sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

At Home and Abroad

The Royal Family

By all accounts both President and Mrs. Trump and the Royal Family (with the exception of the newest American royal daughter-in-law) are enjoying the state visit. 

The elite media and the elite critics of President Trump (your betters) are all looking for a sign of discord so that they can continue their filthy rants, but there isn't much there, there. 

BREXIT and nationalism are very much on the mind of many people in the UK who are displeased with what globalism brought to Old Blighty. I can't disagree. The same thing was happening to us - and is happening to us along our Southern Border. But Congress fails to do anything.

The Norkland Purge and Kim

Kim Jong Un's gout may be acting up again, because he is not a happy man. Things in the Socialist Worker's Paradise are not going the way that he wants them to. Five of the people who put the Summit with President Trump together in Hanoi were executed (the polite word is 'purged'). The standard fallout on the immediate and extended families of those who found disfavor is to ship them to work camps where they are worked until they die. Females are often used as sex puppets for the guards until they die...they're raped to death.

Will he execute his barber next?
Annual mass games in the Hermit Kingdom take place from June to mid-October. Large numbers of artists and gymnasts rehearse these performances for months. The rehearsals and performances are hugely expensive. It is a large tourist attraction and thus earner of hard currency. The fat little tyrant showed up and watched the display. “After the performance he called creators of the performance and seriously criticized them for their wrong spirit of creation and irresponsible work attitude, pointing to the contents and forms of works.”  “Noting that the creators and artistes in the literature and art sector have a very important duty in socialist cultural construction, he set forth important tasks for correctly implementing the revolutionary policy of our Party on literature and art.” 

Concerning the purge, North Korean officials pay close attention to foreign press, especially South Korean press. The North Korean propagandists used the occasion of Kim’s attendance at the performance to refute South Korean press reports that Kim Yong Chol and his sister, Kim Yo Jong, had been purged. Kim Yo Jong had not appeared in public for 53 days. They did not, however, refute the report that Kim ordered the execution of five diplomats after the failed summit with the US President in Hanoi.

Kim’s criticism is devastating -- the creators missed the mark. The article does not explain the nature of the defects. However, Kim’s criticism resonates with last week’s Rodong Sinmun warning about disloyalty and indiscipline in the Party. UPI reported that Kim was not in a good mood over the weekend. On a guidance tour, Kim severely criticized a school for children and an industrial plant.

My sense is that there will be a lot of 'creative people who missed the mark' on the train to the work camp soon if they're not on it now.

The American Socialist Worker's Party

The Democrats need to change their name. (see caption above) In much the way that it is in Venezuela, in North Korea, or in Cuba. Pick your socialist nation, it's thinly veiled (or not so thinly veiled) totalitarianism.

If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot 
stamping on a human face - forever. - Orwell

The Brain Trust of the Revolution
I found the reaction of the crowd/mob to the Democrats who suggested that Socialism was not a winning platform to be instructive. Gov. Hickenlooper (D-CO) was boo'd from the stage as was one of the other 23 whose name escapes me and I don't want to look it up right now. They felt that TELLING VOTERS that they all planned to go full socialist/communist now was not the winning ticket in American politics. The mob would have none of it. The communists want a totalitarian state and they want it now, and one of the key steps toward making it a reality calls for disarming the heavily armed American public.

Even the vile, nasty, corrupt Hillary Clinton and her elitist friends didn't go as far as this current batch of leftists want to push things. It bodes well for the 2020 election.