sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Modern Life


I'm waiting on Apple incorporating 5G into its cellphones before I buy a new one (cue Jeopardy music). And I'm waiting. Apple says 'sometime in 2020'. The way that I look at it, why would I buy old tech today?

I run a definite risk writing anything about technical aspects of radio because SiGraybeard and DRJIM are experts in the field and I could be shot down in flames. Cell phones are radios. And there has been a lot of controversy surrounding 5G. Some people feel that there are glitches unaddressed or insufficiently addressed (wired). Technically it's 5G NR (5G New Radio)

Due to the demand for spectrum resources and wide frequency range of 5G technology, it is necessary to plan high, medium and low frequency bands in stages in frequency planning, gradually release frequency resources and guarantee the frequency requirements of 5G. So we're way beyond 800 MHz, I guess.

Then there is the Chinese telecom giant, Huawei, that had embedded spyware in its 5G tech. It's been banned in the US and in many western Companies. The Chinese were not amused and are still trying to get into the American market.

 Wired characterized fears that the 5G technology could cause cancer, infertility, autism, Alzheimer's, and mysterious bird deaths as a "conspiracy theory". Just because it's a conspiracy theory doesn't mean that it might not be true.

Pod Sweet Pod

Be it ever so humble...

(Yahoo News) Kay Wilson packed up her life in a hurry and moved to Los Angeles... only to find that what she paid in Pennsylvania for a nice studio apartment would only get her a 2.9-square-meter box in California.

Her new home is a capsule, inspired by the famous hotels in Japan.

Wilson arrived a month ago at UP(st)ART, a community for young people with artistic aspirations in need of an affordable place to live.

Each room contains up to six capsules, which Wilson describes as "cozy." They contain a single bed, a bar for hanging clothes, a few compartments for storing shoes and other items and an air vent.

I guess that if it's good enough for the Japanese, it should be good enough for art students in Los Angeles. No matter what, you have to admit that it's exceptionally progressive.