sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Mid-Week Observations

Political Kabuki Theater

Crooked Hillary made headlines Monday when she told a local New York news channel that she would not run for president in 2020.  
"I'm not running, but I'm going to keep on working and speaking and standing up for what I believe," the former presidential nominee told News 12 Westchester. She insisted that she would remain relevant and has no plans of "going anywhere."
Then President Trump goaded her into changing her position (her first reset of the 2020 campaign season) by mocking her.

Now the aging, former candidate, may be running again, creating more havoc with the vast pool of political wanna-be's who are lining up to compete for the Democrat Party's nomination. She has told her team she is waiting  to see the Mueller report. I don't know why she doesn't just call Mueller. The Deep State owns him don't they?

It's clearly in President Trump's best interest in keeping Hillary in the mix. She failed to win election twice (losing the nomination to Barack and then an election to President Trump). If she ran again, health continuing to decline, we'd see a lot more incidents when they had to rush her to a private hospital room to pump her full of drugs (Weekend at Bernie's scenario). And YOU KNOW the other Democrat wanna-be's would savage her during the nomination process. I'd need to lay in a whole case of popcorn and one of those four-packs of butter from Costco.

The Schumer - Pelosi Diet

The idea came to me when I cracked open a box of Honey Nut Cherrios this morning only to realize that I bought a box with Ellen's face (from the talk show) on the exterior. I was in a hurry, filling loading the cart from the list for the officer's mess at the White Wolf Mine and I just grabbed the box off the store shelf without realizing. So I threw the box away and kept the cereal in that bag they come in. Who could digest breakfast with the progressive comedian looking back at you?

Then I thought, "I need refrigerator magnets with Nasty Pelosi and Cryin' Chuck Schumer's faces on them!" Everyone needs to keep fit and avoiding the refrigerator is the first step. Having those two ugly mugs staring back at me would divert me from wanting to eat. You don't have to limit it to Nasty and Cryin' Chuck. Hillary's face (see above) would make a train take a dirt road.  As the political season gets going in 2000 I could add Poke-a-haunt-us Warren, Spartacus Booker, Slattern Harris and the whole crowd of misfits. I'd end up gaunt, and starving, and I think that's the goal of a diet.

Little Crappy Ships

Those of you who know me, or who have followed this blog, will understand that I've been frustrated as an armchair sailor these days to see the US Navy build worthless Littoral Combat Ships.  Both the USS Independence and USS Freedom (pictured below) are different hull designs of the same class of ship.

USS Independence

USS Freedom

The original order called for 52 hulls, but now (mercifully) it seems that the number will be capped at 38.

Q - Can they defend themselves against an air or naval threat? - No, not really. They're sitting ducks. 

Q - What is their operational range unrefueled? - They are essentially tied to tankers or shore bases because they drink navy distillate as if there is no tomorrow in any sea state. 

Q - The Navy says that they are multi-mission ships. - Yes, that's what the navy says. They're next to worthless as SPECOPS platforms because they are acoustically very loud. 

Q - The Navy says they will save money because they have small crews. A small crew is great if you are not worried about working them 24/7. In combat, it is proven that saving a damaged ship is largely a function of manpower, not computers.

My solution - ship all of them to the Mediterranean where they can form NATO support flotillas in Rota, Spain and Naples, Italy. Both bases are nice duty and they can swarm here or there on various exercises until their service lives end. In the event of real hostilities, they can be used as cannon fodder (targets) or bullet sponges, depending on how you want to put it. Mount a radar reflector on each them so that the enemy things that they're engaging much more valuable ships with their missiles. The valuable ships can track the point of origin of sub launched missiles and engage the sub or other enemy vessel.

Maybe they can be sent out to engage Somali Pirates in open boats? They'd need a tanker with them to keep them fueled, because they drink copious amounts, but they'd work against that sort of low tech opponent.