sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Is Taco Tuesday Dead?

There's an article at Legal Insurrection regarding Taco Tuesday. You should read it before you eat any Mexican food again because unless you're from the specific Latin American country and region that originated what you're getting ready to bolt down, you're likely guilty of cultural appropriation. And by extension, if your great grandfather was Chinese and immigrated to the USA, you'd better not be seen at McDonald's (Scottish hamburger), or Dominoes Pizza (only Italian Americans can order a pizza), or if you're Mexican, you'd better not order one from column A and one from column B at the Peking Moon. 

Furthermore, there are different styles of food served in Mexico. Does that mean if you're from Jalisco that you can't eat Sinaloa goat (delicious) or Yucatan style fish? Maybe we should narrow it down further and do away with restaurants all together. That would end food cultural appropriation. 

I have never eaten a Taco Bell style taco in Mexico. What should that tell me? 

Absolutely nothing, because this whole cultural appropriation thing is HOG WASH, and the people who buckle under to the social justice warriors are as goofy as the progs. 

Now a bit of cultural training for the social justice warriors: