sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Saturday, November 30, 2019

Snow Day

A friend living in Tyumen, Siberia, Russian Federation, commented that we have more snow at the White Wolf Mine than they currently have in Siberia. 

It can't be a mine thing because you know that there are a lot of salt mines in Siberia. Maybe it's global Cooling? We have only ten years to live before the planet becomes a cinder if you listen to our Congressional brain trust (AOC).

We were snowed in (state highways closed, and I-17 and I-40 closed for w while) so everyone hunkered down over turkey and fixings and then left overs. Half of my compliment of grandchildren were here and two daughters, so there was enough excitement and mischief.

Our propane powered electric generator is a key ingredient to the place in the mountains. Without the self-sufficiency to live off-the-grid, life here is much more of a challenge. 

There is a lot more digging to do in order to clear away snow and get the vehicles up and moving. 

Family is everything.