sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Friday, June 28, 2019

Would Che Wear a Bernie T-Shirt if he'd Lived?

First, a response to your comments:

"...Obama, who was famous for being half white - or half negro,..." And 100% anti-American communist a**h***
-Paul, not only was Barack's mother a communist, but his grandparents were communists and they introduced him to his "Uncle Frank" (who looks enough like him to be his father), a card carrying communist. When you look at his inner circle in the White House, they were all communists and the children of communists. Small wonder that the eight years of Obamanation were so dismal.
  • Tulsi's quite the phenom on /pol... in the meanwhile, one of the Dem front runners, how many are there?, wants to provide abortion coverage to transsexuals.

    How courageous is that?
     -LSP, providing abortion coverage to trannys is about the most progressive thing that you can do, outside of getting a tuck-and-roll job yourself. Many prominent tranny males become lesbians with female partners. It underscores the definition of 'gender confused'.
  • These Democrat debates are starting to resemble 'The Gong Show', and the hook is out for every damn one of them, they are all missing the sentiment of the voter. Nobody gives a crap (for the most part) on trans-gender issues. What, maybe 4% and I'm being overly generous on that estimate.

    -Fredd, It has been a long time since I saw the Gong Show, which came to you 'almost live' from Hollywood. I used to get tickets and took dates to the show, which was a hoot off camera as much as it was on. I think that the whole Democrat freak show are too weird to be on the Gong Show. They wouldn't be credible. Nobody that weird should be walking around in public, yet they do.
  • So, on Tucker last night, she rejected Trumps sanctions and promoted going back to the failed Obama/Iran deal.
    And Tucker seemed to agree?

    -Ed, I can't speak for Tucker, but the Iran deal, which they violated day-one by not allowing inspections as agreed. It was an artifact of the Obama wet dream that he cooked up with Valerie Jarrett and John (Swiftboat) Kerry, both of whom are (rich) collectivists. Rich for me, poor for the great unwashed. They would be oligarchs.

    Thank God for the Second Amendment. If they promote a civil war, I suspect that it won't be survivable for John Kerry or Barack Obama unless they stay in Africa (where they are also unwanted).
  • I hadn't noticed the resemblance to Julia Louis-Dreyfus, but in that photo, it looks like one of those Stalin/Lenin "staring off into the future" pictures. With the hair light from above giving her an Obama-esque halo.
    -SiGraybeard, yes it does indeed look like a state photo that you'd see of Stalin, Lenin, Hitler, Mao, etc. If Che was alive, would he wear a Bernie t-shirt?

  • I'm in SoCal

    For a few more days. This chart reminds me of what I've experienced in my time here with my grandkids. I also got some work done. Busman's holiday.

    If you've never visited the place, it won't mean much to you.