sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Happy to Oblige

Does Life Exist? (Your Weekend Sermonette)

The Universe

Some scientists have posited that the universe is a giant computer simulation. (here) They assert that it's all a virtual mirage, which is, coincidentally, the name of this blog.

Then along comes Cosmos, disagreeing (here).

And will we be dead in 12 years do to either global warming or the new ice age (global cooling)? Does that mean that the simulation is ending?

That scientists have the time and funding to gather together, to discuss this might impress you. They get together to discuss a lot of drivel at scientific conferences, but this is serious stuff! It's not just PhD's working on the next thing to publish...really.

If this whole universe is nothing but a computer simulation, where is the computer? I realize that's like asking how many angels can dance on the head of a pin.

At the White Wolf Mine (in the Arizona Highlands)

Meanwhile, in the middle of the simulation that we call life, I came home Friday to the hovel, and the ENTIRE pace was masked and draped (views of the kitchen and great room below).

In order to go to bed, I had to pull back drop cloths and plastic and stuff. I called and asked, "can't you do one room at a time?" Apparently not. The simulation sucks.

The good news was that the snow had almost completely melted. I like snow, and all, but am ready for Spring to spring into action here in on the Mogollon Rim. This is a time lapse of about fifteen minutes this morning:

Yeah, whoever is doing the simulating is beginning to tick me off. 

The black line in the concrete is a steel grate that serves as a drain and dumps moisture off, down the hill on the other side of the house. The driveway drain system is not complete. The snow has kept the work from being done - and I thought that... Never mind/vain hope/more snow is here. The photo makes it look like the drain goes up hill, and that's just the way I held the phone.

Locals said that they had been praying for more snow. I need to get LSP into action, counter-praying for warm weather and global warming. My new philosophy is "give the progs the warmth they desire". The coming ice age may dash the hopes, dreams and yearning of the Hollywood elite (our betters, who pretend to be actual people for a living). 

I am leaving the White Wolf Mine to the painters, soon, for a week, so that they can complete their task, and I can generate income to pay for the continued construction. As you might have read (earlier post), the original painting company who did the primer coat, walked off the job and I went after his bond. These new guys seem diligent, even though it's only a simulation of diligence. The simulated construction work here at the shack will continue for some time, I fear. The simulators could fix it and just make it done...but no.

If you ask yourself why part of the LL fleet of vehicles is not in the garage, it's full of STUFF waiting to go into the house when the painting is complete. (simulated stuff)


The Solar Energy Solution

I realize that the people who drift past this blog have been waiting for a solution to the energy needs of the United States (rest of the world be damned - yes, that includes England, Juliette. Find your own energy solution)

Using generally accepted numbers, solar panels convert about 10% +/- of the available energy from sunlight.

The United States uses about 4 petawatt-hours per year (4,000 trillion watts). In order to get that sort of coverage, we'd need to bulldoze and flatten a number of states. Better to stick with the states that are flat now to save money. Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, The Dakotas, Nebraska and the flat part of Tennessee. If we covered them completely in solar panels, we'd be moving in the right direction, providing that none of them were ever covered by snow (global warming should help - unless I'm right and we're headed for an ice age). None of that surface area would account for increased need in the future.

For you math majors, you need to factor in clouds, maintenance, taking things offline, terrorist attacks on the grid that take part of it down from time to time and meteor strikes that could smash a big piece of the giant black piece of glass. Contingencies mean that we need a bigger space.

In order to save the crop-producing states, it might be better just to depopulate and level Africa and cover it with solar collectors. They work better at the equator because the sunlight striking the surface on a clear day generates more electricity. We need an area about the size of Australia covered in NOTHING BUT black glass - for the US only, given current needs.

Naturally, the progs will think that would be a great idea, but there is always the law of unintended consequences as a continent sized chunk of mirrored glass and the change in albedo would clearly impact global cooling. I know, if it's at the equator, the glaciers would get to it last.


To save the Democrat Party we need to outlaw white bed sheets.