sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Monday, December 23, 2019

DNA Edition

DNA Danger? 

CIA doesn't allow its personnel to give DNA swabs when they travel. (Kuwait, for example requires a DNA swab for entry and other countries are considering doing the same) The sample would positively identify the person and the sample could tend to identify relatives, who could come under scrutiny or be influenced. Now the Defense Department is piggy backing that policy.
From The Pentagon 
(link) A growing number of companies like 23andMe and Ancestry sell testing kits that allow buyers to get a DNA profile by sending in a cheek swab or saliva sample. The DNA results provide consumers information on their ancestry, insights into possible medical risks and can even identify previously unknown family members. 
The boom in popularity of such kits has raised ethical and legal issues, since some companies have shared this data with law enforcement or sold it to third parties. The Defense Department is now expressing its own concerns about these kits. 
Exposing sensitive genetic information to outside parties poses personal and operational risks.
The old double helix and future wars.  You can't deny that it's exploitable information. And people  in "the West" are giving the kits away as Christmas gifts. My advice is to swab somebody ELSE (not a family member) and send their DNA in as yours. Yes, things could go horribly wrong for you if they turn out to be serial killers. It would be embarrassing if you sent Vladimir Putin's DNA as yours, for example. But otherwise, you would simply be somebody's unknown identical twin, separated at birth...even if they were born thirty years before you were.

DNA Hunting

Hunter Biden displays his IQ
The scorned stripper and baby mama is hunting Hunter Biden, now the subject of multiple criminal investigations related to “fraud, money laundering and a counterfeiting scheme,” as claimed in court documents filed Monday in his Arkansas paternity case. When Hunter copulated with a stripper in Arkansas, he likely didn't even consider that his DNA would cause this sort of problem for himself and his famous (corrupt, creepy) father, and presidential hopeful. If Old Joe reads this, I'm sure that it would cause him to want to attack me the way he did poor old Corn Pop (or is it Pop Corn?)... Maybe we could have a spelling contest, Joe? Or maybe Joe and I could do pull ups


A number of years ago, I attended an "Oathkeepers" meeting, just to see what they were all about. I recognized three FBI special agents, who I knew personally, attending the meeting. When they saw me, they sort of panicked and asked me not to 'burn' them. Because I was seriously underwhelmed by the "Oathkeepers", I didn't burn them and I never went back.
Paul L. Quandt wrote, "The problem with revolutions is that more often than not, they produce people who are more of a threat to life and liberty than those who were overthrown. Pendulums and all that."
The Oathkeeper organization fizzled as far as I know. Many of the people who were the loudest there had NEVER taken the oath or support and defend the Constitution of the United States agains all enemies, both foreign and domestic as part of what they did for a living. My impression was that a lot of them had personal grievances. Some didn't want to pay their taxes (who does?), some didn't want water in the public system to be fluoridated (Water fluoridation is the controlled adjustment of fluoride to a public water supply to reduce tooth decay.), some voiced their concerns about UFO's. Since the FBI considered it to be a subversive organization they must have spend millions of dollars nationwide to send special agents in to take down Oathkeeper's names.

Even though I'm technically on Christmas vacation, spending time with the kids and grandkids, things pop up and I found it interesting from speaking with people in my old haunts about how FBI employees have been redeployed to Virginia, to keep a close eye on the Second Amendment advocacy. You see, advocating for a close adherence to the Bill of Rights is apparently cause for the FBI to infiltrate. And if you're asking yourself what "legitimate" reason the FBI would have for doing that, I will suggest that it's just as legitimate as taking out an 'insurance policy' to defeat President Trump.

Are there FISA applications in regard Virginia patriots? Oh, most certainly. You can't go to the local magistrate anymore to obtain a Title Three wiretap because so many of them were appointed by President Trump. The alternative is to go to a "secret court" that won't have regard for the rights of citizens because "Russians" have inserted themselves into the ranks of the patriots. You see where this is going, don't you? There don't have to be Russians. The FBI's perjured oath that there are Russians is enough for the secret courts.