sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Sunday Sermonette

Father's Day Poll

Did you follow in your father's footsteps in terms of occupation?


Happy Father's Day

My father died a long time ago, but thoughts of him often attend me and of course, in a way he continues to live though me.

Here's a photo from 2000 with my wife, and my four girls, taken at San Francisco, before the place went to hell. Nineteen years later, there are also nine grandkids, and I've arranged for all of them to be at a pool party & BBQ in two weeks! It's like herding cats.

The Clock is Ticking

The US is behind Great Britain where free speech has been suppressed in favor if Islam.

Everyone has a Favorite

Either one makes a really nice Father's Day gift.

White Wolf Mine Update

There are still workmen here every day and they're bringing a 66' bucket lift to paint the higher parts of the hovel on the mountain side rather than the ridge side of the building. I had a grease fire in the kitchen and a different painter is coming in on Monday to paint the ceiling, which received some soot. The A/C people are also coming over because the new A/C doesn't work. I did all of the diagnostic work that I could and can't figure out why it didn't work. I didn't turn it on until -- yesterday. We've had the Forest Service going insane with proscribed burns and it's been very smoky here in the high country. They announced that their goals for burning and back burning and what they do have ended. After this, a fire is a regular wildfire, and not the government making everyone who lives or camps on the Mogollon Rim miserable.

The new motto for the White Wolf Mine: