sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Friday, March 8, 2019

An Analysis

Analysis of the New Rules

The liberals have always been a bunch of bullies, who preached a spirit of open-mindedness and respect toward others regardless of their personal characteristics. 

The reality is far more sinister. “Diversity and inclusion” is code for identity politics—by which we are all slotted into factions defined by appearance, ethnicity, national origin and gender (or gender self-identification). It is an altogether imaginary and endless zero-sum game of dominance and oppression.

And while we're on that topic, I'm very offended by the "talk like a pirate day" where people talk like pirates and sometimes wear fetish pirate costumes. As a descendent of genuine pirates, I find that cultural appropriation to be completely unacceptable. The idea that people would mock my ancestors, and drink rum - when they are not actual pirates or the descendants of pirates is insulting. If you're not a pirate, you shouldn't drink rum (ever). No rum and coke, not ever. Now if you're a wench and want to dress like a wench for a pirate, I think that allowances can be made.


The Old Communist has a slug of old ideas from the old USSR that he thinks will work here - chief among them is to make everything free and to tax everyone at 100%.  

It worked in the Union of Socialist Republics and it worked in North Korea and Venezuela. It's bound to work in the USA.

The formula is simple, appeal to greed and the appeal of spending other people's money on yourself. 

Hugo Chavez used the plan to great effect in Venezuela where a bushel of currency won't buy you a roll of toilet paper.

Student loans and mortgages - no problem. PAID with the government's money. Problem: The government only acquires money from you.   DO NOT read the fine print.