sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

One Size Fits All

Official Democrat Party Shoe

If it fits, they should wear it.



I bought in anticipation of the conversion of this blog to Wordpress. There are some people working on the problem. Not working hard enough by the apparent results so far, but Virtual Mirage is inching its way out from under Google's boot and the accompanying censorship.


Apparently not.

I was fingerprinted for a job (live scan) today. The scan took and I asked if they weren't going to photograph me for the ID card. They said that the photo was 'on file'. Of course it is. But I didn't know if they'd lost it.

New job notwithstanding, the consulting work continues apace and Virtual Mirage (the blog) will continue with the usual attacks on the foolhardy with an interspersed of personal anecdotes. 

LSP texted me because the blog has been strangely silent. Of course, he's correct, but so far, Google hasn't shut down the blog completely. Or, we'll see when I hit the "publish" button.

The North Korean View

The communist party daily Rodong Sinmun published North Korea’s first mention of the meeting between Chairman Kim and the US President, yesterday.
“The respected and beloved comrade Supreme Leader said that it is because of his splendid close relationship with President Trump that a dramatic meeting like today's could happen in just one day, and he stated that the splendid relationship between President Trump and himself will continue to create good results that others could not predict and act as a mysterious force that overcomes difficulties and obstacles encountered in the future, also.”
Some American's Perspectives

The US Military Industrial Complex seems strangely dissatisfied with President Trump. They were so hoping for a war, and the President views it as a last ditch effort rather than a foregone conclusion. Democrats are outraged as well because they want a war, so they can blame President Trump for starting a war.

Frankly, I don't see the Norks giving up power. Once they do that, their beloved subjects will end up dragging them down roads, chained by the heels, or driving tanks over their beaten bodies. But, hope springs eternal.