sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

The Mueller Report (revisited)

Though it's really not news, you all know that Robert Mueller made his statement and won't testify before Congress. It's all in the report. No collusion, no obstruction. It's difficult for a Washington insider like Mueller walk the tightrope between his Democrat benefactors and President Trump, who they hate above all others. 

And for those of you who voted for President Trump, make no mistake, they REALLY hate you with unrestrained passion. And that represents a vast swath of America, referred to as fly-over country. They'll eliminate the electoral college so that all decisions about your welfare will be made by your betters... the same people who delight in killing babies and who want to eliminate automobiles (except for the elites), airplanes, other-than-engine-powered ships, and cows.

Now, presumably, Mueller will retire once again into private life, a martyr to political machinations. The Democrats don't love him any more than the Republicans do.

And Pelosi won't be able to stop some sort of impeachment show, which is no departure from what they've been doing. It will fail and will push President Trump into a victory in 2020 as the law of unintended consequences kicks into high gear. Maybe the donkeys will lose the House in 2020... and that would be fun.

Different Kinds of Chaotic Evil

Isis 2.0?

The Islamic fundamentalist group, Boko Haram has allied itself with the caliphate in Central Africa. Isis is trying to re-imagine itself in black face. You will recall that Boko Haram kidnaps Christian school girls, rapes them and turns them into slaves. Well why not if you're an African jihadi group?

Their activities continue to destabilize northeastern Nigeria. On 26 May, Boko Haram terrorists ambushed a convoy transporting civilians to camps for displaced persons in Damboa. They killed at least 20 people and others are missing. Those missing are likely slaves now. Welcome to Islam in Africa. A member of the local militia told the press, “They ambushed and surrounded the vehicles of both the soldiers and the civilians and opened fire on them.” Soldiers exchanged fire with the Boko Haram militants, but they eventually overpowered the soldiers.

Attacks by one or the other Boko Haram faction occur almost daily. In addition inter-tribal clashes and banditry have increased. 

Some people who pass by this blog have a soft place for Africa in their hearts, but I'm afraid that I do not. It's not a racist thing with me. It's that these problems are endemic, and are not solvable without neutron warheads. Disagree if you will. 

How Chaotic and Evil are You?

For the sake of full disclosure, I vacillate between lawful neutral and neutral evil. The yin and yang of bread storage.