sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

On this Day in History

Today 800 years ago, one of the greatest knights of his age died. William Marshal was in his early 70s when he died on the 14th of May 1219 (his birthdate was probably 1147 but it is not known for certain). This was a remarkable age for his era and in his lifetime he had ten children, was a knight errant, a commander, an Earl, went to the Holy Land, served five kings and rose from the fourth son of a non-hierarchically important baron to be Regent of England at his death.

There are very few of us who leave our mark on the landscape in the way that William Marshal (or William the Marshal) did.  So on the 800th anniversary of his death, we can reflect on what it took to be a man in which people reposed such trust. 

Uncompromising honor in the face of so many who lived without it; Fidelity in battle; A generous heart; a loving father who paid attention to raising his children to honorable adulthood; and bravery to a fault were hallmarks of this remarkable man.

What 'er thou art, act well thy part. RIP Sir William.

Dangerous Clowns

By A Thread

The Constitution has hung by a thread for some years now. Stretched, that thread has come close to breaking at times. 

I give President Trump huge credit for easing the pressure on that thread and on appointing good and true people to the Supreme Court and to lesser courts. The judicial appointments that President Trump has made will be his most enduring legacy.

The current climate inside the DC Beltway is one of fear of disclosure of what the Obama Administration did by spying (yes, I use that term advisedly) on the Trump Campaign. If there is one cardinal rule for law enforcement and executive power in the USA it is that one does not spy on one's opposition. Watergate was a test of that behavior and we all know how that ended. What Barack and friends did was much worse. They relied on Hillary Clinton's coronation to cover the skeletons. Ooooops. They had an FBI insurance policy in case it all hit the fan but the FBI proved to be incompetent. Now there's a revelation. 

All the Democrats can do is relentlessly attempt to discredit President Trump and those who serve in his administration. 

Why is Government Healthcare Important?

The Democrat Front Runners
If the government controls healthcare, they are able to control YOU. Even relatively healthy people can be leveraged into doing what the government wants you to do because care can be denied to people you love. It's their key to controlling your ownership of firearms. It's the key to everything. And the donkeys are getting much more aggressive now.

All of the major Democrat candidates are calling for an end to private healthcare. Your right to choose can be destroyed with the stroke of a pen. Obamacare was the opener and it would have been expanded under Clinton, had she won. But she didn't. By refusing to deal with it responsibly (thanks Paul Ryan), the Republicans have allowed an opening. They always seem to do that, don't they? 


U.S. Marshal John Cahill (left), with two other 
unnamed lawmen. Somewhere in east Texas, circa 1884.

Marshal John Cahill was famous enough in his day, but John Wayne revived his memory in the film Cahill, US Marshal. Westerns are not the popular films that they once were, and John Wayne's legacy is lost in the present day to the up-and-coming generation. Frankly, I think that John Wayne would be disgusted by the up-and-coming generation. But that's a discussion for another day.

Marshals then as now, served processes of the court which included arrest warrants which directed them to bring a person before the court. Circuit courts would have a United States Marshal and he would hire deputies to work for him. Again, it's not all that different today. 

The names, styles of clothing, etc. have changed, but the requirement of having lawmen working to bring wanted subjects before the court hasn't changed.