sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Monday, August 12, 2019


Stork Update: No Stork yet.

Emilie has been in labor over 50 hours now and it all continues. She started Saturday at 8 am and it's now Monday at 2 pm. She's about 3 cm/water long since broken. Emilie has ObamaCare and the insurance company doesn't want to pay for a C-Section, so they want to keep the process running. It may not be until Tuesday. I can't say and neither, apparently, can anyone else.

Mail Bag: Inheriting Life in the Modern

Kle - That self-driving car/truck thing... 10 years is dreaming.
Quite possibly 50, though.
I can only speculate when, but it will happen and on that day, the world will change in ways that are catastrophic to many people. Others, of course, are cool with it. Automation is an interesting servant and master and the holy grail is the self-driving car/truck at the moment.
Jonathan H. August - The Army has been trying to get self driving gear to work for 30 years, to the tune of billions of dollars - and they haven't succeeded; a group of self important internet millionaires who constantly get distracted by the next shiny thing won't do any better. 
It's apples and oranges to a great degree. The Army wants an all terrain robot. The civilian market wants a vehicle that will traverse the hardball roads that your Google Street Map delineates. And the Army has been working on it for more than 30 years. I can recall a DOD project of that sort at least 40 years ago. Which is indicative of my age.
LSP - When everything's automated who'll buy the things the robots make? Our elite rulers, obviously.
Once a robot slave army can make more robots, elites will have no need of feisty, deplorable, humans and they may need to "think the ranks". I think that they may start in Texas. Of course, they'll spare Beto (Irish Bob), because he's more progressive than you are.
LindaG - Complete automation will allow the elite to control who gets what, completely.
I'm afraid that you're right on. And the Stork drama continues.

Inheriting Life in the Modern

The Top 1% - Who wants it?

By Dr. Jordan Peterson - worth a few minutes of your time. What is the relationship between money and well-being? 
"The more female doctors that you have, the more female doctors that you need to have" 
Occupational Redundancy Planning

Within the next ten years, one of the aggressively inventive AI companies will build a reliable self-driving and navigating system for private and commercial vehicles. That will put somewhere in the order of 4.5 million Americans out of work. (3.5 million truck drivers and another million misc. drivers who make their living that way) It's something to think about, worth a pause. There are a lot of jobs like barrel maker, cable splicer, ice cutter, pin setter, switchboard operator, etc. that no longer exist and won't be coming back. 'Driver' will be one of those. Twenty years from now, the young won't really grasp that you have to drive the automobile. Just state the destination and play games, or sleep until you arrive. 

Taking people out of the mix (overhead) and replacing them with robots will create an increasingly disassociated group of people who won't be able to find the sort of work that they're accustomed to doing. I've blogged about this before, but I see it getting worse.

Propaganda and Political Correctness

I have no idea how long the present propaganda machine will grind on. As our fellow blogger, Mike C points out, the big news now is that criticizing Jeffrey Epstein, late famous exploiter of children is being put out as 'anti Semitic'. Thus, if you're bothered by his conduct (or that of his friends) while he lived, you're a Jew hater. I realize that one doesn't conflate with the other, but the media machine spins continually. Maybe there will be a tipping point, but maybe not? Orwellian studies indicate that the Ministry of Truth scenario grinds on and on and on. Face it. You're all racists. Embrace it and move on.

There are more American flags on the surface of the Moon than were present at the Democrat Party's debates. They seem to be ashamed of being Americans. Curious, isn't it? Why would they want to be commander-in-chief if not to damage things? 

Stork Biz

My grandson will be born on Monday, whether naturally or by C-Section. As of 11 pm on the Pacific Coast, labor continues, and I wanted to put a box around this blog for the night. Hospitals are hospitals. I'm not particularly fond of hanging out in them.

Whenever another grandchild is delivered, I wonder what sort of world they will inherit. No matter what, the world around them will be different than the world that I (and we) inherited half a century ago.