sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

A Question of Adequate Narcissism

Should We run for Congress?

I was commenting on Old NFO's Blog and the thought struck me...

I was recently appointed to legislative public office in Arizona. True story. I know that I haven't been here long, but long enough and I'm a registered voter. For those of you who know me, I vowed never to be a politician (better to own one than to be one has been my mantra). But with AOC, Ali and the rest of those freaks sitting in Congress, I think that I might be the perfect fit, because I would have NO INTEREST in a second term

If not me, possibly WSF, LSP, SiGraybeard, Ed, Mike_C, Jim, Raven, The Bayou Renaissance Man or even Old NFO (the great one), himself. Any one of us would speak of the Mohammedan scourge against Christians. (Juliette (born troublemaker), you're a British Citizen - you have to stand for Parliament, not the US House of Representatives). John Derva, you could depose the present King of Norway. (Job opening for me as Chief of Assassins guild?)

Put any one of us on Fox New Sunday with that Trump hater, Chris Wallace, and let US speak for the President and for the bullshit that pervades. The Deep State thinks that they hate President Trump. They'd really hate any one of US 
Hey, OLD NFO, what if we nuked (tactical nuke) the black meteorite that the Muslims worship in Mecca (not during hajj, so you don’t kill a million of them)? Would that be “somebody somewhere did something to someone?” 
I also found it interesting the Somali-American congresswoman said that we killed 1,000 Somalis during the “Blackhawk Down” action. My reaction was, “That was all we killed, how embarrassing. There must have been more than that.” Sometimes those Army guys can be weak when figuring the body count. It swings with political wind, but in a place like that, you always invoke the law of averages. 
Had I been king (and lucky for the skinnies that I wasn’t), I’d have dispatched every AC-130H in inventory and would have ordered a ship full of 20 MM in to refill the guns, and replacement barrels, and would have placed a round every six inches in Mogadishu. I lost a friend there and another took 3 rounds from an AK-47 in his back and barely survived 
I need to run for Congress in Arizona so that I can sit on the floor of Congress and call those people to account. Sure, I’d be a one-term hero, but who cares? 
LL for Congress. Send cash only to my exploratory committee
I'm only kidding about Congress, but you can still send cash if you really want to. It will go to my favorite charity. I'd like to buy a backhoe & trailer, but the price point currently frightens me.

And no, I will not release my tax returns.