sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Thursday, September 5, 2019

Hong Kong

It's Hot in Hong Kong

The intensity of street protests in Hong Kong has only increased despite hundreds of arrests, clouds of tear gas and volleys of rubber bullets. What started as a popular protest against a proposed extradition law has hardened into a struggle for the soul of Hong Kong, and for the freedom that they wish to enjoy.

On Wednesday, Carrie Lam, Hong Kong’s embattled chief executive, said she was withdrawing the extradition bill, but things have gone on too far for that to have any impact. Nothing short of freedom in the American model is good enough for the bulk of the protesters.

Lam has become the poster child for everything that the protesters hate about Beijing and I don't know whether her resignation would have much effect or not. I doubt that it would at this point. One of the key demands of the protesters is universal suffrage in a multi-party environment, which is absolutely unacceptable to the Communist Chinese. It sets an unacceptable precedent to other places in China. There is only one-party and that one is run by a group of oligarchs in Beijing. When you think about it, the situation in North Korea is very similar. It's similar to any organization run by man rather than ruled by laws. Allowing the people a voice and a choice rather than 'one choice alone' where that choice has an army behind it that won't hesitate to purge a few million people -- is a dangerous move.

One of the central government’s most ardently held tenets is “One China,” which stipulates that territories ceded in weaker times remain sovereign Chinese lands that will eventually revert to full Chinese control. 

Macao ('99), a Portugese possession and Hong Kong ('97), a British possession went without a whimper. The subjugation of Tibet in 1950 and beyond was opposed to the extent that the unarmed Tibetans were able. Nationalist China, which occupies Taiwan is the next domino to fall. Whether or not the US would intervene has been a constant source of concern and interest in Beijing. I attended a meeting last night that was attended by my US Congressman and others where the issue of Nationalist China (Taiwan) came up. Whatever hopes Beijing may harbor of bringing Taiwan, a democracy, into its fold would become even more remote if Hong Kong’s “one country, two systems” formula disintegrated in a Tiananmen-style crackdown.

The Hong Kong are fired not by foreign agents and the CIA, as Beijing currently asserts, but by China’s attempts to deny them full participation in their government, which they were promised through 2047 in the agreement under which Britain ceded control over Hong Kong.

The US Government is content to let NGO's carry the message of freedom to Hong Kong along with money. Beijing suspects a clandestine war by the USA, but it's not true. The US Administration is focused on its trade war, because others can wage a clandestine campaign and it can keep its distance. If the US openly supported the protesters in Hong Kong, there would never be a trade deal.

American Politics

The Democratic Left, which is to say the National Socialist Worker's Party - a lifelong dream of Bernie Sanders, has been embraced by Elizabeth Warren. Slow Joe Biden, is trying to move in their direction but he's not them. People who know Joe actually like him. The politics of Obama would be considered unacceptably "centrist" in light of the demands of the National Socialist Workers concept of a new collectivist America that abandons the largest supply of oil on Earth and moves toward wind and solar power. No more cars (for the common people), no more airplanes (for the proletariat), no more ships to carry tourists to Hawaii (abandon your time share).

--Response to Fredd and WSF

Fredd, The entrepreneurs such as Howard Schultz (Starbucks) have been asked to stand down. He had been expected to make a decision of whether to run by Summer 2019, but an article in Fox Business put it this way:
Former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz is said to be postponing his decision on whether to run in the 2020 US presidential election in light of former Vice President Joe Biden's campaign. 
Biden is the Democratic frontrunner in numerous polls and believed to be running on a similar platform to Schultz, people familiar with the Schultz's strategy said in a Fox Business report published Wednesday 
Schultz was expected to make a decision this summer, but that could be delayed until 2020.
Most of the Billionaires-who-would-be-king have seen how the media portrayed President Trump, a man that they didn't want, from day-one. Oprah, Cuban, Schultz and Bloomberg all enjoy being billionaires with a certain degree of freedom (being President is much like living in a cage/bubble) with time to devote to "being cool". And moreover, they're not communists. Which is to say, they're unacceptable to the media and their communist/national socialist workers masters.

