sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Please Push For Impeachment

Counting Votes

Speaker Pelosi (D-CA) can count votes. If she has a simple majority, she can call for a vote for articles of impeachment. Facts are not necessary, proof is not necessary, it's simply a partisan vote.

The matter is then referred to the US Senate for Trial. It will be presided over by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

During the Trial

The President will have the right to subpoena witnesses including Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, John Brennan, James Clapper, Big Jim Comey, etc. They will testify under oath under penalty of perjury and they'll turn on each other in a public setting.

The Vote

The Republicans and a few Democrats will vote not to impeach the president (a 2/3 majority must vote to uphold the impeachment if he's to be removed from office). 

The Aftermath

The Democrat Party will be shredded and the corrupt, lying mainstream media will complain that the Trump impeachment was rigged.

AND THAT is why Nancy Pelosi has not put an impeachment vote on the floor of Congress.

Now, the Mail:

A Late Arrival

OldAFSarge - Nature can be pleasant to contemplate. When it's not trying to kill you that is!
That's why it's useful to go afield with the means to defend yourself. I apply the same standard in cities that I visit in the event that a cretin decides that I'd make a splendid victim.  
LSP -  Great pics and a pleasant change from the impeachment circus.
As you can see (above) we're back to the circus. The donkeys don't want an impeachment trial, because it would be a trial of Barack Obama, Slow Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton ultimately. They know it and President Trump knows it.
JulesHow very beautiful! You did the right thing moving there. I’d be up and in that all day long. Nature cures a lot.

I went to Wollaton park ( home of Batman in the movies) and the T. Tex and I got cornered by a gigantic stag in rutting season. That was a touch and go scenario let me tell you! 
The silence and the wind through the pines is addicting. It's good that you had Terrible Tex the wolf-dog to hold the gigantic stag at bay. In a year or so, he'll bring the stag down for you and you can eat stag steaks and stag jerky.
Jim - You seem to have a wider variety of wildlife than we do. No elk or javelina, but whitetails and turkeys abound, plus coyotes aplenty and bobcats and rumors of mountain lions for predators. The apex predator of the whitetail seems to be the motor vehicle.
I live an hour's drive from the nearest town. That makes a difference.
DaveS - Saw a pair of young fawns (late season babies) just a few weeks ago - and now we're bracing for 18"-36" of snow this weekend. Mother Nature can be harsh.
I don't know what the winter kill rate is on late season fawns. Where I am, we don't usually get that much snow. Last year set a record for both cold temperatures and snow depth... and the young deer did just fine, but they weren't fawns.
Raven - Nice living in the woods, isn't it!
It's good for the soul.
Woodsterman - Enjoy it while you can. We all only have 12 more years to live, you know.
I think that they said that two years ago, and the clock is remorseless. We're down to ten years remaining after which all life on Earth will die. However, a ten year threat isn't all that ominous to me because I might not live that long. Predicting that I have ten years to live makes me say, "cool". I'm frankly shocked that I have lived as long as I have, being a wicked old SOB and all that. 
WSF - Didn't know javelinas were rodents. the things one learns reading blogs is amazing.
It's all part of the service.

A Late Arrival

Usually white tail deer fawns are born in late spring, but occasionally, they're born in the late summer. We have a new (and yet late) arrival, spots and all and his mother who are regular visitors.

The fawn has two older brothers who sprout forked antlers this summer and they still hang out from time to time, but it is the baby that's getting all the attention.

And where the baby goes, Mother white tail is close by. 

We don't see that many white tail dear in this area. They are mostly mule deer. And there are the fat, sleek elk, which have been grazing all summer as the deer browse. 

Usually the mountain lions avoid adult deer, even white tail deer, which are quite small. They'd prefer to eat a javelina (peccary) or easier game to kill, but a, that's a much easier and tastier meal. 

Many white tail deer births are multiples (often two) and as far as I can tell, we only have the one fawn.

The javelina (below) reproduce quickly and serve an important part in the food chain. They are only occasional visitors to the White Wolf Mine. There are areas up here where people feed them that they are more likely to be seen by humans.  Even though they're rodents, not pigs, they exhibit many of the same characteristics that pigs do. They grunt, root around, and are destructive. But they don't grow to be large, the way that feral hogs (or feral Hoggs) tend to.

We also have a late rabbit (I think that it is a hare) that makes the occasional appearance. It's not unusual to see a rabbit, but the predators that we have here keep the population thinned out. There are coyotes, but the lions eat them. Generally mountain lions and bobcats feed on the rabbits. Somebody asked me if we have wild dogs up here (other than coyotes and wolves). I don't think that a domestic dog would last long. There are simply too many apex predators.

While I do keep track of the political circus, and international events, there are far more interesting things going on around me, if I but take the time to look.

Mother white tail deer