on a mission.

Moving On...

Beto (Fake Mexican) O'Rorque is now claiming to be descended from slave owners. As a mazza, he says that he's able to emote the plight of inner city people. Polling at just a shade over 1% these days, and funded by his wife (billion-heiress) he continues to stand on tables in bars and speak to small crowds. Can we get him to lead the charge against the gates of Area 51? (please)

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Sunday Sermonette

Footnote to the Healthcare Question

Isn't it interesting that the Democrats pushed Obamacare down our throats with threats of punishment if we didn't pay the tax - because that's precisely what Obamacare was. And the Dems offer healthcare free to illegal aliens.

Immigrants and Refugees

Let's take a stroll down memory lane through the use of the Virtual Mirage Time Machine:

If the illegal immigrants from Central America and Mexico who wanted to cross the border were fierce anti-communists, I expect that the Donkeys would be pushing for a higher wall...


I'm not anti-tax. There is value in taxation up to a point. We collectively provide for our defense, we collectively buy protective services such as police and fire protection. There is a value to regulation (making things regular). However, every time local politicians want to curry favor with this group or that, they use tax money to 'buy that favor' with one program or another. It's interesting to see how people react when you want to shut down their favorite program...even the anti-tax types. 

Assault Rifles

I don't know what one is. Not really. I guess if you bought a World War 2 vintage German Sturmgeweher, you'd own one. And while I'd like to own an MG44, I don't know where I'd get one, and I'm sure that it would cost a small fortune. Thus it's strange that the donkeys are out to seize "assault rifles". And if I had an MG44, I might sell it to them at market value, just to buy a Barrett Rec 7 or possibly some other semiautomatic rifle...

I expect that the donkeys will try to tax firearms and ammunition out of existence at some point. Then either we'll hear the 'shot heard round the world' again - or we won't. The nice thing about being older is that I might not live to deal with it. I wonder who they'd send to take firearms. Barack wanted to create a domestic army out of inner city people, just as large and as well funded as the Defense Dept. That never went anywhere. The Butt Guy running for president now, has taken that mantle on himself by dusting it off and proposing to do the same thing if he takes office. I still don't think that there enough inner city people. And once the politician has committee to sending them out to confiscate firearms and they're wiped out - would the future of the donkey party be in question? And how effective would it be? 

Wolf Underwear

This entry comes from Jules, our fellow blogger, and it's the key topic in the Sunday Sermonette. What better way to make the lady in your life howl?

Ok, I can think of ways. But since this is a family blog, discretion is the better part of valor.

I'm not peddling underwear on this blog, but you can read more about it here

What next? Elephant underwear? (Theme Music could play from the pachyderm underwear - you'd feel as if you had an entire TROJAN MARCHING BAND in your briefs.)

You know that the USA Womyn's Soccer team would want these, artificially stuffed. So the appeal could cross gender lines. Not that there is anything as crude as 'actual gender' anymore. You are what you think you are when you wake up. 

And then there are the creepers like Old Slow Joe Biden (right) who don't wear underwear, ever.