sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

America and Ancient Rome

Then and Now

The Roman pattern is the one that scholars study more than most others. The Roman nation turns from a Republic to an Empire. No more will Cincinatus lay down his mantle of power and return to the plow.  In so doing, Rome created a self-perpetuating patrician class that is freed from the demands of labor or higher thought. All of their efforts are concentrated on play and perpetuating the system that made them. It becomes essential to be seen with the right people, all of whom find themselves in an echo chamber, thinking (or pretending to think) alike.  The palaces and mansions of Pompey, buried in ash, now excavated, show the elites cavorting while servants saw to their every need.

The elite class in the US is mirrored in the Roman Patrician class. During the high period/Golden Age of Rome, many of the competent citizens, disgusted with what they saw, leaving for the provinces to make a new life, far from the Appian Way. Reading the history (abbreviated) of the Roman Emperors beyond Augustus and his Pax Romanus shows that they ended in suicide, regicide, or being smothered in a pile of dirty laundry. They seized power alternately with the support of the Spanish Legions, German Legions, Praetorian Guard (several times), usurped, assassinated, occasionally inherited and so forth. And during much this time, there was a Roman Senate seated. Presumably they were elected.

In Rome, the republic was betrayed long before Julius Caesar, but he was pivotal as was Trajan, where the Roman Empire reached its apex in territory and wealth. The transition to empire means the end of meaningful elections. Some argue that the USA is there now, but I think that we are teetering. The FBI coup attempt (or 'insurance policy') is the first we've experienced as a nation but the corrupt, co-opted, lying mainstream media's endless stream of propaganda has served to deflect the moment when the Deep State, working in concert, almost deposed an elected president. As the elite compounds its mistakes in an orgy of failure after failure, spending and borrowing endlessly, they panic because their prerogatives are not safe. It happened in Rome and it is happening two thousand years later.  The same, and not the same.

The Roman patricians called the moral equivalent of the Americans who live in fly-over country, 'clients'. Their relationship with their clients is precisely the relationship of many (but not all) legislators in Washington DC. The client is a pawn who the legislator, acting as the moral equivalent of a of parasite, giving them what they crave: a sense of grievance against the rest of America. Grievance is the handle by which Democrats maneuver these pawns into cultural wars. The Romans perfected the practice. We simply re-invented the wheel. The grievance becomes the source of happiness, and if there is no grievance, it must be fabricated.

In a nation abounding in wealth, employment, food, and peace, finding a grievance that works is a challenge and that challenge is taken up by the best and brightest lawyers in government and the best and brightest lawyers out of government. Working together collaboratively, they create the "reality" that the mainstream media distributes by way of propaganda. The elite refer to themselves as 'stakeholders' and the great unwashed between the coasts are client/pawns.

The client pawns with a remnant of power that the elites did not calculate into their process voted Donald Trump to be president, rejecting the carefully crafted, pre-anointed, and infinitely corrupt Hillary Clinton. Is it any wonder that the reaction, the failed coup, the FBI insurance policy managed by adulterous fools, chatting about their conspiracy through government e-mail servers created such a dust-up among the elites.

And what did President Trump do? He began to downsize the ranks of the privileged members of the bureaucracy (Deep State) and is still doing so. The stake holders in the State Department revolted (as I reported a couple of days ago.