WSF holds the candle of a Michelle Obama entrance. I don't think that anyone can rule it out, but she'd have to wear her Che t-shirt and read from a teleprompter (unlike Hitler at the rallies at Nuremberg), or she's likely to just spew hatred for white people, and for the nation in general, which is her default setting. LSP adds, "I'm with WSF on Michelle but perhaps she's too busy getting Barack to measure curtains for the new seaside mansion?" Yes, LSP, there is that too. 

OldAFSarge says - "The current crop of Dems are horrific. Any one of them winning would spell disaster for the Republic." He's correct, of course. But a republic is the very last thing that any of these National Socialist Workers Party types have in mind. I think that's why they hold out particular hatred of Russia. The current batch of Russians betrayed "the revolution" and all that it meant. 

Jim speculates - "Sadly Joe is likely the 'best' candidate the donkeys have to offer and if nominated I see them putting up someone far worse in the VP slot. In the event that he's incapacitated in some way, we could wind up with President Harris." It would have to be a 'woman of color' who could step into Uncle Joe's size 13 wingtips when he died (sadly) in the first weeks of his presidency. The Clintons could arrange it. Maybe pool old Slow Joe would hang himself in the Lincoln Bedroom?

Old NFO - "Re Bahamas, maybe they could get the drug lords to kick in to rebuild them, since that's been a MAJOR drug gateway to the US for over 40 years. And it's funny how they think the US 'owes' them help. They're a sovereign nation. We don't owe them anything other than out of the goodness of our hearts."

(mood music)* The Bahamians must feel that they're likely to get a lot more help out of the White House than they will out of Buckingham Palace. I'm not saying that they're wrong. Maybe we could just buy The Bahamas outright from the British Commonwealth and redevelop the place (with a big beautiful Trump resort)? I'd take it over Greenland and Puerto Rico. As you suggest, there won't be tourists there for years to come...maybe about the time things are built back up. Until then the people of The Bahamas have a long road back. But we don't owe them anything.
* RE: Mood Music, Yes there really is a Kokomo Island. The island named Kokomo came AFTER the song though. Kokomo Island is part of the privately owned Sandals Royal Caribbean vacation resort in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Thursday Thoughts

Hurricane After Action Report

SiGraybeard has an excellent summary. HERE

Unfortunately the Democrats are using it as a stump for global warming/cooling/change, which it is not. There has been no significant change in the number of hurricanes going back to when they were first recorded. That does not stop them. They promise that hurricanes will stop if you fork over X tens or hundreds of $ trillions (the estimate varies on the person speaking). While you're at it, surrender your firearms, because they're a bad mojo for hurricanes.

Dorian was a wicked powerful hurricane and The Bahamas were not spared. When you look at what happened, the death toll will be much higher than is currently reported. I expect that there will be people missing that will never be accounted for just because of the extreme flooding and damage. Bodies could be blown hundreds of miles out to sea by a 185 mph sustained wind with gusting to 200 mph. I have no idea what the people who live on The Bahamas will do. Rebuilding will take years and billions.

Hurricanes such as Dorian also rip up underwater habitats. They eat coral and small fish. I recall diving at St. Lucia about three years after s powerful hurricane struck the area. It was like a subsea desert. Some of the coral was starting to come back, but it wasn't anything that you'd enjoy diving in. So The Bahamas will have that to contend with as well. It will come back, but it will look and feel differently than it did before because they're essentially starting from scratch.

Slow Joe Biden

We're months from the first Democrat state primary and the pundits are going wild on who will face President Trump in 2020. Joe Biden isn't taking a moderate stance, but a more moderate stance than his competitors. He favors single shot firearms...possibly a shotgun that you'd shoot into the air to ward off burglars. Thanks Joe. 

The Democrats would like to repeal the ENTIRE Bill of Rights, not just the Second Amendment, but they'd be content if only criminals owned firearms. Of course doing what they'd like - repeal the Electoral College, confiscate firearms, etc. would lead to revolution, but they don't care. Maybe a revolution would shake things up? It's not anything that you'd want, but how many of the liberals would be left standing?

As to Biden, his health may or may not hold, his faculties may or may not hold, but after a tough campaign for the Democrat ticket, what shape will he be in to take on The Donald? Democrats in the know, worry about that. Because running a communist who wants to take everything that the nation has and redistribute it to other communists doesn't play well. And it won't play well in Congress outside of the few insane districts where poor people would love to loot others who have accumulated wealth. 

I think that Biden will crash at some point and you'll have a different Donkey leading their party.