sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Friday, January 17, 2020

Handy Edges

What's on your Desktop?

That may be a personal question so don't take it wrong. I normally don't keep a loaded firearm on top of my desk. There is a rifle at the side of my desk (no photo), and normally I keep a kukri there, but I also keep little Jenny Wren on the desktop.

The little hatchet is only 11" long and the head is triangular and razor sharp on all three sides. When I write that it's sharp, it is VERY sharp.  And when grandkids visit, she is stashed away because they'd likely kill themselves with it by opening an artery. 

Where most tomahawks have the cutting edge and a sharp beard edge, this little beast will slice in any direction with equal enthusiasm.

It's made by RJM Forge and I have no idea what they cost now. I've had this blade for quite a while.

Checking In


First of all, I am on record for not enjoying training conferences by in large. I'm also not a fan of Laughin, Nevada mainly because it's a run down city on the other side of the Colorado River from Arizona. However, I have bandwidth for the computer (quite a change from the status quo at the White Wolf Mine). 

Sometimes I wonder why I volunteer to do things like this.

There are a lot of people at this conference whose identities are completely wrapped up with their service in rural fire districts. Lots of ego. Lots of fire logo stickers on four wheel drive pick ups in the lot. And part of me is glad that they derive such pleasure from self-identification in the way that they do. They'd run through a burning building to rescue me...maybe. Maybe not if they knew that it was "me"...

But yeah, the conference is a bit boring.

The New Sig

Because you can't have enough toys.  I'd really like to have one, but could I afford to shoot it? The answer is that I'd end up selling almost all of my other toys if I had to, just to buy ammo to feed this bad boy. We need to open up the laws in Arizona... Nothing says love like an MG338. Share with those you love that this would be THE PERFECT Valentine's Day gift.

Thought of the Day

I was thinking about stellar black holes. They (and dark matter) are the glue that holds galaxies and star clusters together. And if you're not quite familiar with how they work, this may not make a lot of sense to you. Memory is like an event horizon. What is caught in it is gone - but it's always there. Until you get old and then there is no telling...