sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Thursday, March 14, 2019


I asked for advice on in-auto rations, and received some excellent advice. You can read it in comments (here).

I wanted to expand the situation without going on endlessly in comments.

There are two things going on. One is personal long term food storage and I have that problem in hand, with a cool, dry, cellar location. The other was the issue of a food ration in the rig at all times beyond the basic power bar or Pay Day candy bars. 

In normal times, when I left the house with the intent of putting 'civilization' in the rear view mirror, I packed food for the trip. Now I live in a place where civilization is ALWAYS in the distance. And I need some sort of ration that includes enough for four people for four days stashed in my passenger car, my Ford Raptor and my Toyota FJ. Two is one and one is none - and there needs to be enough to also feed unfortunates I may come across. These need to be separate from my go-bag.

And for reference, I have full first-aid, recovery gear, tools, and tools to defend myself in my 4x4's separate from the go-bag, etc. There is some emergency food there but it isn't sufficient to deal with the present situation. (4 people for 4 days)

This winter in the Arizona highlands set all records for snow and moisture (we've also had significant rain when it's too warm to snow), and I've been snowed out (being out of town) and snowed in - once each since December. Power bars in the go-bag really aren't enough if I'm marooned in the rig somewhere where 4x4 and chains are insufficient. That is RARELY the case in Arizona, but this year taught me a lesson. As I mentioned twice above, there also has to be enough food to help others. No man is an island.

The MRE solution was raised and while I don't dislike the current MRE's, they don't last that long in packaging and I need food I can toss in a bag and more less forget about. If I was a better prepper, I'd be rotating food through my rigs, etc. but I'm an inadequate prepper and tend to go with store-and-forget until needed. (The long term storage in the house is 20+ year food that I could rotate but likely will not) I will likely die before the use-by date expires.

Those who suggested that you store what you like to eat are 100% correct and where the storage at the house is concerned, I have it covered. In the rigs, the problems are different. 

I now live  in a place of extremes. AZ in the summer gets up in the 120+ degree range and in the winter, it drops below zero. Stored food in the rigs MUST be able to handle that 130 degree swing without blowing up or freezing in the can/bottle/bag. Which means no pop-top cans. I'm going to experiment with canned peaches, pears and fruit cocktail and see how they weather the weather. Spam isn't a bad choice either, but it's salty and you need to drink water to compensate. I'll throw a couple cans in and we'll see. Granola bars are always a good idea, as is jerky. There is a brand of Jerky that I like above the others and it's packed for long term storage. I plan to pick some up for the kits the next time I drive through Quartzsite, AZ.

And we'll see. Hopefully I'm not marooned in snow too deep to get out of in Arizona... (that darned ice age). Unlike others on this blog, I'm unlikely to travel into Colorado or Wyoming during winter. I'm not a winter sports guy. I moved to the White Wolf Mine because it's close to warm. I can be in the Phoenix valley in an hour and a half. But with this last storm, Scottsdale received 9" of snow. (yeah, ice age, global cooling, we're all gonna die) And at the same time, I can be home in the summer and it doesn't usually get over 90 and that's rare. And the house has A/C.

I read all of your comments with great interest and appreciate the fact that you care enough to comment more than you know.