sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Checking In

It must be "catter-day" -- Blood is the reason for the season...

The Fake Indian is charming leftist voters

Climate Change, etc.

Climate Change

Am I a 'climate change denier'? No, absolutely not. The climate changes all of the time. The light from the Sun that strikes Earth is not absolutely constant due to different factors. The Earth itself is not completely stable and historically, it shifts on its axis and what was the pole is now somewhere near the equator, which is why we drill for oil in the Arctic. 15,000 years ago the place where I now live was under about one quarter of a mile of ice. Give or take. 
(link) (Updated Oct. 23, 2019) Retired Principal Scientific Officer (PSO) for the British Government exposes “discrepancies” in NASA’s Global Historical Climate Network (GHCN) which serve to make recent temperatures seem warmer. 
The “mistakes” point to possible fraud intended to give scientific credence to tax-raising UK and US climate policies.
Wow, faked data intended to promote tax increases designed to combat the climate and change the weather? Really? Who would have thought THAT? So...we're not all going to be dead in twelve years if we don't pay massive taxes and adopt a communist government? 

The world is still emerging from the last ice age and the climate, while warming slightly, maybe, is remarkably stable. It's a good idea not to pollute (somebody tell China) and to not litter and to behave responsibly. It's a good idea to be a good neighbor and not to throw trash on your neighbor's land. Fences make for good neighbors.

But we're not all going to die in 12 years and the hoax that is climate change will eventually be debunked completely. By then the Left will be howling about over-population or something else. They seem to shift from one hoax to another seamlessly.

Or maybe the end IS near. Babylonbee offers proof.

Halloween among the Democrats

The Overarching Goal