sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Saturday - Methodology Examined


Venezuelan President (remember that there are now two) Juan Guaido said on 21 March that government intelligence agents arrested his chief of staff following a pre-dawn raid.

This assault is the first serious test of Guaido’s challenge to the Maduro regime. After waiting a few weeks, the Maduro regime has decided that Guaido and the US are bluffing about outside intervention to overthrow the government.  In the absence of a firm reaction to the arrest on the 21st, Maduro and his cronies will escalate their attacks on the opposition. Which in turn could lead to a military invasion from Brazil, supported by USGOV.

France (and the US Deep State) 

Today, Saturday, 23 March, French security forces will engage in confrontations with the Yellow Vests. The protestors will test the new French security measures, especially on the Champs Elysee. The French Govt.

When nations experience internal instability, this is how the blame game is played:

After studying dozens of internal instability situations that occurred over the past 40 years, I've observed that an underlying repertoire of blame exists. 
  • Admit nothing
  • Deny everything
  • Demand proof
  • Make counter allegations
  • Find a scapegoat

This is how the blame sequences as the situation escalates:

1. The People. In the US, they are those mouth breathing neanderthals who voted for President Trump and live in fly-over country. Elites hate them because they cling to God and Guns and mistrust the "Great White Father" (or Deep State or Big Brother - terms interchangeable) in Washington DC (who loves them and only wants the best for his children so long as they hand in firearms and pay the weather tax). Many of them deny the settled science of global warming. 

2. The Practices of Local Officials. Finding a scapegoat who is low enough on the food chain not to be part of the Deep State cadre is an early target for any blame game.

3. The Implementation of the Program. The bureaucracy is also an early target because 'there's nothing that we can do about it'. We'll try and fix it with a lot more legislation is the response to that blame target.

4. The Personnel Managing the Program. We're starting to eat into the bottom of the food chain as the problem becomes more serious and to demand resignations of meaningless functionaries who lack the Deep State backing. The mob is supposed to be satiated by such sacrifices, burned on the pyre of righteous indignation.

5. The Devisers of the Program. Usually these people have some insulation. By the time that instability requires the heads of these mid-level bureaucrats (who aspire to higher office in the Deep State), it's starting to get serious. France is here at the moment, and Big Brother is starting to flex its muscles. Calling out the army for the protests today is indicative that some careerists well below the level of 'Puppetmaster' are metaphorically shot publicly to satisfy the mob. These are the FBI's Peter Strzok and Lisa Page. 

6. Usually the Policy Underpinning the Program is blamed at the same time as the policy front people are sacrificed.

7. The Responsible Government Officials. This is the James Comey, Jim Clapper, John Brennan, and John McCain level coup conspirator level of sacrifice. These are the Deep State's prime movers, with the power to do things, to remove presidents (they thought), etc. France is not yet at the level of relieving their key functionaries. They want to see if the Army will to quell discontent before they do that. Sacrificing these people (rooks and bishops) means that they hold secrets that you don't want released. Sneaking them fifty million and helping promote their book tours helps soften the blow.

8. The Elites Themselves. Barack Obama was behind the coup attempt on President Trump. The rest were complicit actors. But he won't ever take the hit and the Deep State will support him as will the lying, sly, smug, elite media. The same seems to be true of French President Macron (the Illuminati's favorite son).